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The main emphasis in compiling the Histories section has been to list all books (and more substantial booklets) which at least attempt to deal comprehensively with the history of a region or locality within South Australia. Other localities which have a substantial connection with the State (eg Alice Springs, Broken Hill) are also covered.

Bibliography entries are ordered by year of publication,
then author.

No attempt has been made here to list publications dealing only with the history of single institutions (schools, churches, etc) or family histories.

The list is not exhaustive, but includes titles that are readily available, either still in print, or through public libraries.

On-line resources are also included in this listing.

The list is organised according to Local Government Area (LGA). Over the past few years many councils, both municipal and rural, have amalgamated. The list below shows LGA names current at June 1998. Where amalgamations have occurred, the former LGA names are shown in parentheses.

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City of Adelaide

Worsnop, T. (1877): History of the City of Adelaide, from the Foundation of the Province of South Australia in 1836 to the end of the Municipal Year 1877, (Facsimile edition, The Corporation of the City of Adelaide, 1988)

Nagel, P. (1971): A social history of North Adelaide, 1837-1901, Goudrey Press, Adelaide

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(1985, 2nd Ed.): Adelaide, From Colony to Jubilee - a Sense of Difference,
Savvas Publishing
(2000, 3rd Ed.): Adelaide: a Sense of Difference,
Australian Scholarly Publishing Ltd, Kew, Vic.

Dickey, B. (Ed., 1992): William Shakespeare's Adelaide, 1860-1930, Association of Professional Historians Inc., Adelaide

Morton, P. (1996): After Light - a history of the City of Adelaide, 1878-1928, Wakefield Press

Adelaide Hills    (incl. East Torrens, Gumeracha, Onkaparinga [DC], Stirling)

Monfries, J.E. (1939): A history of Gumeracha and district, SA, 1839-1939, Gillingham & Co. Ltd, (facsimile 1978)

Sedsman, R. (Ed., 1947): They sowed the seeds - being an historical glimpse of Cudlee Creek and district, 1840-1947, (Facsimile, Gould Books, 1979)

Dyster, T. (1981): Pump in the Roadway, and early days in the Adelaide Hills, 2nd Ed., Investigator Press

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Gaunt, J. E. (1997): Blumberg - Birdwood - a history 1848-1998, PBA


Gill, T. (1905): The history and topography of Glen Osmond, Vardon & Pritchard, Adelaide (Australian Facsimile Edition No. 153, Libraries Board of SA, 1974)

Coleman, D. (Ed., 1956): The First Hundred Years - history of Burnside in SA, The Corporation of the City of Burnside

Bromell, W. & Hannan, F.P. (1981): Mines in Burnside - their historical significance, Corporation of the City of Burnside

Warburton, E. (1981): The Paddocks Beneath -a history of Burnside from the beginning, The Corporation of the City of Burnside

Warburton, E. (1986): Speaking of the Past - voices of SA, Burnside City Council


Leaney, J.T. (1968): Campbelltown 1868-1968, The Corporation of the City of Campbelltown

Warburton, E. (1976): Old Stradbroke, Lynton Publications

Warburton, E. (1982): The making of Morialta - from farm to suburb, Morialta Residents Association, Adelaide

Warburton, E. (1986): From the River to the Hills - Campbelltown, 150 Years, The Corporation of the City of Campbelltown

Charles Sturt     (incl. Henley & Grange, Hindmarsh, Woodville)

Hardy, M. (Comp., 1960): History of Woodville, South Australia, Vol. I: 1837 - 1874, Vol. II: 1875-1960 Corporation of the City of Woodville

Parsons, R. (1974): Hindmarsh Town - a history of the Village, District Council and Corporate Town of Hindmarsh, SA, Corporate Town of Hindmarsh

Marsden, S. (1977): A History of Woodville, Corporation of the City of Woodville

Anon. (1986): From Sand and Swamp to Seaside City: a chronicle of the Henley and Grange Area, 1836-1986, Henley & Grange Historical Society

Geyer, M. & Donovan, P. (1996): From Parklands to Sea Coast, City of Hindmarsh & Woodville


Loyau, G.E. (1880): The Gawler Handbook - a record of the rise and progress of that important town, Goodfellow & Hele, Adelaide (Facsimile, Austaprint, 1978)

Coombe, E.H. (1908): History of Gawler, 1837 - 1908, The Gawler Institute, (Facsimile, Austaprint, 1978)

Whitelock, D. (1989): Gawler - Colonel Light's Country Town - a history of Gawler and its region - the Hills, the Plains and the Barossa Valley, Corporation of the Town of Gawler

Holdfast Bay     (incl. Brighton, Glenelg)

Lee, J. (1883): Glenelg Historic Guide & Directory, 1883, (facsimile, Austaprint, 1978)

Taylor, H.A.F. (1958): History of Brighton, SA, Corporation of the Town of Brighton

Brown, T. (1973): Glenelg, 1836-1972 - growth and function of an urban village, T.J.Strehlow, Adelaide

Jeanes, W.H. (1979): Historic Glenelg - Birthplace of South Australia, 1855-1979, Corporation of the City of Glenelg

Perry, D.M. (1985): The Place of Waters - a story of Glenelg's first fifty years, PBA

Holt, A.G. (1991): The Vanishing Sands - commemorating 150 years of Brighton, SA - a history of a seaside town and its people, The City of Brighton


Dolling, A. (1981): The History of Marion on the Sturt, Peacock Publications


Norman, W.A. (Comp., 1953): History of the City of Mitcham, Corporation of the City of Mitcham

Cumming, F. (1982): 'Claremont', Glen Osmond, PBA

Callen, J. (1983): 'Another way of life' - Eden Hills, 1883-1950, PBA

Cordes, D.D. (1983): The Park at Belair - a social history, Island Press, Kangaroo Island

Callen, J. (1985): Blackwood - do you remember?, Investigator Press

Preiss, K. & Oborn, P. (1991): The Torrens Park Estate - a social and architectural memoir, PBA

Norwood, Payneham & St Peters

Gooden, G.W. (1903): Fifty Year's History of the Town of Kensington & Norwood, Webb, Adelaide (Facsimile, Austaprint, 1978)

Blackburn, M.A. (Comp., 1953): The hundred years history of Kensington & Norwood, The Council of the City of Kensington & Norwood

Warburton, E. (1983): St Peters - a suburban town, The Corporation of St Peters

Warburton, J. W. (1983): Payneham, Garden Village to City, City of Payneham

Onkaparinga   (CC)     (incl. Happy Valley, Noarlunga, Willunga)

Pridmore, A. (Comp., 1949): The Rich Valley - an account of the early life of McLaren Vale, McLaren Vale Institute Committee

Anon. (1955): Kangarilla Historical Records, Kangarilla Research Committee, 1955, 1975

Colwell, M. (1972): The history of the Noarlunga District, District Council of Noarlunga

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Willunga Town and District, 1901-1925, Investigator Press, 1978
Willunga Town and District, 1926-1950, Investigator Press, 1979

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Stark, P. (1983): Meadows Heritage Selections - a brief architectural description of particulars enabling recognition of periods of building in SA,

Winter, M. (1983): Sanctuary in the Hills - a history of Coromandel Valley since 1837, PBA

Whaite, P. (Ed., 1986): Blewett Springs 1920 to 1986, Blewett Springs Community Hall & Progress Association

Mannings, G.H. (1988): The Tragic Shore - the wreck of the 'Star of Greece', and a history of the Jetties of Port Willunga, National Trust of SA, Willunga Branch

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Santich, B. (1998): McLaren Vale - Sea and Vines, Wakefield Press

Martella, L. (2001): Port Noarlunga - an endearing coastal town, 1840-1988, PBA

Steiner, M. (2001): Scott Creek - from settlement to conservation, PBA

Playford     (incl. Elizabeth, Munno Para)

Allery, L. (Comp., 1966): Elizabeth - from dusty plains to Royal Names - oral histories from the Elizabeth Community, City of Elizabeth

Anon. (1976): Virginia - the garden on the plains, 1876-1976, Virginia School Centenary Committee

Galbreath, M. & Pearson, G. (1982): Elizabeth the garden city, Corporation of the City of Elizabeth

Peel, M. (1995): Good Times, Hard Times - the past and future in Elizabeth, Melbourne University Press

Port Adelaide-Enfield

Meleng, F.E. (1902): Fifty years of the Port Adelaide Institute Inc, with supplementary catalogue, Vardon & Pritchard, Adelaide

Lumbers, E. (Comp., 1956): Centennial History of Port Adelaide, City of Port Adelaide

Page, M. (1981): Port Adelaide and its Institute, 1851-1979, Rigby

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The Editorial Committee (1986): Port Adelaide 1836-1986 - mudflats to metropolis, City of Port Adelaide

Murphy, C. (1991): Of Ships, Strikes and Summer Nights - oral histories of the Port Adelaide Community, Port Adelaide Community Arts Centre

Ritter, R. (1996): Spanning Time and Tide - the bridges of the Port Adelaide River, PBA

Parsons, R. (1997): Port Misery and the New Port, PBA


Lamshed, M. (1972): Prospect 1872-1972 - a portrait of a city, Corporation of the City of Prospect


Lewis, H.J. (1980): Salisbury, South Australia - A History of Town and District, Investigator Press

Anon. (1985): Settlers on the Hill - a local history of Para Hills, City of Salisbury

Tea Tree Gully

Auhl, I. (1976): From Settlement to City - a history of the District of Tea Tree Gully, 1836-1976,
Lynton Publications;
(1993): 3rd Edition (1836-1976, 1976-1993), City of Tea Tree Gully

?   (2001): From Paddocks to Plaza - essays on the development of the City of Tea Tree Gully, 1945-2001, City of Tea Tree Gully


Payne, G.B. & Cosh, E. (1971): History of Unley, 1871 - 1971, Corporation of the City of Unley


Scales, M. (1974): John Walker's Village - a history of Walkerville, Rigby

Lewis, J. (1988): The Walkerville Story - 150 Years, Corporation of the Town of Walkerville

West Torrens     (incl. Thebarton)

Marles, D.M. (Comp., 1980): A pictorial history of West Torrens, Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide

Butler, R. (1985): Pupils, Punters and Polo Ponies at Plympton, Plympton High School

Donovan, P. (1986): Between the City and the Sea - a history of West Torrens between settlement in 1836 to the present day, Wakefield Press

Payne, P. (1996): Thebarton, Old and New, Thebarton City Council

Barrett, K. (2001): 'Patawalonga Creek - a brief history',   Paper Bark, vol 3 no 2


Last modified 1st May 2002.