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The main emphasis in compiling the Histories section has been to list all books (and more substantial booklets) which at least attempt to deal comprehensively with the history of a region or locality within South Australia. Other localities which have a substantial connection with the State (eg Alice Springs, Broken Hill) are also covered.

Bibliography entries are ordered by year of publication,
then author.

No attempt has been made here to list publications dealing only with the history of single institutions (schools, churches, etc) or family histories.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes titles that are readily available, either still in print, or through public libraries.

On-line resources are also included in this listing.

The list is organised according to Local Government Area (LGA). Over the past few years many councils, both municipal and rural, have amalgamated. The list below shows LGA names current at June 1998. Where amalgamations have occurred, the former LGA names are shown in parentheses.

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Alexandrina    (incl. Port Elliot & Goolwa, Strathalbyn)

Tolley, J.C. (1968): South Coast - a history of Goolwa, Port Elliot, Middleton and the Murray Mouth, The Ambrose Press, Victor Harbor SA

Sibley, C.W. (1972): Port Elliot, 1848-1864 - the rise and fall of a colonial port, unpublished Hons. thesis, Flinders University

Stowe, H.J. (1973): They built Strathalbyn, Investigator Press

Vine Hall, N.J. (1976): Buxton Forbes Laurie of Southcote, PBA

Verrier, P.D. (1977): 'The Town that welcomes floods' - a brief history of Langhorne Creek and its school, 1841 - 1977, PBA

Faull, J. (Ed., 1980): Macclesfield - Reflections along the Angas, Macclesfield Historical Book Committee

Faull, J. (1981): Alexandrina's Shore - a history of the Milang District, Milang & District Historical Society

Gemmell, N. (1985): Old Strathalbyn and its People, 1839-1939, National Trust of SA

McLeay, L. & Cato, G.N. (1985): River's End - a story of Goolwa and the Murray Mouth, PBA

Linn, R. (2001): A Land Abounding - a history of the Port Elliott & Goolwa region, South Australia, District Council of Alexandrina

Barossa    (incl. Angaston, Mount Pleasant, Tanunda)

Jensen, E. (1969): Barossan Foundations, Nuriootpa War Memorial Community Centre Committee Inc.

Young, G., Harmstadt, I. & Longmead, D. (1977): Barossa Survey (3 vols.), School of Architecture, SA Institute of Technology & Department of History, Adelaide College of Advanced Education

Totham, N. (1978): The Barossa Valley, Regional Heritage Series, Macmillan & Golden Fleece Petroleum

Munchenberg, R.S. (1982): Valley of smithy, schools and spires - Moculta 1842-1982, Moculta Centenary Book Committee

Butler, R. (1993): The Quiet Waters By - the Mount Pleasant district, 1843-1993, District Council of Mount Pleasant

Ioannou, N. (1997): Barossa Journeys - into a valley of tradition, Paringa Press


Kangaroo Island    (incl. Dudley, Kingscote)
Anon. (1951): Kangaroo Island, past and present, Kingscote Country Womens Association

Cumpston, J.S. (1970 ): Kangaroo Island, 1800-1836, Roebuck Society Publication No. 1, Canberra

Osterstock, A (1973): Time on Kangaroo Island, PBA

Osterstock, A (1975): The Story of Kangaroo Island, PBA

Thomas, C.A. (Comp., 1978): Birth of American River, 1802, and events to 1978, PBA

Wells, G.E. (1978): Kangaroo Island, SA - cradle of a colony - the earliest history and legends of Ultima Thule - the island at the end of the world, Islander Newspapers, Kangaroo Island

Ruediger, W.J. (1980): Border's Land - Kangaroo Island 1802-1836, PBA

Nunn, J.M. (1981): Soldier Settlers - war service land settlement, Kangaroo Island, Investigator Press

Cordes, N. (1986): Kangaroo Island, 184 Great Years - a history in photographs, 1802 - 1986, The Island Press, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

Nunn, J.M. (1989): This Southern Land - a social history of Kangaroo Island, 1800-1890, Investigator Press

Taylor, R. (2002): Unearthed - The Aboriginal Tasmanians of Kangaroo Island, Wakefield Press


Kapunda & Light
'A Circle of Friends' (1929): Memories of Kapunda & District, The Kapunda Herald

Charlton, R. (1971): The history of Kapunda, District Council of Kapunda

Kuhlmann, T. & Bockmann, O. (1981): Horses, Harrows and Haystacks - Freeling through the years 1860-1980, Freeling Women's Agricultural Bureau

Saegenschnitter, G.B. (1986): Greenock and district, 1846-1986, PBA

Wilksch, C.F. (1986): Marananga - our history and heritage, PBA


Two Wells, Mallala & District History Book Committee (1985): Life around the Light - a history of the Mallala District Council area, The Community Development Board of the District Council of Mallala

Dublin History Group, (Comp., 2001): Memories of Dublin, South Australia, Dublin History Group

Williams, B. (Comp., 1991): Two Wells, then and now, PBA,


Mount Barker
Whimpress, J. & Seifried, E. (1975): Dedicated to Pioneers, Echunga, 1839-1939, PBA

Fox, A.L. (Comp., 1977): Hahndorf - a brief look at the town and its history, Fox Publishing Pty Ltd

Mills, A.R. (1981): Kugna Tuko - a history of Kanmantoo, PBA

Merton, V.S. (1982): Mostly Mount Barker - aspects of the early history of the district, including Blakiston, PBA

Schmidt, B. (1983): Mountain upon the Plain - a history of Mount Barker and its surroundings, District Council of Mount Barker

Butler, R. (1985): From Byways . . . to Highways - Hahndorf's changing streetscape, Hahndorf Chamber of Commerce

Budd, C. & Tilley, C. (Comp., 1986): Over the Hills to Nairne - historical glimpses of a South Australian town, Nairne Primary School


Victor Harbor
Hodge, C.R. (1932): Encounter Bay - the miniature Naples of Australia, (Facsimile, Austaprint, 1981)

Cameron, J. (1979): Yilki - a place by the sea, Yilki Uniting Church, Victor Harbor

Richardson, E. (Comp., 1981): The Echoing Valley - a tribute to the pioneers of Back Valley, PBA

Bartlett, J. (1982): 180 Years of Victor Harbor History, in many pictures with some words, PBA

Laube, A. (1985): Settlers around the Bay - the pioneering families of Encounter Bay & Victor Harbor, PBA

Brumayo, M. (Ed., 1986): Southern Coast Encounters - stories of the past and present from the South Coast, SA, South Coast Branch, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Victor Harbor

Page, M. (1987): Victor Harbor - from pioneer port to seaside resort, District Council of Victor Harbor

Laube, A. (1992): They were Trimmers - Victor Harbor in the 1900s, Memoirs of Walter Buxton Bruce, PBA


Lush, A.H. (1971): The Inman Valley Story, The Ambrose Press, Victor Harbor

Blum, R. (1985): The Second Valley, PBA

Williams, R.F. (1986): To Find the Way - Yankalilla 1836-1986, Yankalilla & District Historical Society


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