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This web page is work in progress. As our work ambiguously matures toward full bloominosity; maybe serendipitously we may meet.

This web page is dedicated to all that we Love and Love us in return or not, with special focus on peoples whom are in an implosive battle within themselves. YOU ARE LOVED, even as you learn how to Love yourself, by the example set by the Teacher of Teachers of Love.. GOoD LoRdiE!


Oh yes, feeling like an adult Indigo? Do you even know what this means or want to know? Then you my want to read this interesting article by Wendy Chapman regarding fitting in today's society and Indigo adults.

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Dom's Arty Worx

Precious Gems

Precious Gems

Digital scan and digitally rendered mixed media artwork.


A digital scan of dehydrated water and milk kefir-grains among a variety of precious and semi-precious gems, quartz crystal, gold and silver jewellery and carob bean fruit [seeds]. Background is a natural fibre mat provided by a friend in Malaysia [Thanks Foon-Yen]. The scan was digitally rendered in Photoshop. The noun carat ; a unit of weight for precious gem stones [equals 200 milligrams], or the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy, is a word derived from the Greek keration [fruit of the carob], via Arabic and Italian. Carob fruit were used as weights on precision scales because of the belief that each seed has a uniform weight. A 2006 study by Lindsay Turbull found this not to be the case. My personal observation took note of this as a youngster, and by simply putting the seed in my hand I could see that each seed was not precisely the same as the rest in appearance or by weight! But it is indeed nice to have this performed methodically correct and then publishing the results. Thanks Lindsay Turbull. May life bring enough turbulence to make it wonderfully enjoyable and interesting experience for you.

Kefir Mailart

Kefir mailart

Mixed media Mail artwork 2003. Size : 16" x 11" [Work not for sale]

Above is a picture of a recent piece. This particular mixed media artwork is referred to as Mail Art. This is created from a letter received from a kind gentleman living in New York, who obtained water kefir-grains from me. The piece is rendered on the front cover of my kefir manual: "Kefir! A Probiotic Gem Cultured With Probiotic Jewels... Kefir Grains!"


Bark of the Australian native Paper Bark Gum Tree [Melaleuca spp], a Silk painted feather of White Dove [White Cloud] that our neighbour rescued and gave to me to care for [which I later released], various dry leaves, stamens of the flower of the "Passion Flower" vine [Passiflora incarnata]. Oil paints, assorted nylon materials, aluminium foil, sliced section of natural wild honeycomb. A post office stamped stamp. All materials were secured in place with pure beeswax, obtained from wild beehive, the bees of which swarmed and settled in a bin in our garden in Spring of 2003.



Mixed media artwork. Size : 66" x 40" [Work not for sale]

This particular piece is ongoing work, reflecting stages of my life, beginning soon after my daughter Angelica, passed on in 1985. This attempts to symbolize my totem, the King Brown snake and the Brolga bird. The King Brown is enveloped in observation, and the lady Brolga, strums her song on the threat board of a guitar, as she fertilizes the ground that she is part of. Her strumming right hand sews seeds to the ground, with each stroke to the guitar strings.


Red Fermented rice, dehydrated cultures of Kombucha SCOBY and Kefir grains [both milk-based and water-kefir grains], green and black mold spores [Aspergillus oryzae, and Rhizopus oligosporus], aluminium foil, a variety of insects that were found dead in our garden, flowers, portrait on paper, photo of our daughter Shedea-Nardu, cereal grains, sesame seeds various gem stones and a variety of legumes, oil and acrylic paint, pencil, texture colour and red sea coral on canvas.

Kefir Can Do this at Any Moment!

Gravity of Kefir [in Spacestation Kefir]

Digital Artwork 2005. Digital rendition in Photoshop of "Propanavagater" above.

Kefir Grain Zenith

Kefir grain zenith

Rendered digital photo 2005. Kefir Grain Zenith, Manna from godness grace us above.

Resistance with Automnic Capacitance

Resistance & Automnic Capacitance

Dom's digital artwork 2004. Digital scan of Autumn leaves of apple and pear, carbon resistors, paper capacitors made in Australia [those were the days] and elastic rubber bands.

Praise Prayers

Praise Prayers

Mixed media art 2004. Size 10" X 8" [Not for sale]

This particular piece prays for itself. Rendered from handmade paper made from wood ash, recycled news paper, sweet grass and herb fibres. Dry autumn leaves of the grape vine and peach tree. Silk painting ink, two feathers of the Magpie [Gymnorhina tibicen a handsome Australian native bird] to create the impression of a mother whale protecting, caring and guiding her calf.

Sandra's Arty Worx

Freehand embroydery

Textile and free hand embroidery wall hanging. Size 12" x 17". This wall hanging was a gift I made for Dom for his 46th birthday, on December 25, 2004. I love you Dom.. remember that.. OR ELSE! ...For sale!! [just kidding]

Us in Sydney

This is a rendered Photo Finesse of Dom and I, during our visit to Sydney, Australia, in 2000 4777777777777777777.. ooops, that was our pet rabbit Bugzy Marone who just pressed his paw over the numeric key pad [4&7] of my keyboard. I thought I would leave it in place here..after all, he's one cleaver magical artist too, you know! So what does this all mean, Bugzy ? [add up the numbers and see, I guess?]. [Not for sale]


The following section is some of Sandra's textile work. All hand bags are 100% rendered by hand, including the felt, processed with raw wool. If you are interested in making a purchase, we only accept PayPal for non-Australian based orders, or PayPal, Australia Postal Money Order or personal cheque for orders made within Australia. Feel free to email Dom to inquire about total cost to supply quoting the Item number with your inquiry including your country location, and your one off, unique handmade Handbag shall be shipped once payment is received. Dom's email address is at the bottom of all his webpages, including this page.


Handmade felTURQUOIS-BLUE WOOLEN FELT HANFBAG [item #1] Item #1

$150 USD + PS&H

This handbag is made using modern method of felting, with pure wool fibre, stitched on to hand stamped fabric. Finished with turquoise-blue feathers, gold braid and a traditionally hand felted strap, with beads. It has a snap-fastening for securing the bag opening.


TURQUOIS HANDBAG [item #2] Item #2

[SOLD and shipped to USA as birthday gift by one thoughtful sister to another]

This small delicious Handbag is made using the "Pizza" technique. That is, the sandwiching of fibres, threads and fabric scraps, in between tulle, and a backing fabric. The fibres are bound with freehand embroidery design. It was then beaded and the straps are handmade braid.


Preserve your personal items with this unique, handmade Bag

PURPLE PYRAMID PURSE [item #3] Item #3

Price $110 USD + PS&H

This purple/orange purse or evening bag is made from fabric strips, twisted and sown down onto black felt. With a strong metal zipper fastening and handmade tassel and handle, both of which have been beaded.


Freehand embroydered COPPER-GOLD FLAT TRIANGULAR HANDBAG [item #4] Item # 4

Price $120 USD + PS&H

This delicate lightweight bronze bag is made using sheer fabric lined with wodding, highlighted with bronze paint and beads. The bad was finished with freehand embroidery design. The strap and tassels were hand made with bronze threads stitched onto water-soluble stabilizer. Handmade Tyvek beads were added to the strap and fastening.


FELT BEADED HANDBAG [item #5] Item #5

Price $155 USD + PS&H

Felt handbag made using the traditional method for felting wool with beading and handmade felt beads. The handle is cord covered with PVC alternated with handmade felt beads. This is my favourite handbag, and believe me it shall no doubt be difficult to see it sold. However, one must not get too attached to earthly possessions, now should they.


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