HR Wheels

Three different road-wheel types can be encountered on the HR Holden series.


HR Passenger wheel.

The wheel assembly of welded construction available as part No 7431265 has 0.2 less offset than the wheel used on HD passenger models. The reduced offset produces a wider track front and rear. This wheel can be identified by a 3/16 dia hole drilled in the hub section adjacent the stud holes.


HR commercial

The standard wheel used for the HR commercial vehicles is similar to that used on HD and late EH commercial models. This wheel is of arc welded construction and was available as part No 7423700

NOTE :because of its greater offset this wheel produces a narrower track than achieved with 7431265 wheel used on passenger vehicles.


HD-HR heavy duty wheel

This wheel part No 7428468 was originally released as the heavy duty wheel for the HD series and has subsequently been carried over as the heavy duty option for the HR. It must be noted that this wheel because of its greater offset than that of the standard HR passenger wheel produces reduced front and rear track dimensions than that achieved with 7431265 wheels. For this reason when 7428468 heavy duty wheels are fitted to HR models they must be changed in complete car sets of five (5) wheels.

Because of the different characteristics of each wheel type, it is most important that any change of wheels be made in complete car sets only.




The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. (Negative or Positive)

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