Ravvar Oldies

Passed on, but still in our hearts.

The Originals


Kali, Zoe & Tembu

Ch Lwillows Red Dove (Kali) our foundation bitch, Ch Groberspals Be Fair (Zoe) the first RR bitch in SA to win Best in Show at an all breeds Open Show and Ch Trezridge Tembu CD ET (Tembu), 2nd RR in Australia to gain a CD title and 1st to gain an ET title.

Ch Ravvar Red Sahara


13th October 1985 - 11th December 1999

hip score: (0,0) = 0

Sire: Ch Groberspals Quartz CD ET

Dam: Ch Lwillows Red Dove


Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli


12th January 1987 - 18th November 1999

hip score (4,5) = 9

Sire: Ch Erinridge Namba Tano
Dam: Ch Lwillows Red Dove"

" My personal choice as the ultimate Ridgeback bitch; perfectly balanced with no traces of weakness in front."

Quoted from Stig Carlson in his book "The Rhodesian Ridgeback Today", page 89.

Ch Ravvar Cor Elara ET


19th February 1990 - 21st August 2001

Hip score  (2,3) = 5

Sire: Lwillows Gold Repeater

Dam: Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli


Lwillows Gold Repeater


born 2nd June 1986

Hip score (0,1) =1

Sire: Lwillows Repetition

Dam: Lwillows Olympic Gold

A liver nosed RR with a rich red wheaten colour and a superb gait. Pete is the father of our Ch Ravvar Cor Elara ET.


Ch Ravvar Cor Thalia 


29th November 1991 - 11 th December 2005   hip score (0,0)

Sire: Ravvar Sahara Nyosi

Dam: Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli

Peri had only one litter to Gr Ch Nkazimlo Amadoda.
With the progeny of this litter, Peri won Dam & Progeny Class at the 1998 National RR Show in Adelaide. Progeny shown on that day were Ch Ravvar Thalia Calliope, Hoiles's Ravvar Thalia Semele,  Ch Ravvar Thalia Danae and Danaher's Ravvar Thalia Aurorah.



Dana  had a litter in March 2000 to Ravvar Elara Tzeke (3,3) from which Ch Ravvar Danae Alia ET has been successfully shown in the ACT by Helen Mosslar.


Ch Ravvar Thalia Danae   ~Dana~

born  28th December 1994 - 7th December 2006

hip score (2,3)

 Sire: Gr Ch Nkazimlo Amadoda        

Dam: Ch Ravvar Cor Thalia

Dana has had an impressive show career, with many BOBs , not easy for a young bitch to win in our breed.
Most impressive of these was
* BOB Adelaide Royal 1996 with 40+ entries.
* BOB ACT Ladies KC 1996 under Dorothy Grayson-Wood(UK).

In October 98 at the RRCNSW Championship Show Dana was placed 2nd in Australian Bred Bitch class and  Best Headed Bitch in Show under UK judge Robin Searle.



Ravvar Cor Aldebaran  ~Tihson~

8th November 1993 - May 2004

Sire: Ch Amashutu Adalard

Dam: Ch Ravvar Red Cor Caroli

Tihson was one good looking ridgeback, but unfortunately he grew to almost 29" at the shoulder and had been desexed since he was 18 months.

Tihson had a wonderful gentle and clownish nature and we could never part with him even though he had no show career.


Tihson with his best friend Pip.


* Ravvar Sahara Nyosi (3,3) owned by M & C Hansford

* Ravvar Red Sirius owned by J & L Roberts

* Ravvar Cor Ariel (1,2) owned by K & C Aitchison

* Ravvar Cor Callisto (1,2) owned by N Owens

Ch Ravvar Cor Cassiopeia ET (7,6) owned by J&L Roberts


* Ravvar Cor Chloe (3,3) owned by P Danaher

*Ravvar Cor Nestor (6,4) owned by P Morton

* Ch Ravvar  Cor Latona ET (0,0) owned by L Castle

* Ravvar Cor Andromeda owned by F Danaher

Ravvar Thalia Aurorah owned by P&F Danaher



18th February 1985 - 4th September 2001

Our big, black, angus cow, who came to us as an orphan, smaller than a ridgeback. Our Kali was a "mother" to her, and she knew each and every one of our RRs. Ebony  preferred the company of her human and canine family to that of the  other cows. A landmark in the paddock who is sadly missed.