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The Internet offers the cheapest and most flexible means of storing and disseminating information and community groups will inevitably come to create their own websites. This process of going on-line may be slow initially, but will inevitably change. Much of the membership of these groups at present consists of older people, with a lower level of computer literacy. But even among this group there are those who are taking up the challenge and using the Internet, e.g. to search for information. With the passage of time, a larger proportion of new retirees will possess the necessary skills and leisure time to create websites to serve their interests.

An example of a website that has already been created by a local group is the Friends of Port Moorowie website. (Port Moorowie is located at the base of Yorke Peninsula.)

A more structured example of a website devoted to a particular locality is the webpage below, which is presently under construction.

Patawalonga Creek

(A template based on this model could be made available to other groups.)

Similarly, a system of webpages could be devoted to particular themes or topics.

This website could provide the central organising principle (structured indexes and navigation systems) for webpages created by schools, community groups, etc.


Compared with draft versions of this website which were circulated on floppy disk for comment (prior to 23/7/99), the following changes have been made:

All the maps (for SA and Regions, showing Local Government areas) have been converted to imagemaps (ie they are now 'live', containing the links to the files containing bibliographic and directory information at the LGA level).

Tables have been used to improve the appearance and style of the website. The pages upgraded so far include the following:
directory of environmental groups
directory of historical societies
historical bibliography
bibliography of environmental documents

The linkspages on marine and coastal themes have been upgraded and tables have been used to improve their appearance.

All the issues of  'Paper Bark' (the newsletter of the Friends of Patawalonga Creek) are now in HTML format.

An on-line Locality Index has been added, containing an alphabetical listing of Local Government Areas, linked to the relevant regional maps within this site. This index also contains external links to webpages dealing with localities of environmental or historical significance.

The front end has been completely reworked, to remove redundant material and to improve its appearance and usability.

Maps of SA showing the botanical regions and biogeographical regions have been completed. These maps will eventually be used to reorganise and expand the material currently in the Natural History bibliography.

(22/1/01) An alternative view of the directory of environmental groups and the directory of historical societies has been created, in an alphabetical consolidated form:

Index of Community Groups


Last modified 21st May 2002.