January 2016 Update:

This update includes the latest GEDCOM file generated from "The Master Genealogist", accessible through "access" on this page.

No further advances of significance have surfaced since the last update.  Our USA cousins are working hard to try to find a link of the Keene ancestors back into England or Ireland.  Of the known Keynes/Caines ancestors of Keros back to births in the early 1700s., there is no evidence that any of them other than Kish had any links with Canada or USA.  So any link is probably before then.

DNA testing company Family Tree DNA in USA alert any clients on their data base about any new matches and recently Les Caines and I were advised of a new match with a genetic distance of 1 at one marker.  The name of the ‘match’ was Walter Pierson Dean.  I spent some time trying to clarify in my own mind just what the new match might mean.  The result is an article entitled DNA and Genealogy included in this web site.

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The KEYNES Family History Site

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This site produced and maintained by John Keynes of Adelaide in South Australiia.

All aspects of the family's life in England are covered.

When deciding to emigrate in 1851, Keros KEYNES and his small family were assisted by the Wiltshire Emigration Association and sailed in the "Marion" to South Australia.  The ship, the voyage and the July 29th 2001 reunion are described in The Voyage.

From April 1998 to March 2008, John Keynes produced a monthly periodical called "Keros", named after the Keynes emigrant who brought his family out to South Australia on the ill-fated "Marion" in 1851.  To get copies of  these periodicals, refer to periodicals.

Towards the end of 2009 the hunt for Keros’s older brother Kish (b. 1816) reached a climax when a male descendant in Canada, Albert Leslie Caines and editor Walter John Keynes both submitted samples to a DNA testing company in USA and were gratified with the ‘perfect match’ results which confirmed that Kish, born in Wiltshire, somehow emigrated to Newfoundland when it was a colony of England and founded the present Canadian family with many descendants.  An article describing the situation is given in KishDNA.

A surprise result of the DNA testing above was the close match to Albert Leslie and Walter John of Chris Keene of California, USA.  While the DNA test did not show the perfect match of the former two, it was very close and showed that we three had a common ancestor, albeit some earlier generations ago.  Research continues to find a connection between the Californian family back to England.

Towards the end of 2010, another name popped up in Family Tree DNA;  that of Walter Pierson Dean with a match to Les Caines of Canada and me, 1 genetic distance on one marker.  This obviously raised some interest among family members.  No doubt each of family members will attach various degrees of importance to this discovery.  My own interpretation is given in the included article DNA and Genealogy.

You can access the KEYNES data base for family members from 17th Century to the present.

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