Edward John 'Jack' WALL and Dora Rowett 'Dot' TILLER

and their family

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Young Jack.jpg (45127 bytes) Jack -retirement village shortly before he died.JPG (38950 bytes) Jack & Dot Wall - abt 1951.JPG (93999 bytes)
A Very Young Jack Jack Aged 82 Dot aged 73 Jack & Dot abt 1951
Jack & Dot 3.JPG (116955 bytes) Grandma Wall (Jane) with Ken, Valerie, Joy and Vern (Uncle J.jpg (369896 bytes) Jack & Dot Wall with Daniel 1984.JPG (82129 bytes) Jack-Neil Wall.jpg (17887 bytes)
Jack & Dot

 in their retirement Unit

'Jane' WALL with Ken, Valerie, Joy & Vern WALL Jack & Dot with Daniel Jack with his brother Neil
Jack@BedeBaohm's Wedding.JPG (7524 bytes) jw11.jpg (20791 bytes) Jack Wall5.JPG (21841 bytes) Dot & Jack 4.JPG (40155 bytes)
Jaxk at Bede Baohm's Wedding A very Young Jack Jack at Port Lincoln Jack & Dot
Jack Wall 1986.JPG (18866 bytes) Jack Wall.jpg (45082 bytes) Dot  with grandkids 003.JPG (71150 bytes) Dot with Grandkids 2.JPG (77966 bytes)
Jack Jack at Neil's Wedding Dot with some of her grandchildren More of the Grandkids
Wall_Family.jpg (92133 bytes) Ken&hisMom.jpg (11487 bytes) Jack&Vern.jpg (72210 bytes) Jack Wall's Top Shop.JPG (57262 bytes)
Jack & Dot with Ken Joy and Vern before Valerie was born Ken with his Mum Dot Jack with Vern Jack Wall's Top Shop
Joy New (nee Wall) - 14 Nov 1972.jpg (34922 bytes) Joy Wall ( aged about 17 ).JPG (48162 bytes) Ken's sister Joy.JPG (57466 bytes) Barb-Adam-Brian New12-97.jpg (54172 bytes)
Joy WALL Joy aged abt 17 Joy WALL Barb, Adam (grandson) & Brian
Ken and his Dad (Jack).JPG (51925 bytes) Kirsty Trent & Ken.jpg (24213 bytes) kennval.jpg (25014 bytes)
Ken with Dad Jack Young Ken Ken with his niece and Nephew in Ambulance Ken with Norman & Valerie Stafford
My Sister - Valerie.JPG (61563 bytes) Valerie Wall c.1950.jpg (20240 bytes) Valerie's Debut.JPG (24535 bytes)
Valerie Stafford nee Wall Valerie Stafford A Young Valerie Valerie's Debut
Vern & Janet 5.jpg (103656 bytes) Vern.JPG (88985 bytes) Young David.JPG (12013 bytes) Jamie1.jpg (3157764 bytes)
Vern & Janet WALL (nee Harris) A Young Vern A Young David David's son Jamie - the Pizza Champion of South Australia
Vern's Birthday.jpg (51834 bytes) Vernband.jpg (40058 bytes) Mum's Headstone - Enfield Lawn Cemetery.JPG (113464 bytes)  

Stephen Leanne Peter Vern & Janet Wall.jpg (35567 bytes)

Vern's 60th Vern in Band Dot Wall's Headstone Stephen ,Leanne, Peter, Vern & Janet WALL
Joy's Debut.jpg (42031 bytes) TopShop1.JPG (29023 bytes) Kylie New.JPG (14081 bytes) picnic-torrens.JPG (50932 bytes)
Ken with Joy for her debut Marlene (Shop Asst) with Vern & Dot behind counter of 'Top Shop' Kylie New as a Baby  Jack Dot and family - Picnic at River Torrens
Tiller Kids.JPG (72749 bytes) Jack 222.JPG (6828 bytes) Jack Wall 001.JPG (83140 bytes) Ken - Nasho 18.JPG (24308 bytes)
Tiller kids - My Mum is the baby Jack Jack  National Service 1956 - Ken 4th from left back row
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Ken - 2009