There are no regular classes in bookbinding in South Australia, but I can help you with very economical private lessons in my home workshop.

I took up bookbinding as a hobbyist about 35 years ago when I lived in Sydney.  I became the Secretary of the NSW Guild Of Craft Bookbinders Inc and an interim Treasurer, and was the chief “searcher out” of surplus equipment and materials (mainly from printers ceasing binding).  About 15 years ago I was elected as one of three life members of the NSW Guild.   I retired in 2000 and moved to Adelaide where I found that no tuition was offered and it was almost impossible to get materials.  Initially I did (and still do) repair work for some second hand booksellers and individuals and for the past 16 years I have tutored privately and for groups (including WEA).

I don’t have a rigid program for tuition as people progress at different rates and come to bookbinding with different skills.  I can teach just repairs or the full stages of making a book.   All you need at the start is interest as I provide all tools, equipment and materials.

You can come to me at Henley Beach for ˝ hr or ˝ day as you wish – mornings, afternoon or evenings.  My current (January 2017) charge for a 2 ˝ hr session (which I find to be a good time) is $85 including all materials used.

All repair work I need to see and I will give a price for each book.  If you are already a binder and struggling with materials I may be able to assist.

If you think I can help you, just send me (bandmmathew at hotmail dot com) a message with your phone number and I will call you and we can discuss your needs.

Michael Mathew

Michael in Bindery 2014