This page was established on 10-11-13 after not publishing anything significant since 2005, and some ideas as mixed acronyms for about 2 years. See why here and here.

It can take me 20 years to produce an idea which copyright thieves can, and do steal in 20 minutes.

Some of my ideas solved 3000 year old mysteries.

The advantage of you paying my fees is that I can provide answers to your problems in months, not centuries.

Max Banfield - freelance researcher © See my fees here.


Patients need to blame the copyright thieves for the fact that I don't publish information about useful treatments anymore because . . .

they have stolen all of the credit and all of the money due to me for all of my research, ideas, treatment methods, and discoveries, and left me with absolutely nothing, and nobody stops them.

I therefore have to prioritise my time to defending myself against those thieves myself and it as easy as turing off a tap. i.e. If I don't publish they can't steal, and they obviously can't solve the problems themselves or they would have done so by now..


Copyright law & why I require fees in advance

After the printing press was invented it was possible to copy another persons ideas a million times, and not pay them anything so the author was financially ruined, and the copiers became rich.

Authors then required large sums of money before publication, but later, in 1886, an international aggreement on copyright law was developed to protect the authors of original material from copiers. See here.

If for any reason an individual is not protected by copyright law because of the way that law is interpreted, or loopholes etc, then it becomes necessary to require fees in advance. See here.


An interpretation of copyright law

According to lawyers you can't copyright an idea so anyone can steal it by rewriting exactly the same idea with different words in a few minutes.

This means that some disreputable individuals can attend university to learn the law and then just sit back and wait for something on the Internet to steal. They not only get money, but also the credit for developing the methods, and the gratitude of patients which they don't deserve.

They also leave the person who actually developed the idea with nothing.

Unless I can find a way of counteracting those disgusting thieving scum and parasites I have no choice but to charge large fees in advance for ideas which can help hundreds of millions of patients overcome their pain and disease.

Otherwise I have wasted 40 years of my research trying to help people who have never been helped before.



The state of knowledge before I started

When I had extremely poor health and decided to do my own research I read articles in the world's top research journals, and would sometimes see the following type of comment . . .

"We stand on the shoulders of the great men who have gone before, and despite our best efforts we still don't know the cause, and we still don't have an effective treatment, so more research is needed."

Billions of dollars had been spent on that research to no avail.


World's best research ©

and my new fee structure for

Posture and health, the chronic fatigue syndrome, Angina Heart disease, Cancer, Slipped discs, and much more

Potential patrons and sponsors see here and why I want fees in advance here.


New introduction - November 2014 - When I began studying medicine in 1975 it was because nobody understood my health problems, and treatment was ineffective.

I knew that there had been 5,000 years of civilisation and more than five billion people who have had the opportunity to solve those problems, but nobody had, so I considered the possibility of success as remote, but I proceeded anyway.

I expected, that if I was successful, that other patients would be grateful, and that if they only paid me one dollar each, I would become a very wealthy man.

Fortunately, through many decades of untoward circumstance and calculated but risky experiments on my own health, I was successful in many ways.

Unfortunately, some people have noticed that success and have chosen to steal my ideas by claiming to be the developers in order to make a name for themselves in research, and others have attempted to trivialise my major discoveries by arguing that they are just common sense, and that they could have thought of those ideas themselves (but they couldn't, and they didn't!!!).

Some have said such things as , , "Too bad sucker that idea is out of the box and you can't put it back so it is available for free to everyone, so forget about the past and get on with the future."

However, I'm not an idiot, I'm not a sucker, and I'm not going to forget about the past, and I'm not going to give my ideas away for free.

I have therefore decided to solve those issues by charging a fee in advance of any more essays about my recent findings (since 2005).

Some honest people may wonder why, but those are the reasons.

However, in addition, consider this . . . If I tell a patient what to do for free, he will tell a doctor, and he will tell a specialist, and then a researcher, and then a professor who will teach the method to medical students and then millions of doctors can help hundreds of millions of patients, and all of them will get paid, and I will get nothing.

The idea that my methods will be used by other patients for free is unrealistic, and if I was paid a royalty for every time my methods were used I would be wealthy.

In the meantime I have watched teenagers who write or sing a popular song become a millionair in a year, and sportsmen who get several millions of dollars per game, and movie stars who memorise a film script and become multimillionaires who donate tens of millions of dollars to research and are praised for their generosity.

The amount of money they pay me will be a lot less than the cost of a record, a game, an opera, or a movie, and my methods have already saved international governments billions of dollars in health care costs every week, and I know how they can save a lot more, but won't say until I can protect my intellectual property rights.

Essay fees in advance

Question: Why do I charge these fees. Answer: Once the cat is out of the bag you can't put it back, because the copyright thieves will steal eveything and have excuses for giving me nothing.

Topic Discussion Fee Bank details

ABNORMAL TIREDNESS In the Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

The cause, nature, and method of managing it.
I am not the first to notice some aspects of the symptoms of tiredness which causes problems with chronic fatigue, but it is the new ideas, and the diversity and combination which will make what I will put in the essay unique, and has enabled me to have a good understanding of the problem and how to manage it.

$2 million

My bank account details for the tiredness essay is . .

Name: M.A.Banfield

Bank: National Australia Bank
BSB 085 443
A/c number


How to make EXERCISE programs SAFE FOR CFS patients.

More than half the 650 patients in a recent PACE trial reported being worse after the project than before.


I didn't have any problems with exercise after I developed my method.

The U.K. government provided $11 million in funds to research CFS and exercise after I made it possible, and they are still having problems, so my fee for the original methods and an essay on how to fix the current problems is $25 million.


The 5 million dollar, five year Pace trial resulted in 51% of patients having worse disability from a young age, which will cost the U.K. government trillions of dollars in expenses per year in the future.


Such patients should ask the U.K. government to pay for this essay.

Bank details to be announced

How to treat SEVERE CFS

I will be describing what I did to recover from severe CFS between 1975 and 1996. I will also be discussing some of the complicated details which made it possible for me to understand it.

After I offered to describe how to treat severe CFS an oversease research group was offered $5 million to study it with statistics.

My method does not use statistics, and that approach won't solve the problem.


My fee is $10 million



The major difference between normal fatigue and chronic fatigue and how to scientifically test and confirm it.

The ac3Detc & re

I require a royalty of 5% of the diagnostic fee each time this method is used;


Why treatment for CFS is confusing to research

I will describe why I understand the problem clearly. C,Trasns&PrgOneW

See my webpage here

$10 million



I invented an entirely new way of diagnosing CFS some time between 2010 and 2011. it is called the DAtt method.

It is also entirely safe for the patient, and easier than my previous exercise and tilt table recommendations.


I can provide the method, someone else will have to test it.

I invented another method in December 2013 called the TCS (re: the ST)

$10 million


How to RESEARCH CFS with RELIABLE accuracy

The ATS criteria


POST EXERTION MALAISE. It's nature, cause and treatment

I was the first person to identify physical abnormalities occurring after exercise, and I knew about the problem from personal experience in 1976.


$20 million


How to prevent and treat BRAIN FOG IN CFS

Brain fog is the sensation that the head feels as if it is full of cotton wool or steel wool which makes thinking cloudy, stifled, and difficult.

In order to treat the problem it is necessary to understand several factors.

$10 million  
How to TREAT CFS to prevent relapses The STUT method $1 billion plus royalties  

How to prevent fluctuations & RELAPSES IN CFS

  $20 million  
Preventing R in CFSm,n The CN factor $50 million  
A contributing factor to NOCTURNAL LEG CRAMPS

Still in the experimental stage of confirmation.

Obesity - Its cause and prevention

In order to prevent obesity it is necessary to know the cause.

$1 billion plus royalties Obesity is costing governments trillions of dollars per year in health care costs and is increasing annually.
Cause of Kidney stones Feb 2017 $100 million plus royalties  
P&B factors      

How to relieve the agony of SLIPPED DISCS

I had a slipped disc in my neck a few years ago, and had agonising pain for 8 weeks. I experimented with ways of getting rid of the pain and eventually it subsided. Since then I have seen other people who have also recovered but some are in constant pain and on analgesic drugs which cost most of their income, and spend half the day sleeping and have damaged kidneys etc from the side-effects, and have spinal surgery which costs thousands of dollars. One example was surgery which cost $600,000. Since I recovered I haven't had any significant pain at all.

When I asked my doctor what to do he said that surgery was dangerous because, although it might succeed, it could also result in worse untreatable pain and paralysis.

He therefore recommended that I do nothing for six weeks and hope that it stopped, but if it didn't the risk of surgery would then be worth taking.

A physiotherapist told me much the same thing.


The cost of my method of treating the problem is . . .


$1 billion

How to Diagnose SLIPPED DISCS

My method for diagnosing slipped discs is much better than the existing methods

$1 million plus royalties

I thought of the method while trying to solve another problem early in June 2015

How to prevent the long term harmful effects of "POSTURE" chairs, also called "RECLINER" chairs $1 million plus guaranteed royalties on all copies, rewordings, and derivatives    

How to prevent the harmful effects on health from using the STANDING COMPUTER POSTURE

(October 2014)

Since first inventing the standing computer posture in1998, I have noticed some harmful on health, some of which are irreversible, and through sixteen years of learning from experience, and experiments to solve the problems, have determined methods of prevention. The hazards can only be prevented by advanced knowledge of the specific causes and effects of each ailment.

See my webpage here


$100 million


It would be socially irresponsible for any other researcher to study such problems by using young school children or medically uneducated office worker as guinea pigs in reckless pilot studies now.

The Difference between success and failure in implementation of xyz



When I wrote treatment methods in code copyright thieves try to interpret the code, so I now provide obscure information for major ideas and make it impossible for the thieves by creating the maximum amount of chaos and confusion.

However, if I get paid, instead of the copyright thieves, I will reveal the answers.

$100 million  
Wrec factor S   $100 million  

How to DIAGNOSE the CAUSE of KIDNEY PAIN and KIDNEY STONES more effectively


$50 million plus royalties


The cause and treatment of severe IRRITABLE COLON (IBS)

Other researchers do not know the cause of IBS, and diagnosis and treatment is ineffective.


$20 million


The cause and prevention of the COMMON COLD

CAC etc

$100 million

The treatment of a COMMON DISEASE

One of the problems in research is to determine which diseases are possible to treat and which are impossible.

Copyright thieves are too lazy to go through that process, but when I identify which aspect of a disease I am treating they try to steal the idea by studying it and finding the answers themselves.

I am therefore not going to mention the name or aspect of the disease in this instance

$1 billion  

How I survived CANCER for more than 20 years and what I did which was additional to standard treatment


See more details and the diagnostic report from 1993 here


The reason includes the R factor


Since I made this offer other researchers have tried to guess how I did it by studying my experience and previous essays.


$10 million per essay for at least two essays


The amount will easily be recovered by a reduction in long term health care costs.

Why no-one else was ever likely to invent the standing computer desk

I am the only inventor of the worlds first standing computer desk. Everyone else who makes that claim is a copyright thief and a liar. I will explain why they couldn't have done it etc.



How to save internationla governments several trillion dollars per annum in health care costs

The DSR method.    



$1 billion



2 new devices for detecting ailments

A royalty of 5% of patent value for all patents derived from these concepts

Stuttering A theory on the cause and cure of stuttering $100 million  
A new useful invention to replace a commonly used old harmful one.

The Decapodatronocirculopanalgiam

One of the most widely used items is promoted as being good for its benefits, but can actually cause a lot of harm because of a design flaw.
I have identified that flaw and invented a solution.


$1 billion in advance to guarantee copyright thieves can't steal everything, and then a 5% royalty on every product and derivative.

Many thieves will try to make minor, or major changes to it immediately so that they can steal it by arguing that it is "different", and many thieves will argue that it "already exists".


Every doctor in the world is making a diagnostic mistake every day, and how to fix it

The diagnostic technology defect and how to correct it.

Every doctor in the world is misinterpreting diagnostic reports every day, because the diagnostic method used is defective.

I know how to correct that mistake but if I gave too many details about what it was and how to fix it, countless individuals would try to determine what I was talking about and steal the method, and give it away for free to help several hundred millions of patients.

The people who steal my ideas, can't solve the problems themselves, don't do research, and steal my ideas in a few minutes.

If they want to solve the problem the will need to do the research themselves.

The method is worth a lot more than $1trillion.


$100 million plus royalties.


The major problem is so easy to fix that I have to charge a fee in advance or I will get nothing for solving a major problems, and I doubt that anyone will ever pay me the royalties due.

L.A.R. de da da

The cause of a common disease process



The lowest common denominator for the most recent discovery re: haemo factor.

The previously unknown cause of two more common illnesses.

CFS cause and cure

The great wall, not in China, and the diagnostic method to test it.

Why women have more problems with TIREDNESS than men L versus C $100 million  

Why I survived CANCER for 22 years and Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs didn't

When reading several biographies about Steve Jobs I was curious about his cancer, and what he did to treat it, and I noticed that he did several different things to me for several different reasons.

He spent most of his life studying computing and making money, whereas I spent most of mine studying health to survive diseases.

He might still be alive, and so may other top executives if they made the right decisions about treatment.

I invented the Standing Computer Desk to prevent and treat other ailments, but in a Sixty Minutes TV show an Apple Computer Company executive said that she had used them for the benefit of her own health, and had introduced them to the company offices in Silicon Valley to improve the health and productivity of her staff.

She may not know that I am the inventor, but, out of respect and gratitude, she should be paying me royalties for each desk..


The APPLE COMPUTER COMPANY is now valued at $700 BILLION DOLLARS, and my fee for an essay on the difference between my decisions and Steve Jobs is $100 million.

Steve Jobs had major problems in stopping intellectual property thieves from using every trick in the book to steal his copyrights and patents.


In fact, he employed teams of highly paid lawyers to reduce that problem.


Also, almost everybody on the planet was stealing music by downloading songs and albums for free, and musicians and music companies were going bankrupt, but he solved that problem by setting up iTunes, and making the process cheap and convenient.

No refunds will be given, and the essays won't be published until i receive the required amount.

Note that the manufacturers of medications and medical devices and diagnostic technology make billions of dollars profit per annum from their patents, and that according to patient surveys my methods are better so my fees are entirely reasonable and justified.

Note also that if i help one child, or one pleading adult because I want to help them, that millionaires and billionaires will also benefit for free, so you need to support me. The money to meet my fees is out there.

They have spent most of their life trying to make money, so I don't blame them for that, but I have spent most of my life to solve health problems, so they need to pay me if they want to continue to be healthy and wealthy.

If I was paid only $5 each I could help 500 million people

If I was paid only $5 from each person who benefited from my research findings I would publish ideas that could help 500 million people to relieve their pain.

My 40 years of research and the multiple world first discoveries are worth every cent.

I know of people who have been pleading for help for twenty years, so it is a curiosity that they would expect anyone to help them for free???

Supposing I spent forty years waiting for someone else to help me? then where would they be?

Their doctors wouldn't be able to help them, and neither would I.

They also seem to have the view that the only people who can help them use test tubes and pills, but that simply isn't true.

Radio Announcer Pamela Francis of Adelaide

In Adelaide, South Australia, a well known radio announcer Bob Francis was married to Pamela Francis.

Pamela was in the same hospital as me at the same time. She had the same type of cancer (Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma), and became emotionally deranged a week before she died because all of her plans to retire and go on holidays during her retirement were gone.

She only had the cancer for one year.

Her husband Bob, widely known as the "Shock Jock", was a famous and wealthy man, but all the money in the world couldn't save her, but my methods saved me.

I am still alive 22 years after being diagnosed and given no hope of a cure and only two months to live in 1994. See more here.

Presidents and billionairres suffer from chronic pain

See information about the chronic pain of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, and billionaire Howard Hughes here.

Meeting the challenge

Solving the world's most complicated medical mysteries

In 1975 I set out to solve some of the world's greatest medical mysteries relating to the cause of pain, fatigue, and diseases which were not evident on blood tests, X-rays, or CAT scans.

I was successful, but most people don't read the literature of the past, so they don't know that the mysteries existed, or the magnitude of the problem, or how many people tried to solve the problem but didn't, so they see my solutions and say "so what" that's just "common sense".

For example, when patients who had chronic fatigue were previously told to run faster and faster each week to get fit, and refused to train, I said "exercise at your own rate", and when they were previously having health problems related to sedentary work they were told that they weren't doing anything physical so the pains must be psychological, but then I studied the problem and said, sitting and leaning forward is compressing the chest and abdomen to cause the pains.

Of course my ideas are sensible, but they didn't exist at all, and they were not widely accepted until recently, which is why modern readers think they are just "common sense"??? See more details here.


Risky and dangerous experiments

In 1993 I was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live with no hope of a cure, so I considered that I had nothing to lose.

I was therefore free to do risky experiments on my own health, that i would never have done before, because, if something went wrong, I wouldn't have to endure the pain for very long because I would soon be dead.

No-one else would do those experiments, and on several occasions, when I did them, many months of extreme pain and, or fatigue ensued, and some permanent damage was done, but I survived.

Since then copyright thieves have thought of themselves as clever for stealing my ideas from the comfort of their air conditioned offices, and some patients expect me to give them information for free.

However I didn't do those experiments for the benefit of money making copyright thieves, or for ungrateful patients who expect me to help them for free.

The copyright thieves have the same mentality of a healthy person who would steal a wheel from the wheelchair of a paraplegic, and sell it for spare parts.


Patrons and Sponsors

In the past many people, such as Leonardo Da Vinci have had sponsors for their projects, and these days there are many philanthropists, billionaires, and governments who could easily pay the fees for my essays, whereas patients would find that difficult.

Alternatively they could pay millions of dollars for more decades (or centuries) of experiments to researchers who have not had 38 years of experience, and who do not understand the problems with clarity, and are confused and guessing about many aspects where, for example, more than 50% of patients end up worse off than when they started.

By contrast, when I organised a research project to study the effect of exercise on chronic fatigue in 1982, the participants were asked to report any problems if they had any, and none did.

I had virtually all of the symptoms when I started in 1975, but no-one could explain the cause, and none of the treatment methods were effective at relieving them, but now I do understand them, and can control all of them. I am the only person in the world who can do that.

However, while other researchers are stealing my ideas to get all the credit, and no-one is stopping them, there is no incentive for me to explain more, which is why I require payment in advance.

Note also that Leonardo Da Vince also had problems with many people trying to copy and steal his paintings and inventions.

Other inventors such as Charles Darwin had a major supporter in Aldous Huxley, known as Darwin's bulldog for supporting him in debates.

My fee structure for essays can be seen here. Contact details can be seen here

Who is the good guy and who are the bad guys?

In 1975 I had health problems which were not responding to treatment so I decided to study them myself and develop my own methods, which is the sensible and constructive thing to do. However, recently, I have found that for the past 30 years people have been copying me so that my methods are now regarded as the best in the world, but nobody knows that I produced them. When I accuse them of stealing my ideas I am made to look as if I am being foolish and destructive to respectable people. Consequently my current problem is to correct that misconception.

No more ideas for free: It is no longer practical for me to help patients who are struggling with pain and fatigue because other people have been freely and blatantly stealing my ideas and taking all of the credit and getting all of the money, prestige, fame, and gratitude. In the process they have been calling me a worthless, non-notable fringy kook who writes nonsense and rubbish. Therefore I won't be publishing any more of the methods which I use to treat my own ailments, so the thieves will have nothing more to steal. They will have to start using their own brains, but given their lack of practice I don't think much will change.

Preface: By 1975 I had been going to doctors and specialists for several years but when the treatment was ineffective at relieving my ailments I decided to study and treat them myself, because, despite all the difficulties involved, there was no other choice.

As I progressively developed ideas about cause and methods of managing or curing each symptom I published them to help other patients, partly for the reason that I might gain some sort of recognition for solving problems that I knew nobody else had been able to solve in the past.

However, I have recently learned that some researchers have been copying my descriptions and conclusions and claiming them to be their own, When I accuse them of stealing my ideas, and provide evidence and proof of it, I have been treated as if I am being contemptible to highly respected individuals. Also, because my methods do not involve pills or potions, I have not been able to derive any income from them, yet many health care professionals are charging a fee for instructing their patients in how to apply them in modern clinics all around the world.

There are also patients who have the attitude that I am just a patient, not a doctor, and that I should provide more information for them to use for free, but that also gives other researchers the opportunity to steal them by claiming the credit.

I have therefore thought of how to solve that problem and have decided to charge a fee in advance of any of my future essays. There are 200 million patients with chronic fatigue, where some are wealthy but most are poor, so I am only going to charge $1 each, with the recommendation that others pay me $10, and wealthy people whatever they wish until my fee is met. See more here.

The harmful effects of copyright thieves

I have previously spent many years researching health problems, but now I spend a lot of my time researching how copyright thieves have been stealing my ideas. See some examples here.


I notice that people who steal my ideas in a few minutes don't understand the decades of details that were required for me to find answers, so when problems occur they don't know what to do.


Their recommendations and books are full of gaps of missing information which is essentially for solving problems properly, and misinterpretation of my findings, which means that people who follow their advice won't get any relief from their pain or fatigue.


I notice that they are reporting that they still have horrible problems with pain or fatigue and little or big crashes or relapses, and ask for more help, or want governments to provide millions of dollars for more research, but, as you would expect. I don't tell them how to fix their mistakes.


If I did they would do another research project or write another edition of their book and claim to have solved the problem themselves.


I have actually solved several major medical mysteries in the ten years since 2005 after first noticing the extent of the thievery.


I solve problems by acquiring so many clues that I can eventually put the pieces together like a jig saw puzzle. It is completely impossible for copyright thieves to get all of those clues in a few minutes, or to even comprehend their number and complexity.


Of course, what I don't publish copyright thieves can't steal. See my fee structure here.

One of the problems I solved

In the 1950's Britains top researcher in chronic fatigue, as associated with Da Costa's syndrome, was Paul Wood.

He came to the conclusion that it was an anxiety disorder, and that became the internationally accepted, and dominant world view, with very few people questioning it. It was still the prevailng opinion twenty years later, in 1976, when I joined an exercise class at the South Australian Institute for Fitness Research and Training. That class was organised and supervised by two research cardiologists who would have been familiar with the best opinions internationally.

In that regard, I was placed in an ordinary class of healthy people and told to ignore my symptoms and run as fast as I could each week, and get progressively faster until I returned to normal health. I soon found that such activity aggravated the symptoms which I was trying to treat, so I began developing my own methods until I solved the problem. Seven years later, the head of that research organisation asked me to design a program for other patients, so I did. The principle differences were that I required them to start at a very low level, and progress very gradually and sensibly stay within the limits which caused them problems. The success of the project was reported as a world first in newspapers in most states of Australia. See here. My methods were virtually the exact opposite of the previous ones, and are now used internationally. Nobody uses the old methods anymore, because if they do, patients drop out of their classes and report that they are worse than before they started

The moral of the story

If i hadn't read that Simon Wessely had been given the John Maddox Prize for courage in science in late 2012, and If it wasn't mentioned that it was for his research into chronic fatigue and exercise, and if it was not for me checking his history, I still wouldn't know that he has been copying my ideas and methods for 26 years, and I wouldn't know that my methods were widely regarded as the best in the world, and that I was the best researcher.

Now that I know, and am charging a fee for my future essays I expect that some of the copiers will try to prove that they don't need me anymore.

If you give a man a fish, he will come back for another fish, If you teach him to fish he will catch his own fish, and won't need you any more.

Hence, from the moral of that story, I won't be telling anyone what I know, or what methods I use to gain that knowledge until I am paid in advance.

There are millions of people who owe me a debt of gratitude, but I don't know if I will ever get it. I also didn't know what would happen in the future in 1975, I just did what I had to do because no-one else could.

Why I am requiring the costs of my essays to be paid for in advance


I did my own research for 40 years to help myself and 200 million patients in order to derive a very lucrative income from book sales, or from people who used my ideas as treatment methods.


I didn't do it so that copyright thieves could steal, and rewrite my ideas and sell their books for profit, and I didn't do it with the expectation that millions of doctors would use my methods in exchange for a fee and not pay me anything, and I didn't do it with the expectation that 200 million patients would want the information for free.


I also didn't expect lawyers to say that I can't protect ideas under copyright because I didn't have enough evidence that I produced them first, or that others could just change the words.


In 1975 I had many health problems, and it was becoming obvious that despite his best efforts, my doctor was unable to explain or treat them effectively.

I assumed that he would have spent some of his time looking up the medical books to see if anyone in the world knew what to do, and that if he couldn't find anything, that the knowledge didn't exist, so I decided to do my own research and try to determine the cause and treatment for myself, and have been doing that on and off for 38 years.

Within a few years of starting I learned that the world's top researchers were having a problem getting patients with chronic fatigue to exercise, and yet I knew how to do that, so in 1982, after discussing my methods with Tony Sedgewick, who was the head of the South Australian Institute for Fitness Research and Training, he asked me to design a program to gain scientific information and help other patients.

The project proceeded and it's success was reported in major interstate newspapers throughout Australia, and probably the world.

I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that sooner or later other researchers would start using my methods of commencing the exercise at a very low level, and then proceeding in a very gradual way, within each persons limits, because if they didn't, the patients would be exercising too much and getting the type of symptoms that had been making them drop out of training sessions, as they had been before i defined my methods.

However, although I knew how valuable the ideas were, I didn't know if they would become widely known and accepted.

My Methods of research are quite different from the standard type, which is one reason why I was able to find solutions that others couldn't, but occasionally I would hear discussions on the radio, which were almost exactly what I had concluded, but no-one mentioned my name, and I didn't know who they got the ideas from until 32 years later, in 2007, when I joined Wikipedia.

Two of the anonymous editors were telling everyone that all of my ideas were nonsense and rubbish which didn't deserve any space at all in Wikipedia, and they eventually managed to get me banned.

However, I noticed that they kept the most important ideas of mine, but removed my name, and all links to my books and website, and attributed them to other authors. I also noticed that the same information as mine was already on some of their other topic pages, and that after I was banned, they had copied and reworded a lot more of my research, and even set up complete new pages to present my ideas, but attributed them to references by many other authors.

When I found out that the ideas were being stolen from me I was about to publish some conclusions which I had been developing since 2005, but decided not to until I could come up with a way to stop people stealing my ideas and taking the credit for them.

I didn't publish any new ideas for about three years, and was forgetting some of them, so I decided to present them on my webpages in codes, such as the significant L, and the DATT method.

In the meantime, in late 2012, I saw that Simon Wessely had been awarded the John Maddox Prize for his research into chronic fatigue syndrome, with some mention of his supposedly "new" pioneering methods of treatment called Graded exercise therapy and Pacing etc.

The basic principles of his methods are a copy of the ones which I developed and refined between 1976 and 1982, and scientifically proved at the research institute in 1982-3.

He started his research into those subjects just four years later, in 1987, so it is obvious to me, and should be obvious to any intelligent and unbiased person that he has copied my methods, and I would be offended by anyone who would ask me to prove something which is so blatant.

It has also become apparent to me that some patients have been reviewing the research literature and criticising those methods by reporting that more than 50% of patients were worse after the exercise program than before.

Other patients have been mentioning my ideas in their discussions or essays, or books, about how much exercise, or how fast to go etc. but such groups, ideas, and discussions did not exist before 1975.

Other researchers and doctors are preparing official guidelines for defining, diagnosing and treating the ailment, and although they refer to biochemical studies and brain scans, they also include my methods as a part of their recommendations, but again, without mentioning my name.

In a best case scenario the researchers and patients don't know that I am responsible for those major developments, and in the worst case, the researchers are arrogantly stealing my ideas with the expectation of getting away with it, and the patients are ungrateful to me for helping them when no-one else could.


In the meantime I have also seen discussions in groups or the media, or the internet, where patients are describing how one form of treatment or another doesn't help, or how the number pills they take aren't effective, or are causing side-effects, and are costing a lot of money each week, and how they want a cure, and are raising funds for someone to do the research for them.

They are talking about the pains throughout their bodies, the muscle aches they get with exercise, the problems they have afterwards which they call "post-exertional malaise", and their "crashes" after exercise last week, and their "major relapses" this week, their tiredness, concentration and memory problems, and their brain fogs, and the distress and frustration they feel because of their ailment, so obviously, the people who are advising them don't know what to do about it.

I have had all of those problems, and many more, but have developed ways of explaining and understanding and treating them, in the full knowledge that no-one else knows what to do, and I want to help them.

However, it is simply not practical for me to give suggestions while copyright thieves are waiting in the wings to steal everything I write, and then experiment with the methods and get their results published in major journals so that they can get the credit.

Nobody on this planet would be silly enough to discuss ideas from 38 years of research in a talk session where other people could steal the information and later claim that what I did was just an insignificant chit chat.


I have therefore been trying to find a way where I can help other patients and protect my intellectual property at the same time.

Some patients are very wealthy and living in luxurious houses, and driving modern cars, and can afford high fees, but many others are poor, and while I am no longer prepared to publish my ideas for free, I have decided to charge $1 per person until I can get sufficient numbers to provide what is due to me, considering the value I have to offer.

As an example, some time after I developed the usable method of studying the effects of exercise on chronic fatigue, the U.K. government provided eleven million dollars in research grants for a series of studies.

In a more recent project, called the Pace Trial, 650 patients were studied, and more than 50% reported being worse afterwards.

I therefore think it is reasonable and appropriate for me to charge a fee of $11 million for my original research which made that the first series possible, and an additional $11 million to recommend how to make it safe for patients, in much the same way as I made it safe for myself, for these past 38 years.

There are 200 million people who have the chronic fatigue syndrome, and if 22 million pay me a dollar I will write an essay. Until then mistakes will continue to be made, because, although it seems like a simple problem, it isn't, and a lot of patients will suffer from the experiments conducted without my knowledge.

Remember, that problem has existed for thousands of years without anyone being able to define it, and for more than 100 years, the top researchers were not able to develop a method of exercise that was reliable, which is why I had to do it myself.


I don't think that anyone will be able to understand all of the complications until I tell them.


I will also write essays on other topics providing that enough people will give me a dollar each.

One of the essays will be on the problem of abnormal tiredness in CFS, and what I do about it.

The cost will be 2 million dollars.

The list of essays and costs are posted at the top of this page.

The value of original books, movies, sporting achievements, and research

Everyone has read about the actors whose success enables them to command millions of dollars from movie companies to act in their next film, and sportsmen who are offered enormous amounts per year from competing clubs to play for their teams, and athletes can earn a considerable amount from endorsements. Even good horses can make millions of dollars for winning one race, and some patrons pay large costs for one piece of art. They also get the respect from the public for being the best.

Needless to say it is what goes into their achievements that is being paid for, to make the end result possible.

The value of my ideas and methods can be determined by anyone who wants to check the facts properly.


Meanwhile, as I they say, and what I have observed, many things in life make all men equal. For example, it doesn't matter whether they have university qualifications, wealth, fame, or power, because, when they become ill they all seek a cure for their ailment, preferably an instant one. They will therefore search for the world's best doctor or surgeon, and pay however much it takes to get the best treatment. However, despite achieving success in what they have done in their life, if they can't find such instant results, they don't try to solve the problems themselves, but will raise public awareness, and money for someone else to do the research.

I was much the same until it became apparent to me that no-one could help, so, as they say, I said to myself, "a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do", and I set about that task "win, lose, or draw".

As it has turned out, I have actually produced many of the best ideas in the world today, but other people have been stealing or using my methods. It has been argued that they are men of education and prestige who have presented articles in top quality research journals, and I am not.

Nevertheless, they can't steal from me again because I won't be publishing my ideas anymore until everyone knows that they are mine.

What will be in my new essays

Many of my theories and methods have involved the production, testing, and evaluation of thousands of ideas, and one of them took 23 years to produce before success.

The people who copy me, only have access to the information which I publish, which is a very small fraction of what is needed to know to understand and implement the methods properly, which is why I have been able to achieve success, and the people who have copied me are reporting many problems which they are unable to explain or fix.

Some of them will think that now that the have the basics, they can determine the reasons for their problems, but they will soon learn that it isn't as easy as it seems.

They will also learn why I was able to solve problems which have been around for thousands of years, when no-one, including themselves couldn't.

I had a large number of health problems when I started trying to solve them at age 25, and now, 38 years later, I understand, and can explain, and manage them all, and have been able to survive or cure many.


I may give some examples of what I will be including in my new essays, but the less I tell them about my methods, and the things I am doing right, and that they are doing wrong, the better.


If I do give some information it will be presented on this webpage.


Severe CFS

When my fatigue was at it's worst I can recall deciding to go for a walk. When I lifted my left foot to take my first step my heart began to pound and when I placed it down my pulse slowed. When I lifted my right foot to take my second step my heart began to pound again, and when I placed it down again my heart slowed. After 20 yards I looked another 100 yards ahead and thought that I might be able to make it, but then I would have to walk another 300 yards which was slightly downhill. I thought that it would be unlikely that I would be able to get that far, but even if I did I would then have to return, and that meant I would have to walk uphill. I considered the fact that at some stage I would have to stop, and then I didn't know what I would do, because if I asked someone for help I wouldn't know what to tell them was wrong, so I just turned around after only 20 yards, and went back into the house.

I started reading medical books as best I could at a very slow rate until I had some slight knowledge of the ailment which I found to be Da Costa's syndrome, and then that severe cases were called "neurasthenia gravis" where the person has difficulty with the slightest exertion. I also began developing methods for treating the problem, and later enrolled in an exercise class where I was always walking or jogging last behind fifty other people who were overtaking me before I had completed the first lap of a 400 yard track.

My heath improved somewhat, and seven years later the head of the research organisation where I did my exercise training, asked me to design and co-ordinate a project to help other people overcome their fatigue.

Since then the name of the ailment has been changed to the chronic fatigue syndrome.

I continued to develop ways of improving my health and now, 38 years later, I understand and can control the fatigue and all of the other symptoms which were associated with it.

Evidence that I am the best researcher in the world today

For much of the past 38 years it has become apparent to me that I am very successful at research, but I was not aware that other people shared that opinion until recently.

It is not that they are saying I am the best, but that some of the best researchers in the world have been copying me, or using or testing my ideas, or claiming them to be their own, and being given massive research funds, promotions and awards.

It is my ideas and methods that are now recognised as the best.


I will therefore give a brief list of reasons for saying that . . .

1. In 1975 I had many health problems which my doctor was unable to understand, explain, or treat effectively, and although I knew absolutely nothing about medicine, I decided that I would have to determine the cause and treatment myself.

Now, 38 years later, I do understand, and can explain those ailments sufficiently to treat, manage, or cure all of them.

2.One of the earliest things I did to treat my abnormal response to exercise was to enrol in a class at fitness research institute where all participants were scientifically tested to determine the effects of training. When I started I was told that my symptoms did not have a physical basis, and that I should ignore them and run faster and faster each week until I returned to normal health. However, that was impossible, so I decided that, rather than stop training, I would develop methods of my own. I made various changes. For example, I slowed down, and kept training at my own rate. Nowadays that method is the most famous in the world and is called PACING.

3. I began to read medical research journals and could see that some of the world's top researchers didn't understand some of the aspects of my illness, so I kept on trying to solve those problems myself. A few years later I was reading a book which stated that Cohen and White were unable to get useful scientific data an the effects of exercise because the patients could not or would not train. However, I had already developed a way of doing it myself. I later found that the author "White" was Paul Dudley White, who had been studying the subject for fifty years and was the world's top authority on the topic, and probably the world's best researcher at that time.

4. A few years later I discussed my ideas with a friend of mine who knew the head of the institute and advised me to meet him. I did, and when I explained how to do the training I asked him to see if he could speak to his two professional research cardiologists and ask them to run the study. They didn't have a project for chronic fatigue patients, and were studying other ailments, so they said they were too busy to start another one. The head of the institute then asked me to design and organise the project which I eventually did. The success of that project was later reported in major interstate newspapers throughout Australia and probably internationally as well.

5. I wasn't aware of the following events until recently, but about four years later, in 1987, a London psychiatrist started studying the same things, in a manner that indicates that he was copying me. Namely, he began studying undetectable illnesses, and developed an interest in chronic fatigue, and supposedly invented the methods of exercise, and included his interest in chronic fatigue in soldiers, which I had written about. In 2012 he was awarded the John Maddox Prize for his studies which were mainly related to chronic fatigue and exercise, and then a knighthood for his contributions to military medicine.

6. I joined Wikipedia in 2007 and came under a lot of criticism, particularly from 2 anonymous editors who eventually managed to ban me. but since then I have found many of my ideas and methods were already in Wikipedia, but were on other pages, and attributed to other authors, and more information about mine were added later, sometimes by setting up completely new pages.

7. In response to the criticism I added a slightly improved and more detailed summary of my 1982 exercise methods, in about mid 2008, and at some stage scanned the pages of my research paper and added them to my website as well. I have found out since that a colleague of Wessely's named Peter White began a five year study of 650 chronic fatigue patients to determine the effects of exercise in what were called the "PACE TRIALS". He has obviously used those details to try to improve the results of Simon Wessely, who wouldn't have had enough information earlier. Nevertheless, after the results were published in 2013, there were reports that more than 50% of the patients were worse off afterwards than before, so Peter White still doesn't have enough information to copy me properly. I know what he is doing wrong, but if I was to write about it, he, or someone else would take the credit, so I won't be writing anything.

8. I will now return to the 1975 period where I also noticed that some of my symptoms were related to leaning forward, and within five years was able to determine that most of them involved a combination of spinal abnormalities, and leaning toward desks or benches as the common, but intermittent cause. I summarised my findings in an essay which was published in the Australasian Nurses Journal in June 1980, and which I have since called The Posture Theory. It explains the major causes of undetectable illnesses which had been a mystery for several thousand years.

9. I wrote many more theories on many other subjects but then in 1993 was diagnosed with cancer and told that I had a life expectancy of 2 months with no hope of a cure. I therefore decided that I wouldn't have time to research and cure it myself, so I left the treatment up to doctors. Meanwhile I had started a small booklet on The Posture Theory and decided to keep writing it. I had found that nineteenth century women had many health problems due to the compression of their chest and waist by tight whalebone corsets. I assumed that they would be exactly the same sort that I had attributed to poor posture which was compressing the chest and abdomen from above, and when I studied that aspect I found that it was true. The symptoms are the same, and the cause is the same - mechanical pressure and damage to the internal anatomy of the chest and abdomen.

10. One of my problems was intermittent but often severe abdominal pain which would often persist for up to three months at a time, where no form of treatment relieved it. However, I knew that posture had something to do with it, but simply sitting up straight didn't help, so I began experimenting by putting a platform on my desk to make it higher, and then by using an angled platform to write on, and then by standing up at a bench, and then by learning to type, and then how to use a computer, and eventually when I placed the computer screen at eye height, and the keyboard at waist height, I didn't have to lean forward to read or type, and was consistently pain free for the first time in 23 years. Since then I have found that soon after I published that idea in about 1998, the C.D.C. of America, and the V.H.A. have been providing funds for other researchers to experiment with that method to determine it's effectiveness, and large business organisations have been rearranging the way office staff do their work so that they spend more time walking and standing, and less time sitting at desks, and other companies have developed, and are selling stand up computer desks. I also saw a report of TV about a person who was called Adelaide's Standing Professor. He is John Coveney of Flinders University, who said that he had been using that method for the benefit of his own health for ten years, which meant that he started in 2003, or five years after I invented it. He is evaluating the effect of health and also longevity, and is teaching it to University students, and lecturing and discussing it with other professors and colleague internationally.

11. In addition to many other theories and methods, I have also used a modification of the Pritikin Diet to successfully treat angina heart disease in 1997, and again when it returned in 2010, and, while the doctors who gave me surgery and chemotherapy for cancer were mainly responsible for me still being alive today, most people don't survive for very long, and my methods would have played a part in my 20 year survival, See the CAT scan dated 10-11-93 which shows I had cancer here.


I have all the evidence that I am the best reseacher in the world today, but I can't force people to believe it. However, nobody will benefit form any more of my ideas, until I get recognition for what I have already done, and payment in advance for anything I write in the future.

My previous introduction

(Published in 2013)


I have spent almost 40 years doing research to develop ways of treating my own aliments, many of which nobody was able to treat effectively before, where one of my objectives was to derive an income from those methods if they proved to be successful.

Nevertheless I published most of the information for free for the benefit of other patients.

I did not do it for the benefit of individuals who have chosen to steal the ideas by reading about them, testing them, finding that they are effective, and then publishing them under their own names as if they were their own ideas so that they could get all the credit, and the financial benefits, and the gratitude from patients, which is due to me.

When I found evidence of that in 2007/8 I decided not to publish the ideas which I had been developing since 2005. However, more recently I established a process whereby I would only do so If I was paid in advance.

If I don't do that the thieves will get everything and I will get nothing.


People who expect me to give more information for free need to consider that one of the methods which I developed for treating the chronic fatigue syndrome has since been given the label of Pacing by the people who copied it. It is regarded as the best treatment in the world today. i.e. better than any medication. Some patients spend more than $100 a day on medications and pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars in profits per annum from the sale of their medications which are less effective than my methods.

They do not do research to develop medications for free, and they don't give them away for free. If that was the case nobody would waste their time developing them.

In adddition to the cash payments below I require legal protection of my copyrignt internationally, plus royalties.

As they say, if a person was to get a dollar every time their song was sung they would be millionaires, and in fact that is exactly what happens when teenagers or adults write a song which has the protection of copyright, and the ideas which treat disease can't be developed by teenagers because they aren't old enough to have the knowledge or experience to do it, and the value of such treatments is vastly more valuable to individuals, governments, and societies than the words of a song.


If people with pain and disease want to become healthy enough to go back to spending tens or hundreds of dollars on pop concerts, movies, and operas, then they should be prepared to pay such royalties, and not expect it for free, otherwise they won't be screaming with joy, but will still be screaming in pain.

Introduction to fee structure continued

After writing the introduction I thought some of it was too detailed so rather than waste it, I have transferred it to this location.

Whenever I published an essay or book or website I placed the © symbol on them to signify my rights as the author, but I always suspected that I would be copied. However, i didn't find out until I was editing Wikipedia in 2008 when it became very obvious, but then I didn't do much about it until late 2012, when I read that Simon Wessely of London had been given the John Maddox Prize for his research into chronic fatigue and exercise, and was then awarded a knighthood.

Since then I have given four public talks where I presented evidence of essays which have been published from as early as 1978, and newspaper clippings about my research from 1982/3, and shown the audience some books from 1994 onwards, and nobody criticised me. Members of the audience would comment that it is not unusual for people with many letters after their name (professional qualifications) to copy and claim the credit for the ideas of ordinary people. They were also kind enough to compliment me on my perseverance.

Nevertheless, when I criticise the people who are stealing my ideas on the internet, I get responses such as "the evidence isn't good enough", or they imply that "I was just a sports coach who sat on a fence and watched a few tired people run around in circles in one small insignificant study". or that "I mean well, but my ideas are rubbish". or they would say . . . "nobody is interested in your silly time frame"

In other words, they are trying to give the public impression that I am the bad guy, and that the people who have stolen my ideas are the wonderful, respectable men of prestige and status, and that I should stop making nasty accusations and leave them alone. There are also those who think that I am just an ordinary unqualified person, and that if I know anything I should keep on giving the information away for free?

I did the research to solve my own health problems, and I can now control the symptoms efficiently, but nobody has ever paid me, and I don't have any obligation to help anyone else, especially the people who are robbing me.

I am also not going to provide information while other people are calling it "insignificant" or "rubbish", and insult me, and then steal the ideas and get gratitude, praise, fame, and money from research funds, or treatment fees.

I still want to help other patients, but before I publish any more I will be requiring payment in advance, so that everyone knows the real source.

My future essays and fee structure can be seen in the chart below, followed by more detailed descriptions of why I have decided to proceed in this manner.

As an example, I want to help patients rich or poor, for illnesses which affect millions of people, so I require only $1 each to be deposited into my bank account. If enough people are prepared to do that I will write the essay.

Otherwise you can ask the people who copied me, and who didn't know what to do until I showed them.

(I have since considered the fact that most people probably won't go to the trouble of paying a small amount of $1 on the internet banking system, so. although you can still do that, I would suggest $10 or any amount above if you wish).


New introduction to fee structure

October 2014

The standard method of entering the field of medical research is to acquire the relevant qualifications, develop an idea about cause or cure, apply for a research grant, and then test the method. Quite often the study ends with the statement that the cause remains unknown and more research is needed in the future.


However I started because my own ailments were not responding to treatment and my objective was to develop methods which relieved or cured them and then perhaps derive an income from those methods being used to help other patients.


I was very successful in many ways particularly in my ideas about posture and health, and the chronic fatigue syndrome and it's treatment, which I have described in essays and books and on my website, and in recent years I have become aware that my methods are now being taught at universities and being used as treatments in clinics all around the world, but I haven't been paid anything. See a list of some of my published articles here.


When discussing that aspect I have been told many things which I can sum up as . . .

1. "Too bad sucker that idea is out of the box and you can't put it back so it is available for free to everyone, so forget about the past and get on with the future."

2. and . . . "Many individuals have their ideas stolen by people who have lots of letters after their names, and you can't do anything about it, so get used to it."

3. and . . . The world's top researchrs were confused about the relation between CFS and exercise and patients were refusing to train, but after I developed a way of doing it safely and effectively, some of them would try to trivialise the discovery by saying . . . "Oh that's just common sense, so we don't need to read research journals or pay anyone to tell us how to do that."

3. and . . . Patients have said . . . "We are all suffering and trying to help each other for free, so if you have any ideas which you think are useful then you should provide them for free too.


However,what those individuals don't consider is the fact that when I tell one patient what to do he will tell his doctor, who will tell a specialist, who will tell a researcher, who will test it, and when confirmed as successful will become a standard treatment, and that all of those individuals will charge a fee for using it without paying me anything.


Nevertheless there are many very useful ideas which I have never published, particularly since 2005, as I began to notice the scale of usage of my ideas, and since 2012 when I decided to solve that problem by charging a fee in advance for any essays which I write, and which include "new" ideas, and I require the same respect and protection for my copyright and royalties, past and present, which apply to anyone who produces original ideas, methods, medical devices, or medications.


A test of honesty

Any honest person who was not aware of my previous ideas, and has since found out about them, would acknowledge them in their research, rather than denying or hiding that fact, and continuing to claim that they are the first.


How other authors are protected

Most authors are contracted to book, record, or movie companies who have administrators and the financial resources to employ lawyers to protect the intellectual property, whereas I am an independent researcher without such support, but nevertheless, the same basic principles of copyright apply.


What would happen if I helped someone

If I told a patient what to do for free, he would tell a doctor, who would tell a specialist, who would tell a researcher, who would test and verify the method, and they would distribute the information internationally so that countless people would charge a fee for giving that same advice to other patients, and they would benefit, but I would get nothing, so it simply isn't a sensible thing for me to do.


The aspect of misleading the public

A Tasmanian viewer lodged a complaint to the Australian Advertising Standards Board who found that Coles Supermarket had breached the food code with a televised advert saying that the apples which were available in Spring were fresh, when in fact they were actually picked in the previous autumn.

Coles argued that the food had been kept in cold storage and were still fresh at the time of sale, so it was not misleading to call them fresh. However . . .

"The board said overall the word "fresh" in relation to apples was not misleading. But the word "spring" changed the context of the word "fresh" to imply the Tasmanian pink ladies were springtime fruit freshly picked and ready for immediate sale.
"The board considered that the likely interpretation of the advertisement by the average consumer would be that the Tasmanian apples being promoted as fresh this spring would have been freshly picked in recent weeks and not over three months ago," it said in its guilty ruling.
In response, Coles said it would not air the advertisements again."

See here . . .


Note that the academics who have been using my ideas have been misrepresenting themselves as the originators of brand new world first discoveries which I developed decades ago, and are using wordy arguments to justify their claims but are equally as guilty of misleading the public.

What should I have done?

and why I did everything my way


In 1975 I had a lot of health problems which no form of treatment was effective so I decided to study them myself.

I has so many problems with pain and fatigue that the only thing I could do in any comfort was to lay on my back on the floor and stare at the ceiling and think about what to do to improve.

I proceeded according to the idea that I would do what I could do, when I could do it, and anyway I could do it, regardless of what anyone said it should be done.

Since then I have people tell me that I should have gone to University to get qualified, or I should have learned carpentry, or become an artist, or that I should set up a committee or a group of people, or I should do this or do that, and regardless of what I did, ten or more years later, someone who had only been considering the problems for a few minutes would believe that they had thought of something that I hadn't, and would say - why don't you do this or that, or have you tried such and such.

When I joined Wikipedia in 2007 I was soon confronted by people who would say you can't do that, or your source of information is too old, and should do this, and we have high IQ's and have been to prestigious universities, and we only accept information from highly respected authors whose articles have been published in top quality, independent, peer reviewed scientific or medical journals.

They argue that I was just a worthless, uneducated, non-notable, fringy kook whose ideas were rubbish, and who had only participated in one small research project, and implied that I was just a sports technician who sat on a fence and watched a few tired people run around in circles. They told other editors that I meant well, but Wikipedia was not the place for my sort of nonsense, and managed to get me banned.

However, if you are reading this now, and you check the facts you could see that many of my ideas are in many Wikipedia pages, but are attributed to people who have copied me, or have seen my ideas in other literature, such as research journals, where it has previously been copied but other authors

Nowadays I still occasionally have people tell me that I should have done it this way or that, or asking me why I don't do it this way or that.

I would like to point out, that when I started the people who were doing things the standard way couldn't find the answers, but I did it my way, the only way possible, and have either cured, or can now manage all of my previous ailments, and my methods are the ones that are in mainstream use today. M.B.

From unfathomable mystery to common knowledge

The world's best researchers were trying to understand the problem of exercise in chronic fatigue for more than 100 years but they were never able to get reliable results.

In 1919 Thomas Lewis noted that the patients had problems with exertion so he called it the Effort Syndrome, and he used a type of graded exercise method for improving some patients, but he concluded that the problem was mainly related to psychological rather than physical factors.

His assistant was Paul Dudley White who continued to study the ailment and became the world's top authority on the topic.

Other researchers studied the response to exercise and it was almost universally regarded as a psychological problem related to the fear of exercise or the fear of sport or disease, or anxiety or stress, or laziness and the lack of exercise, or personality factors such as the lack of will power and the lack of ability to persevere in situations of adversity etc.


Fifty five years later, in a book called "The Heart", 3rd edition, by J.W.Hurst et al. (1974), on page 1554 outlined a hypothesis that the condition involved abnormalities in aerobic metabolism, and then I saw these words . . . "Attempts by Cohen and his associates to alter these abnormalities by physical training were unsuccessful since the patients could not or would not follow the prescribed training programme." See my report here.

Mandel E. Cohen was an associate of Paul Dudley White.

See also here.


How I removed the confusion

However, in 1975 I had this ailment, but I knew absolutely nothing about it because when I asked my doctor questions he just shrugged his shoulders.

I decided to try and treat it myself, and a year later enrolled in an exercise program at the South Australian Institute for Fitness Research and Training where highly qualified medical researchers were studying the effects of exercise on many ailments, but not chronic fatigue.

I was told to ignore my symptoms and just keep up with other runners, but when I found that it was not possible I slowed down and ran at my own pace. I found that if I ran too fast again the symptoms would cause me problems, so I just kept walking and jogging below the limits which caused problems.

My aerobic capacity was being scientifically measured, and showed that it increased for the first three months and then stayed the same, despite continued training, which was consistent with my limits on the oval. Of course it was not that simple or that easy, which is why nobody ever did it or understood the ailment properly before me.


Seven years later I was asked to design a set of guidelines for other patients and the success was reported in newspapers throughout Australia in 1982-3, and that is what thousands of researchers have used to study the effects of exercise since, and called Pacing.


I had replaced complete confusion and mystery with a clear and reliable method.


What people say now - "we don't need to read research papers to see that"

However, I have since observed discussions involving individuals who don't know the history of the topic, or how the methods evolved.

This is a typical comment . . .

We all know we have to stay within our limits don't we, Nobody needs to tell us that, because it's obvious, and we don't need to read research papers to learn that, and just controlling our symptoms isn't good enough. We want the government to provide millions of dollars in funding to CFS researchers to find a cure, just as they do for cancer.


From Confusion to clarity about posture and health

I had similar responses to my theory about posture.

Before I wrote it the many dozens of apparently unrelated symptoms were regarded as the imaginary problems of mentally ill patients

who were anxious, depressed, or under stress, or who had mysterious and serious psychological problems.

After five years I was able to identify that forward curvature of the upper spine was the common cause as I described in The Posture Theory.

I replaced confusion and mystery with a clear and logical explanation of cause.

Since then I have seen discussions where people say . . .

If you are having problems with aches and pains while sitting at your desk, just stand up and move about, and change between sitting and standing at your computer regularly. It is just common sense. You don't need to read research papers to know that simple fact do you.


Charles Darwin example

What most people don't realise is that everything is simple and obvious after someone has solved the problem.

For example, the origin of species was a mystery for thousands of years until Charles Darwin studied it and solved the problem.

Nowadays everyone knows that we all evolved from apes, because Darwin made it clear, so people could say.

We all came from apes didn't we, that is obvious, they have two arms and two legs, and a head, and we look much the same so we don't need to read research papers to see that do we. It is obvious to everyone.


Copyright thieves

Now you can see why it was easy for many people to steal my ideas and methods and act as if they thought of them, and why they were not able to do it before me, and why they are much less capable of improving the ideas which I continue to improve.

Their comments and questions give the definite impression that they are still confused by problems which I understand clearly.

Empirical research and it's advantages

Empirical theory of Semmelweis

How I determined the cause of Abdominal pain

How I determined the cause of Itching


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