The Road to St. Die

October 1944.In Western Europe the German Army had been pushed back almost to the borders of the Riech. In the Vosges region of South East France, General Truscott, the Commander of the American VI Corps was preparing to launch an offensive to breach the German line and take VI Corps to the Meurthe River, with St. Die as its primary target. VI Corps comprised three Infantry Divisions (3rd, 36th and 45th) with supporting armour assets. Opposing VI Corps were two German Corps. In the north was XLVII Panzer Corps (21st Panzer Division and 16th Infantry Division) and in the south was LXIV Corps (198th and 716th Infantry Divisions). General Truscottís armour assets gave him armour superiority over the German forces opposing him, however the terrain that the battle was fought over generally negated this advantage. Truscott had envisioned a rapid penetration of the German lines and quickly descending on St. Die, possibly within two weeks as his start line, at the closest point, was only 20 kmís from St. Die.


Units are battalions and companies. Each turn of Road to St Die equals one day.One hex equals 1.1 Km's. A game of The Road to St Die includes:


one Cover Sheet with Designer Notes

one rules booklet,

two A3 map sections,

four counter sheets (350 counters),

two Play Aid Charts,

one Turn Record Chart,

one Setup and Reinforcement Chart,

three ziplock bags.


Cost is $23 US plus postage.



Road to St

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