Art and Pottery by AFS Member Florence Humphreys

We have some very talented and generous folk amongs our membership and Florence is a very good example as you will gather from the following statement by one of our committee members.

'The management team wanted to present to the American Fuchsia Society in reaching a significant milestone in their long history, a gift from the Australian Fuchsia Society. A request was made to Florence for her to make a commemorative plate, painted with the cultivar “Ethel Kempster” in memory of our Founder. Despite the very tight time frame, Florence agreed without hesitation'.































Florence, hard at work painting designs on individual tiles to form a mural for a kitchen or bathroom

Another fine ceramic by Florence. A gum nut decorated teapot.
The 'Ethel Kempster Plate'
Fuchsia decorated cups

These samples are but a few of the beautiful pieces of pottery and artwork created by Florence. The society is proud to have amongst its membership, such a talented person.
If you would like to contact Florence you can call her on (02) 49875967.