Salers Cattle






Salers ( pronounced sa-lair) cattle are believed to be direct descendents of the ancient Egyptian Red Cattle. They have been kept in the central mountainous Auvergne region of France for centuries, where they were used for milk, beef and draught.


We have chosen the Salers breed because of several features unique to the breed.

* Calving ease, due to low birthweights and large pelvic opening.

* High fertility

* Hardiness, as the cattle are excellent mothers and persistent foragers, with high milk yields.

* Longevity and structural soundness.

Here at Ravvar, we have utilised the maternal traits of the Salers, and have been producing Murray Grey and Angus cross calves with excellent results.

From 2002 we have begun using semen from the New Zealand bull Magnitude and the French/Canadian bull Unamine.

At 2006 we have a group of fullblood heifers (Simone, Mignonne, Bridgit, Monique, Michelle, Yvette, Lexus, and Selina)

to help us continue our breeding program.


Salers cross Angus calves





Salers at home at Paris Creek