south-western Adelaide, South Australia

Welcome to the
Hallett Cove Conservation Park

The Park is a 51 hectare reserve jointly owned by the National Trust of SA and the South Australian Department of Environment & Heritage. It is an environmental refuge in Adelaide's suburbia, where the visitor can take in dramatic coastal vistas.

It is one of Australia's most outstanding geological sites, recording an ice age that occurred some 280 million years ago and its importance as a geological monument is now internationally recognised.

Before European colonization the Park area was inhabited by Aboriginal groups for thousands of years and archaeological research has yielded more than 1,700 Aboriginal artefacts, now housed in the SA Museum.

Since colonisation in 1836 the land has been used for farming, grazing, recreation and scientific research. It is a field study destination for geology and geography students and is also very popular with walkers.

The Park also conserves native flora and fauna and has a beach for swimming and fishing.

There is no vehicle access to the Park but car parking is available at the northern and southern entrances. Walking trails are all shown on the interpretative panels.

Further information on the Park is available from National Parks & Wildlife SA's Sturt District office, tel.(61 8) 8130 9050 and by reading the books mentioned throughout the website.

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Last modified 12th September 2007.