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80-side.jpg (311360 bytes)   A sage coloured early 80 " w.b. Land-Rover

 als-80.jpg (463742 bytes)  Alister's 1953    80" w.b. C. K.D. full restoration at an 'All British Day"

Here is Andrew Tostevin's 1951  Land-Rover   whe owned by his Grandfather in 1973 on a farm.

1951-LR-CREEK.jpg (222365 bytes)    you can see Andrew putting his head out of the passenger window - he was 10 in the photo.

LR51+ME1.jpg (335577 bytes) and here's Andrew with his same 1951 Land_rover in Canberra in 1986

 51LR-KI-1989.JPG (185896 bytes)  and Andrew's 1951 Land-Rover camping on Kangaroo Island South Australia approx 1989

and then the Militarisation of the early 1951 he has owned since 1974 .....

51LR-FFW-AFV31-WS19-GOOLWA-2004.jpg (218175 bytes) And here is the same 1951 converted to a British Army AFV31/WS19 Wireless Vehicle [Replica]

brock-1.jpg (138586 bytes)   brock-2.jpg (159031 bytes) brock-3.jpg (153616 bytes) brock-4.jpg (136566 bytes) brock-5.jpg (212104 bytes) Rob MacPherson's Brockhouse

replica trailer - with later -safer- LandRover style lighting. This trailer has been on the road since early Nov 2008

email Rob here if you would like to communicate with him - macrobcol@dodo.com.au 

display.jpg (337721 bytes)  more club vehicles on display

linup.jpg (346419 bytes)   and more !