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Energy Pattern Analysis combined with Practical Knowledge & Experience

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Frank Neill B.Sc.
Adelaide, South Australia

Jupiter Email me at "fneill@chariot.net.au" for:

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Astrological Analysis

The foundation of Astrological Analysis is based on scientific principles that have been tried and tested for centuries. It is the ultimate tool for the examination of energy interchange in the physical world.

Practical Analysis, most especially in the Business Sector, can be readily undertaken from practical knowledge and experience and extremely satisfying results obtained. These results can be confirmed and further analysed in greater detail using pattern and energy analysis for which Astrology is the renowned tool.

Astrological principles are used as the backbone of all analysis and presentations.

From a study of the event timing (personal or practical) combined with practical experience and an understanding of the physical world, a remarkably accurate analysis can be obtained to supply sufficient information for informed decision making.

Business and Personal Consultations

Personal and Business Analysis are approached in similar manner although, on a personal level, the analysis is taken to greater depth as one realises the human entity is far more complex than any Business Enterprise.

Personal Consultations preview personality, capacity, potential and the relationship one has with oneself. To allow the true nature of the person to develop harmony within oneself and balance the personal energies to allow the individual to achieve their greatest potential.

A Business structure, regardless of the size, is treated as a living entity and is viewed in much the same manner as any individual would expect to be.

It also has personality, potential, capabilities
........everything a living being has and will respond well to care, consideration and encouragement.

Business Potential Analysis

The Operations of the Business are examined in great detail and Energy Flows and Potential are analysed in view of individual capacities and the inter-relationships between the people and departments, encouraging decision making where procedures can be modified or enhanced to draw on all possibilities that are inherently contained within the energy patterns of the entity.

These structures are then combined with the practical applications of the enterprise in terms product, productivity, service, market place and viability to recognize the true potential of the business operations and its possibility of success or resounding success.

Company Dynamics

Any Professional Enterprise is a dynamic entity, from a single person operation to a multinational corporation.

The energy flow of the entity itself is combined with that of the people working within the entity to produce the overall 'personality' of the Enterprise.

Positive energies are the result of people working in an environment in which they feel comfortable, performing tasks that they enjoy. By complement the energy of the Company will also have a definite effect on performance and attitude of the people involved.

Negative energies result from the exact opposite and can be compounded by unreasonable expectations, lack of communication, insufficient training, and so on. This would be amplified by any adverse energy fields within the Company but could also be nullified by positive energy within the Company.

Personality Profiles

"Thumprint" Analysis of the individual and a compatibility study as to where someone may or may not actually fit into the scheme of operations.

Attitude and approach to the career path. On employing, what department and what tasks would the individual energy flows be most compatible with ?

Natural aptitudes and how to maximize the potential of the individual.

Personalities in conflict with the Company energies will never be content and will be detrimental to all concerned. Operations, performance and individuals will all suffer.

Harmonious combinations create or contribute enormously to successful Companies.

Energy Interchange and Harmonic Relationships

One of the required attributes to engender success in an Enterprise is communication between individuals and groups and this requires correct attitudes and honesty for the energy interchange to allow the development of the elements of success.

High profile areas are Management Structures and the communication in and between the Management levels. Negative attitudes and/or relationships and lack of adequate communication dramatically reduce productivity without always being immediately obvious.

Positive Energy Interchange from a simple conversation to group activities enhance the flow of positive energies (and attitudes), leading to successful outcomes if the energy patterns are harmonious.

The obvious result - the greater the harmony the greater the possibility of success.

Relationship Energy Patterns

A closer examination of relationships between any two individuals, from a simple acquaintance to a deep personal relationship.

It is a well known and accepted fact that every individual emanates energy fields (or 'vibes') and, more often than not, it is the combination of the energy fields of any two individuals, whether they be just friends or involved in a close relationship, that will determine both the type of relationship and the depth of the relationship.

The majority of people will also mentally alter or distort personal energy patterns in an attempt to be 'normal', to fit it, to be accepted........ and this not only creates conflict within the self but also affect those close to the individual, the internal conflict will be transferred.

In the workplace of associations between entities and their inherent natural energy fields are in natural conflict it will be impossible for these two people to work in close proximity regardless of the circumstances. The very least effect, even if they learn to tolerate each other, is that of creating disharmony in the immediate environment and create a negative flow-on effect to others working in the vicinity.

It is a fact of the Basic Law of the Universe which control/harmonise all Energy structures that every person is NOT in complete harmony with everybody else.

Individual energy patterns are unique. The object of the exercise for a successful enterprise is to place in close proximity those with the most compatible energy patterns, thus ensuring harmonious 'cells' of activity which interact with other 'cells' and produce an overall productive atmosphere.

Personal Horoscopes

Details on Personal Horoscopes

The construction and analysis of personal horoscopes are a particular aspect of my work that could be termed 'My Speciality'

What I do

I set up a full Personality Analysis and Profile that is completely unique for the individual
The areas covered are The interpretations and analysis are combined into a Personal Book and forwarded to you.
If you live locally, a short consultation and explanation are available at no additional cost.
If you do not live locally, inquiries and a short discussion are available via email at no additional cost.

What I need

Failing any of these being available I will construct a Solar Chart which still gives complete accuracy only the timing of events in your life will be difficult to construct and the precise location of the Moon may not be accurate.

The Cost

The cost of the complete Horoscope is $120.00 (AUST)
National Postage for your book is $10.00 (AUST)
International Postage for your book is $25.00 (AUST)