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The main emphasis in compiling the Histories section has been to list all books (and more substantial booklets) which at least attempt to deal comprehensively with the history of a region or locality within South Australia. Other localities which have a substantial connection with the State (eg Alice Springs, Broken Hill) are also covered.

Bibliography entries are ordered by year of publication,
then author.

No attempt has been made here to list publications dealing only with the history of single institutions (schools, churches, etc) or family histories.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes titles that are readily available, either still in print, or through public libraries.

On-line resources are also included in this listing.

The list is organised according to Local Government Area (LGA). Over the past few years many councils, both municipal and rural, have amalgamated. The list below shows LGA names current at June 1998. Where amalgamations have occurred, the former LGA names are shown in parentheses.

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Normandale, H. (1983): To and about Yorke Peninsula, PBA


Barunga West    (incl. Bute, Port Broughton)
The Oval Improvement Committee (1971): The Port Broughton Story, 1871-1971, District Council of Port Broughton

Kelly, K. (1974): Mundoora Centenary, 1874-1974, Tilbrook Bros., Clare SA

Paterson, R.M. & Price, E.L. (1984): From Stumps to Stubble - a history of the District of Bute, District Council of Bute


Clare & Gilbert Valleys    (incl. Riverton, Saddleworth & Auburn)
Moyle, J.V. (1951): A Portrait of a Village - Watervale, 1839-1951, PBA

Burrows, M. (1965): Riverton - Heart of the Gilbert Valley, Riverton District Council

Moyle, J.V. (1975): The Wakefield - its waters and its wealth - the story of a winding river, PBA

Noye, R.J. (1975): Clare - a District History, 3rd Ed., Lynton Publications

Warburton, E.M. (1979): Martindale Hall, Publication No. 70, Department of Continuing Education, University of Adelaide

Haynes, J. & Schmaal, J. (1980): Clare - a backward glance, Clare & District Branch, National Trust of SA

Williams, E. (1980): A Way of Life - the pastoral families of the Central Hill Country of South Australia, Adelaide University Union Press

Halliday, J. (1985): Clare Valley - the history, the vignerons and the wines, Vin Publications, South Yarra, Vic.

Shearer, R. (1986): A Jubilee pictorial history of Riverton and district, 1986, District Council of Riverton

Johnson, W. (1988): Cottages and Cameos of Clare, District Council of Clare

Hawker, F. & Linn, R. (1992): Bungaree - land, stock and people, Turnbull, Fox, Phillips, Adelaide

Palmer, A. (1992): Head of the Rivers, a District History: Black Springs, Manoora, Waterloo, PBA

Bellman, E.A. (1995): Saddleworth - hub of the wheel, Saddleworth Progress Association

Pearce, G. (1997): Watervale, the village amongst the vines, PBA


Copper_Coast    (incl. Northern Yorke Peninsula [Clinton], Wallaroo)
Pryor, O. (1962): Australia's Little Cornwall, Rigby

Darling, A.J., Russack, E.K. & Ellis, T.F. (Comp., 1972): Kadina 1872-1972, The Corporation of the Town of Kadina

The Historical Committee (1972): Commemorating the Centenary of the Corporation of Moonta, SA, Corporation of the Town of Moonta

Hughes, L.C. (Comp., 1974): Wallaroo, 1874-1974, Corporation of the Town of Wallaroo

Gardner, D. (1978): The minutes are confirmed - a short history of the District Council of Clinton, 1878-1978, District Council of Clinton

Payton, P. (1978): Pictorial History of Australia's Little Cornwall, Rigby

Robinson, M. (1978): Cap'n 'Ancock - ruler of Australia's Little Cornwall, Rigby

Wehr, M. (Comp., 1979): The Cornish Triangle, Raphael Arts Pty Ltd

Faull, J. (1980): Cornish Heritage - a miner's story, PBA

Bailley, K. (1985): The Wallaroo Mine, Kadina, SA, 1860-1923 - a pictorial history, National Trust of SA

Wiltshire, R. (1985): Copper to Gold - a history of Wallaroo 1860-1923, Corporation of the Town of Wallaroo

Drew, G. (Comp., 1989): Discovering Historic Wallaroo, SA, SA Department of Mines & Energy, & The Corporation of the Town of Wallaroo

Bailley, K. (1990): Copper City Chronicle - a history of Kadina, PBA

Paterson, R. (1993): Thankyou Walter Watson Hughes - essays on northern Yorke Peninsula, R. Paterson & Gould Books, North Adelaide


Goyder    (incl. Burra Burra, Eudunda, Hallett, Robertstown)
Anon. (1951): History of Mount Bryan and district, 1841-1951, Mount Bryan Country Women's Association

Mattey, R. (1968): Deceptive Lands - a history of Terowie and surrounding Hundreds in the Mid-North of SA, Terowie branch of the SA Country Women's Association

Anon. (1971): Robertstown 1871-1971 - "the rolling years", Historical Booklet Committee

Auhl, I. (1975): Burra and District - a pictorial memoir, Lynton Publications

Besanko, W.W. (1977): Historic Terowie - a pictorial history, Terowie Citizens Association

Richards, M. (1977): Hallett - a history of town and district, District Council of Hallett

Stolte, R. (1985): Razorback Range Country - a history of settlement and development of the Mount Bryan district, The Mount Bryan Book Committee

Auhl, I. (Ed. & Comp., 1986): Burra Burra - reminiscences of the 'Monster Mine' and its townships, Investigator Press

Dreckow, B. (Comp., 1986): Hills, Valleys and Plains - history of the Eudunda district, PBA

Harris, R. (1986): A history of Farrell Flat, PBA

Jubilee 150 Committee (Comp., 1986): Emmaus to World's End - a history of the Robertstown Council area, District Council of Robertstown

Welcome to Burra in South Australia's Mid North


Wakefield Plains    (incl. Blyth/Snowtown)
Nicholls, B.F. (1964): By the Waterhole - a general history of Lochiel and district, PBA

Moyle, J.V. (1975): The Wakefield - its water and its wealth - the story of a winding river, PBA

Centenary Book Committee (Comp., 1977): Balaklava Change and Challenge - a history of Balaklava and surrounding districts, District Council of Balaklava

Donovan, P.E. (1978): Port Wakefield and District, a history - commemorating a century of local government, PBA

Jones, A. (Comp., 1978): Snowtown, the first century - 1878-1978, Snowtown Centenary Committee

Penna, R. (1979): The South Hummocks Story - discovery to prosperity, Peacock Publications

Penna, R. (1982): From Valley to Open Plain - the Nantawarra and Beaufort Districts, Peacock Publications

Wood, J.V. (1986): People of the Plains, Owen District Community Development Board

Johnson, W.N. (Comp., 1991): Blyth - a Silo of Stories, The Blyth Progress Association

The Dublin History Group (Comp., 1998): Dublin South Australia, Yesterday and Today, Vol. 1, The Dublin Community Club Inc

The Dublin History Group (Comp., 2001): Memories of Dublin, South Australia, The Dublin History Group Inc


Yorke Peninsula    (incl. Central Yorke Peninsula, Minlaton, Warooka, Yorketown)
Bowden, C.W. (1966): History of Agery, PBA

Johnston, P. (1970): The Changing Status of the Yorke Peninsula Ports, unpublished Hons. thesis, Flinders University

Catford, D.G. (Comp., 1972): Yesterday and Today - 1872-1972, The Maitland-Kilkerran Centenary Committee

Heinrich, R. (1972): Governor Ferguson's Legacy - a history of the early days of the Maitland- Kilkarran Districts, PBA

Carmichael, E.J. & Mudie, I. (1973): History of settlement and development, In: Corbett, D.W.P. [Ed.]: Yorke Peninsula, a natural history, Dept of Adult Education, University of Adelaide

Carmichael, E.J. (1973): The Ill-shaped Leg - a story of the development of Yorke Peninsula, PBA

Sanders, M.L. (1973): Ardrossan and Cunningham Ward Centenary Book, 1873-1973, Ardrossan and Cunningham Ward Centenary Committee

Carmichael, E.J. (1975): Four Makes One - the District Council of Yorketown, celebrating 100 years of local government, 1875-1975, The District Council of Yorketown

Cook, D. (1975): The Striding Years - a history of the Minlaton District Council area, PBA; (reprinted 1980)

James, A. (1975): Curramulka 1876-1975, PBA

Baker, J., Cant, M. & Murdoch, B. (1976): West of the Peesey - an account of a community - Warooka, Corny Point, Stenhouse Bay, Warooka Historical Committee

Heinrich, R. (1976): Wide Sails and Wheat Stacks - a history of Port Victoria and the Hundred of Wauraltee, The Port Victoria Centennial Committee

Colliver, P.H. & Thomson, T.M. (1977): Kalkabury became Arthurton, Arthurton Centenary Committee

Short, J. (1978): Memories of Winulta, PBA

Lighthouse Centenary Book Committee (1982): A Remarkable Point - Corny Point Lighthouse and Hundred of Carribie, District Council of Warooka

Anon. (1986): Stansbury, 1873-1973, 2nd Ed., The Stansbury Centenary Committee

Neumann, B. (1993): Salt Winds across Barley Plains - a history of 100 years of local government in Central Yorke Peninsula, District Council of Central Yorke Peninsula

Jones, A. (1994): Port Vincent - shipping port to pleasure resort, Port Vincent Progress Association


Last modified 6th April 2005.