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Chris Harding Simulations is a small DTP concern based in Adelaide, South Australia. We published our first game in March 2006 and since then we have released thirteen more games.

Games in Stock


Battle for Kivorograd (WWII East Front, 1944) - Designer Jim Zoldak


Price is $20 US plus postage.

The Road to St Die (WWII West Front, 1944) - Designer Chris Harding


Price is $20 US plus postage.


Print and Play Games


Winter Storm


Price is $7.50 US


Fighting Sail!


Price is $7.50 US


1st El Alamein


Price is $7.50 US


Battle for Korsun


Price is $7.50 US


Alam Halfa


Price is $7.50 US


Games in Development

40th Panzer Korps - Russia Oct 1941, using a modified Panzer Korps system. Designer Chris Harding

Battle for Sicily Sicily 1943, Bn to Divisions. Designer Chris Harding


Postage, Payment and International orders


CHS ships to the following locations:







Postage to the USA, Canada and England is $7.50 US

Postage to Australia is $3.00 Aus


CHS will provide PnP world wide.


CHS only accepts Paypal from purchasers outside of Australia. For Australians CHS accepts Paypal or direct deposit.


Out of Print


(many of these games are available through Noble Knight Games in the US)


Mersa Matruh (WWII North Africa, 1942) Designer - Chris Harding

Alam Halfa (WWII North Africa, 1942) Designer - Chris Harding

Battle for Korsun (WWII East Front, 1944) Designer - Jim Zoldak

Murray River (Colonial Australia, 1834) Designer - Chris Harding

Winter Storm (WWII East Front, 1942) Designer - Jim Zoldak

Fighting Steam! (ACW Naval 1862) Designer - Jim Zoldak


Salamanca (Napoleonic Spain, 1812) Designer - Markus Stumptner.


Battle for Gettysburg (ACW, 1863) Designer Jim Zoldak


Bay of Bengal (WWII Indian Ocean, 1942) Designer - Markus Stumptner.


1st Alamein (WWII North Africa 1942) - Designer Chris Harding


Parroy Forest (France 1944) Designer Chris Harding


The Second Battle of Corinth Markus Stumptner



Free games


Neuve Chappelle (WWI West Front, 1915) Designer - John Harding


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