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The main emphasis in compiling the Histories section has been to list all books (and more substantial booklets) which at least attempt to deal comprehensively with the history of a region or locality within South Australia. Other localities which have a substantial connection with the State (eg Alice Springs, Broken Hill) are also covered.

Bibliography entries are ordered by year of publication,
then author.

No attempt has been made here to list publications dealing only with the history of single institutions (schools, churches, etc) or family histories.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes titles that are readily available, either still in print, or through public libraries.

On-line resources are also included in this listing.

The list is organised according to Local Government Area (LGA). Over the past few years many councils, both municipal and rural, have amalgamated. The list below shows LGA names current at June 1998. Where amalgamations have occurred, the former LGA names are shown in parentheses.

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Berri & Barmera

Lamshed, M. (1952): The River's Bounty - a history of Barmera and its people, District War Memorial Community Centre Inc

Anderson, L.M. (Comp., 1953): Berri - the hub of the Upper Murray, The Berri branch of the Country Women's Association

Parish, J., Cornish, D., Plush, J. & Sando, M. (Comp., 1986): River Reflections - Berri - the 75 years from 1911 to 1986, Berri Jubilee Committee

Coorong   (incl. Coonalpyn Downs, Meningie, Peake)

Braham, R. (1986): Tailem Bend - a town searching for an identity, PBA

McCoort, T. & Mincham, H. (1987): The Coorong and Lakes of the Lower Murray, The Beachport Branch of the National Trust

Linn, R. (1988): A Diverse Land - a history of the Lower Murray, Lakes and Coorong, Meningie Historical Association Inc.

Karoonda East Murray

Tonkin, C.H.A. (1976): The story of Borrika, PBA

Jones, A. (1986): Karoonda East Murray - a history to 1986, District Council of Karoonda East Murray

Loxton & Waikerie   (incl. Brown's Well)

Casson, M.R. & Hirst, W.R.C. (1972): Loxton District and Town, The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne

The Editorial Committee (1982): Loxton - the first 75 years, 1907-1982, District Council of Loxton

Wachtel, J.A. (1982): Moorook - bend in the river, PBA

Anon. (1983): Paruna from scrub to hub, 1913-1983, Paruna Progress Association

Clew, J., Mortimer, P. & Loder, D. (1983): The Riverlanders - a slice of Riverland history spiced with humour, Riverland Regional Branch, Fellowship of Australian Writers (SA)

Fogden, M. (1983): Where it forgets to rain - a story of the Murray Mallee, PBA (Nangari)

Boots, S.J. (1984): A bend in the line - a history of Meribah, Moonah Bore and Nadda - three small farming communities in SA, The Murray Pioneer Pty Ltd, Renmark SA

Arnold, M. (Comp. & Ed., 1989): Waikerie & district - a pictorial history, Waikerie District Historical Society

Nunn, J.M. (1994): History of Waikerie, gateway to the Riverland, The Waikerie Historical Society

Mid Murray   (incl. Morgan, Mannum, Ridley-Truro)

Royal, C. (Comp., 1970): Sedan, 100 years - the story of Sedan, 1870-1970, Sedan Centenary Committee

Munchenberg, R. (1976): One hundred years of local government - the District Council of Truro, PBA

White, J.W.R. (1977): Morgan Centenary, 1878 - 1978, commemoration book, Morgan Centenary Committee Inc.

Bevan, G.A. & Vaughan, M.E. (1978): Mannum Yesterday. PBA

Saegenschnitter, G.B. (1980): Keyneton, 1839-1980, PBA

Ruediger, W.J. (1986): The Nor' West Bend Story, PBA

Zerner, M. (Comp., 1986): I remember Mount Mary - a history of the district to commemorate the founding of Mount Mary school one hundred years ago, 1886-1986, Mount Mary School Centenary Committee

Linn, R. (1997): The River Flows - a history of Mannum on the River Murray, Mid Murray Council

Murray Bridge

Turner, R. (1978): Sand on the Roof - the story of Wellington on Murray, Wellington Progress Association

Anon. (1988): Across the mighty Murray - Murray Bridge, Murray Bridge & District Historical Society

Renmark Paringa

Coleman, D. (1954): Golden Heritage - a story of Renmark, The Renmark Irrigation Trust & The Corporation of the Town of Renmark

District Council of Paringa (1966): Fifty years of local government, 1916-1966, District Council of Paringa

Grosvenor, G.A. (1979): Red Mud to Green Oasis, Raphael Arts P/L

Storry, E., Bennett, H, et al. (Comp., 1987): Pictorial History of Renmark - celebrating 100 years, 1887-1987, Murray Pioneer, Renmark

Jones, A. (1994): Lyrup Village - a century of association, 1894-1994, Lyrup Village Centenary Committee

Southern Mallee   (incl. Lameroo, Pinnaroo)

Wilson, R.W. (Comp. & Ed., 1961): Land of Promise - the story of the Pinnaroo country, Pinnaroo Border Times

Wurfel, D.A. (Comp., 1978): Parilla Well - a short history of a South Australian country community, PBA

Gum, D.M. (Comp. & Ed., 1979): Gurrai to Peebinga - the story of a Mallee community, PBA

Anon. (1981): Parilla 1907-1980 - a history of the land and its people, The 'Back to Parilla' Committee

Jones, A. (Comp., 1981): Pioneers and Progress - a history of the Lameroo District, Lameroo & District Historical Society

Anon. (1983): Pinnaroo - miracle of the Mallee, Pinnaroo Historical Society

Beelitz, L. et al. (1986): Parrakie - water under stone, PBA

The Book Committee (Comp., 1986): The price of history - the story of Geranium and district 1906-1986, Geranium Jubilee 150 Community Committee


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