Body identification plate

Paint The paint numbers represent the exterior paint material and colour identification of the basic or lower colour.

Insert The paint numbers represent the exterior paint material and colour identification of the intermediate colour when three section colour styling is used.

Top The paint numbers represent the exterior paint material and colour identification of the roof or upper section of the boby when it differs from the basic colour.


Some codes and colours which may be helpful.

Please double check colours and advise of any omissions or errors

These are some Holden Colours from mid 60's

0104  Brigade Red  (t) 6382  Off White  (t) 8328  Alcazar Brown Met  (t) 8702  Clinton Sand
6914  Reynella Maroon 8329  Chinook Fawn Met  (t) 8703  Sandown Fawn
0178 Crocus Cream 6664  Corinth Blue 6946  Geneva Blue  (t) 8330  Corral Tan Met  (t) 8754  Landale Gold Met
6719  Merredin Green Met 6947  Arno Green  (t) 8331  Pablo Fawn Met  (t) 8771  Mullato Bronze Met  (t)
0240  Garrison Grey 6950  Arklow Aqua  (t) 8332  Beaucaire Blue Met  (t)
6812  Ardona Met Blue 6951  Emden Fawn  (t) 8333  Celeste Blue Met  (t) 8773  Dante Red  (t)
01703  Savonnah Bronze met 6818  Egmont Maroon Met     6952  Cardinal Grey  (t) 8334  Etruscan Brown Met  (t)      8774  Dover Blue  (t)
6824  Kembla Grey 7111  Sceptre Blue Met (t) 8335  Cortez Red  (t) 8775  Dawson Aqua  (t)
3675  Satin Silver Met 6826  Lismore Grey 7112  Diana Aqua Met  (t) 8336  Casbah Red  (t) 8776 Opera Green  (t)
6833  Narrogin Green 7113  Caberet Green Met  (t) 8388  Cocos Fawn Met  (t) 8777  Copra Fawn  (t)
04706  Minerva Blue 6847  Seaton Green 7114  Pitcairn Fawn Met  (t) 8778  Suva Tan  (t)
6875  Apollo Turquoise 7115  Gossamer Grey Met  (t) 8566  Finisterre Green
4951  Tully Blue 6893  Corroboree Red 8816  Pompadour Blue Met  (t)
6894  Hannans Gold 7142 Contessa lue Met  (t) 8568  Pemberton Grey
5061  Potters Ivory  (t) 6895  Balmain Beige 7143  Florentine Green Met  (t) 8569  Sultan Red 8954  Regal Maroon Met
6898  Taralga Fawn 7144  Salient Grey Met  (t)
5084  Fowlers Ivory 6901  Bullfinch Green 8591  Lurline Blue 9562  Grecian White
5091  Windorah Beige 6902  Ballet Green  (t) 7909  Tawny Grey Met  (t) 8592  Kurrewa Blue 9713  Marlin Turquoise
5093  Winton Red 6903  Alaskan Aqua  (t) 8688  Jervois Cream 9856  Welland Red
5156  Sorrel Tan  (t) 6904  Spinner Grey  (t) 8689  Glen Helen Green 9857  Woodsman Green
5384  Royal Umber 6905  Calais Blue  (t) 8692  Sea Mist Jade Met 9858  Coast Ivory
6906  Valsand Fawn  (t) 8695  Oasis Green Met
8696  Pyrenees Blue Met 10099  Burgundy Met
10367  Holden Engine Grey 8698  Tarana Turquoise 10317  Cordovan
583  Holden Engine Red 8699  Gascoyne Green 10319  Champagne
8929  Holden Engine Red X2   
(t) = Trim
Please double check and advise of any errors E&oe


Metallic Magic -Mirror acrylic lacquer


HR Holden Colour Range

HR Paint Colour range



Grecian White (1,2,3)

Sea Mist Jade  (1)

Landale Gold  (1)

Regal Maroon (1)

Pyrenees Blue (1)

Satin Silver (1)

Kurrewa Blue (2,3)

Pemberton Grey (2,3)

Warrigal Black (1,2,3)*

Clinton Sand (3)

Sultan Red (2)

Alaskan Aqua (2)

Jervois Cream (2)

Seaton Green (2)

Lurline Blue (2)

Sandown Fawn (2)

Finisterre Green (2,3)

Tarana Turquoise (2)


(1 )Avail Prem Sedans & Prem Station Sedans *Warrigal Black Sedans only

(2) Avail Special Sedans & Special Station Sedans

Note: please double check this information before using

(3) Avail Standard sedans, Standard station  sedans & Commercial vehicles              *Warrigal Black avail sedans only




HD Trim Colours

Colour   Number???


HR Trim Colours


Premier  Morrokide ??

Upholstery colours colour identifies the colour of the trim on cushions and seat backs.



E43  Mephisto Red

E65 Astoria Red

E44  Dover Blue

E66 Samoan Tan

E45 Opera Green

E67 Bone

E46 Copra dawn

E68 Black

E49 Mephisto Red

E69 Astoria Red

E50 Dover Blue

E70 Samoan Tan

E51 Opera Green

E71 Bone

E52 Copra Dawn

E72 Black

E55 Dante and Mephisto Red

E56 Dover and  Calais  Blue

E57 Dawson and Alaskan Aqua

E58 Opera and Ballet Green

E59 Copra and Valsand Fawn

E60 Dante and Mephisto Red

F40 Goya Red

E61 Dover and Calais Blue

F41 Paloma Blue

E62 Dawson and Alaskan Aqua

F42 Honey Fawn

E63 Opera and Ballet Green

F43 Goya Red

E64 Copra and Vasland Fawn

F44 Paloma Blue

E73 Mephisto Red

F45 Honey Fawn

E74 Dover Blue

E75 Opera Green

E76 Copra Fawn

E78 Mephisto Red

E79 Dover Blue

E80 Opera Green

E81 Copra Fawn




Note: Please double check this information before using and advise me of any errors.



Premier options

Morrokide upholstery  See above??

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colour   number?????


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