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The Australian fuchsia cultivars in the list that follows this message, were hybridised by Ivan Southall, The information was kindly provided by his wife Susan. We thank you both for your kindess in allowing us to display this information for the benefit of the visitors to our site.

Ivan, Australian and overseas fuchsia lovers are indebted to you for your dedication to our favourite flower and appreciate the countless hours spent in providing us with such a beautiful legacy. We also value your membership of the Australian Fuchsia Society Inc.

In order to discover how many of the fuchsias are still in cultivation worldwide, growers please Email me. It is only necessary to provide the name of the plant and your location. Once the information has been collated it will be displayed on a separate page. In strict observence of the Privacy of Information Act, your name and email address will not be displayed or used for any other purpose, without your express permission.

5. ANTARCTICA (AFS 3177) (0: 1989) (R: 1993) (S81/3) Db. Tr. A very large green/white self. B: long, large, lax cone. Tube, sepals and corolla are of much the one hue, green/white. (Tranquility x pollens of Capri and Flirtation Waltz.) Seed parent of ALBATROSS and others.

12. AURORA AUSTRALIS (AFS 3178) (0: 1988) (R: 1993) (N20/18) Named for inaccurate childhood memories of the aurora. Db. Upr or Tr. B: domed cone. T: green/white. S: upper white and pale rose. Lower creped pink. C: red, greyed rose, light orange. (True Love x unknown.) A gathered berry. Used extensively and profitably as a seed parent.

13. AUSTRALIA DAY (AFS 3176) (0: 1988) (R: 1993) (N14/6) First bloomed on Australia Day, 1990. Db. Upr or Tr. B: almond, distinctly pointed. T: green/white. S: upper white and rose. Lower creped magenta and white. C: pale violet and rose. A fuchsia of many faces. A “gathered” berry, (Drama Girl x unknown.)

42. DRESSAGE (AFS 3484) (0: 1989) (R: 1996) (S94/24) DB. Upr or Tr. B: Almond. T: White striped red. S: white. C: royal purple. F: golden green maturing to dark green. Elegant. (Santa Clara x Morning Light).

44. ELIZABETH’S DREAM (AFS 3181) (0: 1989) (R: 1993) (S75/3) Named by and for my second daughter. Db. Upr or Tr. B: almost round, pointed. T: pale pink. S: light pink. C: pale purple and pink. (Domacin x Sebastopol.)

52. FAITH (AFS 3484) (0: 1990) (R: 1995) (T1/6) Named for a friend. Db or Upr. Tr. B: almond. T: green/white. S: green/white textured rose. C: lilac grey and pale rose. (Blush 'o Dawn x Seedling N13/2).

54. FIRESIDE (AFS 3713) (0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T5/8) Db. Upr or Tr. B: long cone. T: white. S: pink and white. C: matures to fiery, red with bright orange lights. (Seedling S75/1 x Morning Light.)

64. GALILEE (AFS, 4018) (0: 1989) (R: 1997) (S96/11) Db. Tr. B: almond. T: pale green. S: white and mauve/pink. C: rich violet, magenta and pale lights at base. Continues to grow, colours fuse. F: yellow green with pronounced veins; slightly leathery. (Santa Clara x White Galore.)

65. GALLIPOLI (AFS 4019) (0: 1989) (R: 1997) (S86/3) Db. Lax upr. Woody. Large Db. B: long, ample, oval. T: flesh pink striped red. S: long, twisting, curled at edges, ranging from reflexed down to recurved up; pale pink and rose pink. C: long, relaxed, comprehensively folded, rectangular, deep purple and dark mauve streaked rose pink, acquiring a red glow with maturity. First bloomed on Anzac Day, 1992. (Tranquility x Julia Ditrich.)

75. HELEN PARES (AFS 3715) (0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T6/5) Named for Helen Westerlund (nee Pares), 1916-1968. Susan’s mother. Upr or Tr. B: plump cone. T: orange/pink; long. S: white edged pink. C: creamy white; opens yellow in spring and autumn. F: golden green; matures to yellow/green. Elegant. (Seedling S75/1 x Bicentennial.)

76. HENRY VIII (AFS 3184) (0: 1989) (R: 1993) (T86/5) Large Db. Pendulous upr. Tr. B: long almond. T: greenish white. S: white. C: dark violet and light rose; may flare to 100 mm wide. (Tranquility x Julia Ditrich.)

77. HIGH REGARD (AFS 3716) (0: 1991) (R.. 1997) (E1/6) Db. Tr. B: long cone. T: white. S: long and narrow, pale pink, pale mauve/pink. C: smoky blue. Fluid and graceful. (Antarctica x Countess Maritza.)

90. JUST A TAD (AFS 3186) (0: 1988) (R: 1993) Sgl. Tr. B: comparatively long, tubular. T: pink. S: rose. C: violet. Markedly free-flowering. (Sophisticated Lady x Circe.)

91. KAKADU (AFS 4023) (0: 1990) (R: 1997) Lax Upr or Tr. B: plump oval. T: pale green. S: deep pink and bright rose. C: a large flattened globe marbled vermilion and carmine. At its best, breathtaking. (Aurora Australis x Knockout.)

95. KIRRIBILLI (AFS 3359) (0: 1989) (R: 1994) (S68/9) Db. Tr. B: long almond. T: greenish white. S: white and dark rose. C: light red purple, purple, violet, rose. (Angel’s Flight x The Rival.) Can be stunning.

99. LEILA (AFS 3361) (0: 1990) (R: 1994) (T18/18) Named for a friend. Db. Pendulous Upr. B: almond. T: white and pink. S: light pink, white, creped rose. C: white inner petals, rose outer petals. F: yellow/green maturing to medium green. (Seedling S75/1 x [pollens of Royal Velvet & Blessed Event.])

101. LINTON (AFS 4024) (0: 1990) (1997) (T18/21) Especially for a small Victorian country town. Db. Small pendulous upright. B: oval. T: short, thick, red. S: long; pink and pale pink. C: violet/blue and pink. Picoteed. Quite lovely. (Seedling S75/1 x [pollens of Royal Velvet and Blessed Event].)

103. LOVE TO ISABEL (AFS 3717) (0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T32/26) For Issie Bryant (1904 -1996), my father’s sister. Upr or Tr. B: domed cone. T: pale green. S: pale pink and orchid pink. C: orchid tones of smoky blue, pink and grey. Stunning Camera shy. (Aurora Australis x Blessed Event.)

106. MARION COMBE (AFS 3731) (R: 1996) (0: 1990) (T1B/23) Named for a friend. Db. Upr. B: long, plump, domed cone. T: pink, banded deep pink. S: pink. C: inner petals violet, outer petals pink with a striking full flare. (Seedling S75/1 x Royal Velvet & Blessed Event.)

109. MAY VICTORIA (AFS 3719) (0: 1991) (R: 1996) (E1/5) Named for my father’s sister, 1901 - 1994. Db. Tr. B: long cone with a curl. T: green. S: very long; creamy white banded mauve. C: lavender; ages to violet and lavender of a lighter hue; very long style. F: yellow/green with widespread red/purple shading when young. Exceptional. (Antarctica x Countess Maritza.)

117. NATALYA (AFS 4025) (0: 1990) (R: 1997) (T1/1) Named for Natalie Desen, a,translator of my books into Russian. Db. Small Upr or Tr. B: almond. T: white. S: white and pale mauve. C: lavender blue and lilac. Quite lovely. (Blush 'o Dawn x Seedling N13/2.)

118. NEPEAN (AFS 3722) (0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T3/1) Db. Upr or Tr. B: tubular. T: white. S: creamy rose pink and white. C: lilac, rose pink and mauve. Most attractive. Long flowering. (Blush 'O Dawn x Wind Lane.)

119. NIGHT OUT (AFS 3723) (0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T5/6) Db. Lax Upr. B: almost round. T: strong pink. S: strong pink tipped white. C: strong pink; a many-petalled flare; frilled and picoteed; the can-can. (Seedling S75/1 x Morning Light.)

123. OPERA HOUSE (AFS 3188) (0: 1988) (R: 1993) (N19/4) Db. Tr. B: oval. T: strawberry pink. S: white, edged pink. C: creamy white. F: distinctive; dark greyed purple maturing to dark green. From an early “gathered” berry. (Hula Girl x unknown.)

127. PAPUA (AFS, 3189) (0: 1989) (R: 1993) (S100/6) Db. Pendulous Upr. B: long domed cone. T: pale pink. S: long, pointed, graceful, light rose and pink. C: dark red/purple, pink, magenta. The first bloom enchanted me. I named it within the hour. (Ovation x Blessed Event.)

129. PARLIAMENT (AFS, 3725) (0: 1989) (R: 1996) (S105/1) Db. Tr. B: plump oval. T: green/white. S: white and pink. C: a rosette of deep violet and lilac; making what I like most in a basket. Matures to deep lilac. Occasionally, I regret the name. (Santa Clara x Shalimar.)

137. PRODIGAL SON (AFS 3491) (0: 1991) (R: 1995) (E15/1) Db. Pendulous Upr. B: plump short cone. T: long, thin, red. S: wide; red with white tip. C: compact, urn-shaped; deep red/purple with flaming red petaloids. Hot blooded. (Camp Fire x Seedling S27/3.)

149. ROBERTA JOY (AFS 3185) (0: 1989) (R: 1993) (S68/3) Named for my eldest daughter. Db. Tr. B: long, narrow, tubular. T: pale yellow/green. S: white, long, elegantly curved. C: magenta and light red/purple. Some have found it difficult to grow. A remarkably elegant bloom. (Angel’s Flight x The Rival.)

150. ROMAN CANDLE (AFS 3493) (0: 1990) (R: 1995) (S42/6) Sgl. Tr. B: long, oval. T: white. S: pale pink and bright pink. C: narrow, tubular, lavender and pink. Distinctive. (Just a Tad x The Phoenix.)


61. FRANK SOUTHALL (AFS 3714) (0: 1989) (R: 1996) (T19/35) Named for the great loss of my boyhood; Francis Gordon Southall, 1888-1935. Db. Pendulous upr. B: oval. T: white. S: white, textured red at divisions. C: kaleidoscopic tones of violet and mauve with white veins and striations. (Flirtation Waltz x King of Cups.)

17. BESS VOUTIER (AFS, 3709) (0: 1989) (R: 1996) (S94/31) Named for my mother, Rachel Elizabeth Southall (nee Voutier) 1892 - 1989. Db. Tr. B: almond. T: candy pink. S: white and mauve. C: violet blue and lavender. F: golden green. (Santa Clara x Morning Light.)

164. SUSAN SOUTHALL (AFS 3727) (0: 1991) (R: 1996) (E10/2) Named for the live-in artist. Db. Tr. B: plump almond. T: pale rose. S: brilliant coral. C: a blaze of coral with tonal variations; petals picoteed. F: gold when young, maturing to yellow-green. (Camp Fire x Bicentennial.)

167. TED GREENWOOD (AFS 3728)(0: 1990) (R: 1996) (T26/5) Named for the artist, writer, friend. Db. Pendulous upr. B: plump cone. T: green. S: ivory with a pink flush, textured rose on the inside. C: globular; shades of violet, rose, pink and white with small yellow petaloids. Ages to luminous coral/rose. F: shaded light to mid yellow/green. (Aurora Australis x Bicentennial.)