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The main emphasis in compiling the Histories section has been to list all books (and more substantial booklets) which at least attempt to deal comprehensively with the history of a region or locality within South Australia. Other localities which have a substantial connection with the State (eg Alice Springs, Broken Hill) are also covered.

Bibliography entries are ordered by year of publication,
then author.

No attempt has been made here to list publications dealing only with the history of single institutions (schools, churches, etc) or family histories.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes titles that are readily available, either still in print, or through public libraries.

On-line resources are also included in this listing.

The list is organised according to Local Government Area (LGA). Over the past few years many councils, both municipal and rural, have amalgamated. The list below shows LGA names current at June 1998. Where amalgamations have occurred, the former LGA names are shown in parentheses.

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Flinders Ranges     (incl. Hawker, Kanyaka-Quorn)

Mincham, H. (1965): The Story of the Flinders Ranges, Rigby, Adelaide

Anon. (1973): Quorn - a living history, The Quorn Tourism Association

The Quorn Book Centenary Committee (1978): Quorn and District Centenary, 1878-1978, Lynton Publications

Mincham, H. (1980): The Hub of the Flinders - the story of the Hawker district, embracing the towns of Cradock, Wilson, Hookina and Wonoka, Hawker Centenary Committee

Burden, A.R. (Comp., 1983): A pictorial history of Quorn and district, commemorating 100 years of local government, 1883-1983, District Council of Kanyaka-Quorn

Mount Remarkable

Babbage, J.D.W. (Comp., 1972): Between the Ranges - a centenary of land settlement at Appila, 1872-1972, PBA

Sizer, H. (1974): Yet still they live, PBA (Wirrabara)

Blieschke, L. (Ed., 1975): Plain of Contrast - a history of Willowie, Amyton, Booleroo Whim, The District Centenary Book Committee

Burfield, A. (1975): Booleroo Times - a history of the Hundred of Booleroo, 1879-1975, District Centenary Book Committee

Wilmington Centenary Book Committee (1976): Beautiful Valley - a history of Wilmington and district, District Council of Wilmington

Faull, J. (Ed., 1979): Melrose, Child of the Mountain - a panorama of rural history, Melrose Historical Book Committee

Sizer, H. (Ed., 1985): Run North, Wild Dog - a history of the Murray Town district, Murray Town Centenary Committee

Griffiths, B. (1986): Quite Remarkable - the history of the formation of the Mount Remarkable District Council, District Council of Mount Remarkable

Northern Areas     (incl. Jamestown, Rocky River [Georgetown, Gladstone, Laura], Spalding)

Robinson, N. (1971): Change on Change - a history of the northern highlands of SA, Investigator Press

Slattery, G. (Conv., 1972): Laura days - a peep at the bygone, The Centennial Book Committee, Laura

Prest, E.V. (1974): Gulnare, Commercial Publications of SA Pty Ltd

Robinson, N. (1974): Bend Down and Listen - folk tales from Mannanarie, 3rd Ed., Lynton Publications

Cooper, L.T. (1975): Changing Boundaries - a history of 100 years of local government in the area in 1975 which constitutes the District Council of Jamestown, District Council of Jamestown

Keain, M.B. (1976): From Where the Broughton Flows - a history of the Spalding district, District Council of Spalding

Cooper, L. (1978): Jamestown - a photographic study, The Corporation of Jamestown

Gladstone Centenary Committee (1980): Gladstone, a meeting of creeks - a breaking of gauges, Gladstone Centenary Committee

Ellis, J.A. (1995): Hard Yacka - the story of a Mid-North town in SA, Yacka Historical Group

Orroroo - Carrieton

Czernezkyi, W.: (Ed., 1974): Pekina Century and Beyond, The Pekina History Committee

Parnell, N. (1975): Orrorroo, Rendezvous of the Magpie - a history of Orroroo and the Hundreds of Erskine, Walloway, Coomooroo and Black Rock Plains, The Orroroo Centenary Committee

District Centenary Book Committee (1976): Reflections - the story of the Morchard district and the Hundred of Coomooroo

Shephard, M. (1976): Ups and Downs - the story of Eurelia 1876-1976, Eurelia Centenary Committee

Carrieton Centennial Book Committee (1978): Carrieton in the Gum Creek - a story of one hundred years of the Carrieton district, 1878-1978, Carrieton Centennial Book Committee


Travers, A. & Robinson, N. (1973): Coothidie, Lynton Publications

Goudie, R. (1976): Peterborough in profile, Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery Trust

Ward, G. (1978): Glimpses of the North East - a story of one hundred years of settlements of Lancelot, Ucolta and surrounding districts, PBA

Woods, A. (1980): Petersburg and beyond - a history of pioneering Methodists in the North East of SA

Chapman, C. (1986): Beyond the Gap - history of Dawson, PBA

Gilstak, J.P. (1986): The lands of Yongala Station, Canowie Belt Hall Committee, Jamestown SA

Ward, G. (1986): The Yongala Story, 2nd Ed., Lynton Publications

Woods, A. (1986): Peterburgh to Peterborough - a journey from 1875 to 1986, Peterborough & Local Districts History Club

Port Augusta

Anderson, R.J. (1988): Solid Town - the history of Port Augusta, PBA

Port_Pirie     (incl. Crystal Brook/Redhill)

Poore, J. (Ed., 1973): Changing with Crystal Brook, 1873-1973, The Centennial Committee & the District Council of Crystal Brook

Donley, J.L.R. (1975): The Rise of Port Pirie, Port Pirie Branch, National Trust of SA

Robinson, N. (1976): Reluctant Harbour - the romance of Pirie, Nadjuri Australia, Jamestown

Haines, N.L. (Comp., 1977): Glimpses of Napperby since 1840, PBA

Bullock, K. (1988): Port Pirie, the friendly city - the undaunted years, Peacock Publications

Wood, N. (1988): People of Port Pirie, past and present, Port Pirie Branch, National Trust of SA

Wilson, J. (1990): Merriton, Its Families and Farms, PBA

Corrieri, M.P.. (1992): Italians of Port Pirie, a social history, Our Lady of Martyrs, Port Pirie & the Italian Community


Anon. (1974): 60 Years of Whyalla - Diamond Jubilee, 1914-1974, Corporation of the City of Whyalla

Schieffers, S. (1985): A Ribbon of Steel, Whyalla Jubilee 150 Committee

Edwards, R. (1995): The Knobbies, R. Edwards & BHP Whyalla


Richardson, N.A. (1925): The Pioneers of the North West of South Australia, 1856-1914, W.K. Thomas & Co (Facsimile Edition, Libraries Board of SA, 1969)

Turner, V.E. (1950): Ooldea, S. John Bacon, Melbourne

Hull, I.K. (1978): The rise and fall of Beltana - a settlement study, PBA (Rev. Ed.)

The Secondary Students of Andamooka Area School (1980): Andamooka, then and now, Andamooka Area School

Litchfield, L. (1983): Marree and the tracks beyond, in black and white, PBA

Aird, G. & Klaassen, N. (1984): Beltana - the town that will not die, PBA

Bonython, E. (1985): Where the seasons come and go, 2nd Ed., Illawong, Yankalilla SA

Ragless, R.W. & M.E. (1986): Puttapa Springs from Beltana, Investigator Press

Tolcher, H.M. (1986): Drought or Deluge - Man in the Coopers Creek Region, Melbourne University Press

Tolcher, H.M. (1990): Innamincka - the town with two lives, Innamincka Progress Association

Harrington, M. & Kakoschke, K. (Comp., 1991): We were Radium Hill, M. Harrington for the Radium Hill Community Association

Klaassen, N. (1997): Leigh Creek - an oasis in the desert, Flinders Ranges Research

Rajkowski, P. (2005): In The Tracks of the Camelmen, PBA (Rev. Ed.) Available from the author - $35 (inc postage) Ph (08) 8272 0643.

Coober Pedy

Briand, R. (1971): White Man in a Hole, Phuong-Hoang Press, Melbourne

Lennon, J. (2000): I'm the one that know this country! the story of Jessie Lennon and Coober Pedy, Aboriginal Studies Press

Roxby Downs

Showers, J. (1999): Return to Roxby Downs, PBA & Bookends Books, Unley SA


Southall, I. (1962): Woomera, Angas & Robertson

The Students of Woomera High School (1978): A sense of urgency - a social history of Woomera - its inception and growth, 1947-1965, and the history of education in Woomera, 1950-1978, Woomera High School

Morton, P. (1989): Fire across the Desert - Woomera and the Anglo-Australian Joint Project, 1946-1980, Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra

Buckman, H. & Edwards, K. (Eds., 1997): Woomera - the first fifty years, 1947-1997, Woomera Board

A History of Woomera

Australian Space - Introduction

OzSpace - Woomera



Alice Springs

Anon. (1960): The Alice - a story of the Town and district of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Alice Springs branch of the Country Women's Association

Donovan, P. (1988): Alice Springs - its history and the people who made it, Alice Springs Town Council

Broken Hill

Coombs, L.S. (Comp. & Ed., 1905): History of Broken Hill, its rise and progress, Frearsons Printing House, Adelaide (Australasian Facsimile Editions No. 187, Libraries Board of SA, 1968)

Blainey, G. (1968): The Rise of Broken Hill, Macmillan

McNally, W. (1975): To Broken Hill and Back, Widescope International Publishers Pty Ltd, Canterbury, Vic

Kennedy, B. (1978): Silver, Sin and Sixpenny Ale - a social history of Broken Hill, 1883 - 1921, Melbourne University Press

Stokes, R. (1983): United We Stand - impressions of Broken Hill, 1908-1910, The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, Canterbury, Vic.


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