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The following is a collection of thoughts, poems, proverbs and testimonials
from various visitors to my pages.

I have often received messages of thanks for my Thoughts, Poems and Proverbs pages, and "My Personal Beliefs".

I thought it was about time that I created this page, to list these comments and any thoughts or poems which have been sent to me. In times of trouble, sorrow or ill health, it is nice to know that there are others who are in a similar position, or have similar ideas.

The visitors who have graciously allowed me to add their thoughts, poems and comments to this page, usually have written them for another close friend or relative.

The nature of the World Wide Web is to allow easy access to other's work, thoughts and ideas.   Please always ensure that before you copy this work that you contact the author to seek their permission and always keep their names and details attached to the work.

I hope you enjoy this page.

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butterflyThis page was updated on June 16, 2000butterfly

Silent Flight


God. Our Creator, Our Father, Our Salvation

The Soldier's Prayer

He Gathers Broken Souls

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animated rose animated rose animated rose animated rose


In the silence
The clarity of your voice,
Climbs high
Upon the eagles wings.
The chains of doubt
That imprison my soul,
Fall away beneath my feet.
In the freedom and majesty
Of the sentinel's gaze,
Faith is strengthened
And hope returned
To a weary heart,
Upon the silent flight
Of eagles wings.

Chris Roe, Norfolk, England.



animated rose animated rose animated rose animated rose


With only the faith of a mustard seed
You can fight any foe
And know God is beside you
Wherever you may go

For mountains can be moved
With faith that is quite small
And He will be there with us
Through good, through bad, through all.

He will be your strength when you're
Too weak to go on.
Night is always darkest
Just before the dawn

He will be the flame that
Burns to light your way.
He'll be there in the songs
Of birds at the break of day

The beauty of the sunset
Reminds us every night
That He is here beside us
And we're precious in His sight.

He will be the sunshine that
Warms you when it's cold
He is the shepherd who
Prepares for us a fold.

When our work on earth is through
If faithful we have been
He will take us by the hand and say
You're free of sin.

Our debt was paid by Jesus
He died so we could live
It was the greatest present
Anyone could ever give.

So when the troubles of this life
Seem too hard to bear
Just call upon your Savior
And know that he is there.

Dedicated to, and written for, My Longtime Friend Tyger50 in his ongoing fight against Prostate Cancer.

All rights reserved by Cynthia J Mackenzie
Dec 18,1999 11:59 AM

This is another poem Cynthia wrote for her dear friend Tyger50:

  God. Our Creator, Our Father, Our Salvation

Every single branch on each and every tree.
Every grain of sand, every animal you see.
Every daisy, every violet, every blade of grass.
How do you believe that these things came to pass?
Can you not see the touch of our gentle Maker's hand?
Why is it some feel it's hard to understand?

When I see an eagle soaring through the sky.
When I watch the flight of a lovely butterfly.
When I smell the fragrance of a lilac in the spring.
I know deep inside my soul God gave us all these things.
The sun, the moon, the stars that light the sky above.
He created all these things with His wisdom and His love.

He asks for our obedience, He asks that we believe.
In complex complexities of which we can't conceive.
He gave us Ten Commandments to live by everyday.
Whether we're at work, at church, at school, at play.

Although we try to follow what He asks us to do.
That we would disobey Him was something that He knew.
So in His Grace He sent His son to die for all our sins.
He was crucified, entombed but He rose up again.
He said He would prepare a place for the Faithful when they die.
A paradise to which our freed up souls could rise.

Perfection we will not achieve, but we can always strive.
Redemption is within our reach as long as we're alive.
So bow your head and as a child who knows when they've done wrong
Ask for God's forgiveness you've waited for too long.
The longer it takes to admit the wrongs we're guilty of.
The longer it takes to be forgiven and feel our Savior's love.

Dedicated to, and written for, My Longtime Friend Tyger50 in his ongoing fight against Prostate Cancer.

All rights reserved by Cynthia J Mackenzie
Dec 18,1999 11:59 AM

Dear Karen,
Greetings from Ohio USA.      Loved your site.
I agree with your sentiments on organized religion; I believe in and accept God in my life. His works are wondrous to me.
I believe I can have a relationship with God without Choosing the "right" place to do it.
He thinks a closet is OK.
I have a friend with prostate cancer; I have written some poetry for him.
I am sending this on for you to read.    Hope you do not mind me sharing my philosophy with you.    Good luck in your endeavors.
CJ Mackenzie

Tyger50 must be a very special guy to have such a friend to write such beautiful poems, dedicated to him. We have been given a bit of background on Tyger50.

Cynthia wrote:

When Tyger came home for our 30th class reunion, we talked of his career in the military and of his illness.

He said he knew how to be a soldier but this (his illness) was hard because it was so new and different.

In war (Vietnam) he at least knew what to do, and how to react. He said he hoped to die an honorable death when the time came.

I guess we all hope to maintain our autonomy and dignity. I truely believe Death has no mastery over us when we have a strong affiliation with God.

Here is yet another Poem. This is the first poem Cynthia wrote for Tyger50 before she got her Computer.

  The Soldier's Prayer

I've traveled this world over
I've done it all it's true
I've been proud to serve
For the red, white and blue.

I know how to press a uniform,
And where each pin should go
I can make a bunk
So not one wrinkle shows.

I know how to be a soldier,
I know how to shoot a gun
I know how to hit the ground and hide,
I know when to run.

Whatever else is said Lord
One thing still rings true
We fight we win, or we die, Lord
There is nothing else to do.
I remember skies
And bombers overhead
When even flying bullets
Filled me with no dread.

I've patrolled the jungle
Like a tiger hunting prey
I know which cards to hold
And which ones I should play.

I have often flown
Helicopters through the air
I always thought I could win
Any fight, fought fair.

But Lord you'll need to lead me
In the way that I should go
Because this new enemy
Is one that I don't know.

I know how to be a soldier Lord
But this is all so new.
Please stay close beside me
And show me what to do.

Time is an illusion
Not a guarantee
Lord, you've never promised us
How many days we'll see.

Our souls must be ready
On any given day
To take your hand with
Confidence and fly quickly away.

So forgive my sins dear Father
Committed in your sight
Surround me with your love dear Lord
And draw me toward your light.

When it's time for me to die,
Whenever that may be
Let me die with honor Lord,
As you set my spirit free.

Written for Tyger50
Summer 1999
First of a series
All rights reserved by Cynthia J Mackenzie

Cynthia can certainly write some lovely poetry.

The following was written for another of her good friends whose brother commited suicide.

Cynthia writes:

Suicide does not just kill one person.
My friend is also a nurse and Catholic..
She asked me "How could he have done this knowing how much we love him?
Why didn't he ask for our help?
What was he thinking?
What will happen to his soul...?"

I believe God is a fair and loving God
I believe he understands us better than we understand ourselves.

Cyntia's friend felt this helped her family...

  He Gathers Broken Souls

In one moment in time, when all hope seemed far away
When despair weighed so heavily there seemed nothing left to say
When anger and pain were all that he could feel
He decided to leave all the lies he thought were real.

He forgot about the rainbows that follow skies of gray
He forgot about the kindness he witnessed everyday
He forgot about the future he once dreamed could be
He lost sight of all the truth and reality.

The fact that people loved him, the knowledge that they cared
The love they had to offer him the many things he shared
The pain that he would cause just never crossed his mind
He only pictured solitude and the peace that he would find.

Sometimes a gentle spirit in a world that's gone awry
Gets lost and cannot find it's way, can't bring itself to try
When God looks down from Heaven with tender loving eyes
He can see completely every facet of our lives.

It's up to God not man to judge the things that have been done
We are His Creation, in Love He Sent His Son
To walk this earth, to die, to rise and live again
To grant us all salvation, to save our souls from sin.

Each time a sparrow falls lifeless to the ground
Our Father up in Heaven hears that tiny sound
Would He be less vigilant when our lives quickly end
Regardless of the reason, on God you can depend.

For God in all His tenderness can see inside their mind
And when He searches carefully no evil does He find
Just discontent, confusion, pain, and fear, and sorrow
With no hope for today and no vision of tomorrow.

No Malice little forethought, just decisions made in haste
God grieves up there in Heaven for this senseless needless waste
Yet even as the sheep are gathered safely to the fold
Our Lord is so magnificent He gathers broken souls.

He takes them home to be eternally with Him
To never know the torment they knew on earth again.
Peace and Hope and Happiness are instantly restored
When souls cross the threshold of Heavens golden door

All rights reserved by Cynthia J Mackenzie

Hello Karen,
Your love for your grandfather is great.

I had a similiar experience with my sister. She was in intensive care for many months. She was brought back to life three times.

We all prayed for her relentlessly.

Now ten years later after years of work she is ok and living a normal life.

There is a lot of power in the power of prayer.

Peace in Christ,
Steven Merten

Steven's Web Page: I LOVE YOU GOD

Dear Sir/Madam

I think your poems are fantastic and all of the words mean so much I think this is the best poem site I have ever visited.


A Hedges

Dear Karen,
Thank you very much for posting the poems, thoughts, and your personal struggles.

The poems are uplifting, inspiring, and reminders of what really matters in life on this earth.

It was good for me to see your statment of "I believe in God, not in religion". That is something I have been struggling with too -- they hypocrisy of supposed believers who show up once a week, say a few prayers, then go back to their very un-God like ways.

It is nice to know there are others who feel the same. I am coping with health problems and family troubles, and I just want to say thank you for taking the time to create this web-page, it is an absolute jewel!!

Take care and God bless,

K Shuford, USA

Hi Karen,
Just a line to say congratulations on your website.

It was good to read of your beliefs. Somehow it is easier to share these things on line than face to face with people you think you know. Now and again it will strike a chord with someone and you have 'connected', as I did with you here.

Some have also connected with me via my poems included on our our website and I thought you might like to share.

Bye for now.


Adelaide's Web Page: 'Adelaide and Graham's Gardens'

Your site is great. Thanks for the thoughts.

Terry (she)



Thank you for visiting this page.

If you like what I have done or have any further suggestions or poems you might like to have added to this page, please email it would be greatly appreciated.

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