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Veteran, Vintage, Classic, Antique, Historic ????

Veteran cars were those made up until 1918

Vintage cars were those made from January 1919 until December 1930

Post vintage cars (in Aust and NZ ) are those made between 1931 and 1940

Classic Bay to Birdwood Classic invites entries from vehicles 1 January 1956 to 31 December 1977. (in 2013)

            Bay to Birdwood is open to vehicles manufactured before 31 December 1955 (in 2012)

Antique (a US definition I found) Antique Motor Vehicle - A motor vehicle, but not a reproduction thereof, manufactured more than 25 years prior to the current year, which has been maintained in or restored to a condition, which is substantially in conformance with manufacturer specifications.

Historic vehicle (in SA) is a motor vehicle where 30 years or more have elapsed since Jan 1 of the year of which the vehicle was manufactured (and from July 1st 2012 only vehicles built before 1979 ) and has not been altered. (other than some slight approved alterations)



South Australian registration numbers

RAA 000 to RZZ 999 were issued from Jan 1 1967.

The series commencing with S commenced 14 March 1974.

The T series was omitted for cars

The U series commenced Nov 24 1981.

The V series of plates commenced March 27 1990.


Vehicle types.


Saloon   Car for driver and passengers with closed body

Coupe  means 2 door closed vehicle

Utility  The utility is a peculiarly Australian vehicle; rather than the bigger purpose built "pick ups" of the United States, the utility traditionally is based on a passenger car, with the body work being essentially one piece, rather than having a cargo area as a separate piece of body work..

Station Sedan   Holden originally used the term "station sedan" as a Melbourne coach building firm (Cordell's) had registered the term "station wagon"

Station Wagon

Panel Van


Hard top



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