Battle for Kirovograd

Battle for Kirovograd is a simulation of the battles in January 1944 between the German 8th Army and the Soviet 2nd Ukrainian Front. The battle took place in freezing, often blizzard conditions, around the city of Kirovograd. While the Soviets were able to capture the city, both sides fought themselves to a standstill with extremely high losses due to combat and extreme weather.

Each turn of Battle for Kirovograd equals 1 day. One hex equals 2 miles. Unit counters represent battalions, regiments, brigades and divisions. The game lasts for 12 Turns.

The game comes in a ziplock bag, with

One rule book

One 32' x 20" map in 4 sections

One and a half counter sheets, mounted but not die cut, counters are 1/2 inch and only the step loss markers are double sided

One Play Aid Card

One Reinforcement and Set Up Card

three small ziplock bags

Price is $23 US plus postage.









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