A few Family Pics of

Neta Davies-Hewitt (nee WALL)

and her extended family

Young Neta.jpg (43375 bytes)

A very young Neta

Neta (3 years) Wall.jpg (12507 bytes)

Aged 3

Neta Wall early 1920.jpg (12831 bytes)

Aged abt 4

Neta Wall probably Ardrossan beach.jpg (654550 bytes)
Neta Wall 1930.jpg (15777 bytes)

Aged 14

Neta Wall  Sept 1934 .jpg (10773 bytes) Neta Evelyn Davies (nee Wall) with Gloria Neta, aged 3 mths.jpg (15552 bytes)

Neta & Gloria

Neta's extended family (Toop side) - June 1999.jpg (53184 bytes)

Extended Family in 1999

Neta (Davies-Hewitt) and Estelle (Will, Bath) Wall - Vic (1).jpg (27539 bytes)

Neta & Martha

Neta Evelyn Davies-Hewitt (nee Wall).jpg (59452 bytes)

Neta's first husband Fred

Gloria Neta (Davies) Toop - June 1999.jpg (24423 bytes)


Gloria Davies 1943.jpg (18515 bytes)


Gloria Davies  - Red Cross Queen attendant, Grace Plains Dis.jpg (49118 bytes)


Gloria Davies and her Auntie Barbara - Red Cross Queen and a.jpg (8053 bytes)

Gloria & her Aunt



Graham Davies.jpg (3235 bytes)

A young Graham

Monica and Tamara Davies.jpg (16877 bytes) Tamara (almost 3) Davies (Graham's family) - 21 April 1984.jpg (32408 bytes) Bernadette (8 yrs) Davies (Graham's family) - 21 April 1984.jpg (49207 bytes)

If any member of Neta's Family or other relatives have more pictures they would like to see up on the Wall Family Website  please attach them to an email and send them on and I'll add the appropriate ones to Neta's Page, and any others to pages to which they relate

This lot were provided by cousin Denice.