Edward John 'Ted' WALL and Louisa Jane 'Jane' PARKER

and their family


Louisa Jane Parker - birth certificate.jpg (137244 bytes) Marriage certificate - Edward John Wall and Louisa Jane Park.jpg (155137 bytes) Jane Wall - wedding day.jpg (13449 bytes)
Ted on his wedding day Louisa JANE WALL

Birth Certificate

Ted & Jane's Marriage Certificate Jane on her wedding day
Edward John (Ted) Wall.jpg (61371 bytes) Louisa Jane PARKER 1891.jpg (53065 bytes) Mallala Home 1930 - Wall family.jpg (23220 bytes) Wall Clan 0001.JPG (34410 bytes)
Ted Jane 1891 Mallala Home 1930 Martha, Neta, Jack and Neil (in front)
GrandmaWall.jpg (56715 bytes) Grandma Wall (Jane) with Ken, Valerie, Joy and Vern (Uncle J.jpg (369896 bytes) wall_edward_2.1.37 louisa 13.9.48.jpg (102767 bytes) Jane & Grandkids 1.JPG (29678 bytes)
Jane shortly before she died Ken, Jane,. Joy , Vern and Valerie (in front) Headstone Jane with Grankids
Young Wall family - Neil, Neta Jack, Martha - approx 1921.jpg (22764 bytes) Louisa Jane (Parker) Wall's 60th birthday - with Neil, Marth.jpg (35952 bytes) Grandma Wall's 60th 002.jpg (36471 bytes)
The way to get to School Jane's 60th with her children Extended Family