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Your launch pad to the WWW. Check out the source code for HTML design, Visit helpful sites for HTML, Select colors, Hints, Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts, Comic Pages, Thoughts & Poems Pages, 100's of Search Engines; info about Adelaide Sth Australia and lots more. earth-thoughts and poems page


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Just For A Laugh - Comic Pages

HTML and the Internet Page HTML and the Internet  (PAGE REMOVED)

         Colours and Hexadecimal Triplets

                  Adding Sound (PAGE REMOVED)

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Thoughts And Poems Thoughts And Poems

         Thoughts And Proverbs

                  Visitor's Thoughts And Poems

Information About Adelaide and South Australia Information About Adelaide and South Australia

         A Little Bit Of Australiana

                  Touring Adelaide and South Australia

Keyboard Tips And Shortcuts Free Keyboard Tips And Shortcuts

General Information About The WebMaster
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