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           Hi, my handle is Kazza and I am interested in all forms of communication including C.B. (radio). I was born in 1959 and have seen more of Europe than I have of my home country (Australia). I am married to a wonderful man, and we have two four legged children (Chihuahuas).

           I have a background is in Human Resource Management, Computer Systems Management, Sales, and am currently employed as a Trainer for an organisation called COMSKIL.

At COMSKIL I assist students in the following subjects: Accounting to Trial Balance, and Microsoft Applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and Publisher. Further subjects taught are MYOB Accounting/Payroll, Internet, Email and Pagemaker.

           My hobbies are learning new skills, investigating my computer, going to garage (boot car) sales and trash and treasures, Paper Tole (3d pictures), and last but not least ... my family.

           My husband's hobbies are working on cars (preferably pre fuel injection Holdens), woodwork and renovating (he has built some beautiful cupboards), and his most treasured hobby is collecting Holden Memorabilia from all over Australia.

           I have had a great deal of fun creating these pages sprinkled with a little bit of frustration (when something did not work). I hope you enjoy these pages.

           If you like what I have done or have any further suggestions, please email kday@chariot.net.au it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting my pages.

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