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The Friends' principal aim is to:
Foster a unified community approach
to the protection and wise use of
the Gulf of St Vincent
The Secchi Disc - Water Turbidity Project
January 2011
The Friends of Gulf St Vincent have been successful in gaining a grant from the Adelaide Natural Resources Management Board to conduct water quality tests on both sides of Gulf St Vincent.

We have been concerned for some time about water quality and clarity because "cloudy water" is dangerous to swimmers and water users; in addition it is a primary cause of sea grass die-back.

Cloudy water is mostly caused by sediment loads entering the Gulf via inland to sea rivers. Water from Waste Water Treatment Works is also a major problem to water quality.

We have indentified 25 locations around the coast, mainly where there is a Jetty; however we are also keen to hear from people if they are prepared to take a boat or rubber ducky out to a constant depth to test the water clarity.

The Secchi Disc is an 8-inch disc with two white and two black quadrants and it is joined to a piece of twine and lowered into the water. If the disc is still visible at a depth of 1.2 metres from the top of the water then the water can be considered safe and reasonably clean. If you can still see the disc beyond 1.2 metres it is really clean. BUT if we lose sight of the disc before the 1.2 metres mark then we should be very concerned.

What we are looking for are volunteers to be a part of the project.

We will be asking for the test to be conducted weekly [or more often if possible] and particularly during [after] storm events or heavy outflows into the Gulf.

Each Volunteer or group will be asked to record their findings and enter them into a very simple-to-use data base.

The Friends of Gulf St Vincent Committee members will be conducting information and hands-on workshop in at least 4 locations around the Gulf and you will receive a Handbook providing you with the process and safety regulations.

If you are interested in this very important project, we urge you to make contact with.

Secretary - Angela Gackle     angela.gackle@bigpond.com
President - Jim Douglas         jdouglas@picknowl.com.au

Last modified 31st January 2011.