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Sleeping peaceful Angel
Just one day old. What a challenging road this little Angel was to travel. Not because she's mine, but she truly is among the most beautiful
newborns that I have ever set my eyes upon! Let the beauty of our late Angelica-Nardoo, light up the World Wide Web!

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Here I share the life story my late Daughter Angelica-Nardoo. Sharing this here, has helped to close certain doors in my mind, which for some years, were swinging in the wild winds' of life. Writing this story, in many ways, is a form of self-medication for me personally. However, I do hope that this story may help others who come across and take the time to read it. I would take the opportunely to ask those of you who may be grieving the loss of loved ones, or who may be feeling pain or helplessness due to tragedy, to forward your story on the WWW, or, write it down on paper at least. One may shed tears while recalling wonderful and or painful memories. Reflect upon this, that tears are nature's way of washing away the pain, while the positive attributes shared among those who we Love, is reinforced. Learn also to Love and Forgive Yourself.

The First Sound...

... that my daughter Angelica heard, as she came into this world, was produced by a gentle stream of warm air blown from my lips into her right ear. Directly after this I expressed a prayer of thanks and guidance. This is the way of the Sufi, when welcoming a newborn child into this world.

Angelica was born on June 1, 1985. Her mother Linda had a natural birth at the Blackwood Hospital in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. During the first hour of her birth, while Linda and I had Angelica in our bed at the hospital, Angelica turned blue and I began CPR while our wonderful pediatrician and nurses were alarmed by Linda. Angelica quickly recovered from this unexplainable episode, but there was signs of something not quite right with our little Angel. She was very small and fragile, and showed no interest in breast feeding because of what appeared to be weakness.

Three days later, for further tests, Angelica was transferred to a fully equipped hospital in the city of Adelaide, what is now known as the Adelaide Mother and Children's' Hospital. For the first four months of her life, Angelica was incorrectly diagnosed by Drs as suffering from Congenital Rickets [born with Rickets]. With an incorrect diagnosis, Angelica was treated with oral administration of vitamin D3. The Drs came to this incorrect diagnosis, from examining x-rays taken of both Angelicas’ wrists. The tip or distal ends of both her wrist bones were cupped [not fully formed or inadequate calcification]; a similar symptom shared with Rickets due to calcium deficiency, or vitamin D resistance in babies. Rickets may occur during gestation [congenital rickets], either due to the mother not receiving adequate calcium during gestation. Or, there's enough calcium in mum's diet, but baby is not able to use the calcium [Vitamin D Resistant Rickets]. In addition, Angelica's condition showed symptoms of restlessness, frequent crying and excessive sweating. Due to the rarity of the genetic disorder Shwachman-Diamond syndrome [SDS], or Shwachman syndrome [SS] when Angel was born, including the lack of knowledge/experience of certain Drs at the time, and because of this, Angelica was incorrectly diagnosed with Rickets. Although, little it be known by her Drs at the time, she was in fact, suffering from SDS.

It would be only 4 ounces of weight gained in 4 months later, that the Drs finally came to a correct diagnoses, and only due to a LAYPERSON'S efforts [i.e. yours truly]. However, could the team of Drs who were caring for Angelica, admit to this? NO, they could not. If the Drs were able to really listen to me, then further tests could have been carried out earlier on, and at a crucial point in Angelica's life. Tests which at the time were available; then a correct diagnosis could have been the outcome.

One test in particular, involves stimulating the pancreas to test for pancreatic enzyme activity. I discussed investigating enzyme deficiency with the Drs early on in Angelica's life, but the Drs believed that they were on the correct initial diagnoses of Rickets, including the treatment they chose [vitamin D therapy]. Although at one point, a particular test that the Drs ended up performing [and only at the persistence of my mother and myself], did in fact reveal that the lipid's [fats] found in Angelica's stools were 80% undigested! [This is not a symptom of Rickets].

When Angelica wasn't responding to orally administration of vitamin D therapy according to the Drs' expectations [zero bone growth in her wrists after about 2 months of vitamin D therapy], the next step was to investigate whether she was a Vitamin D resistant Rickets child. The Drs were quite surprised to learn that I had already formed my own opinion, with a correct answer, which corresponded to what they would later find out for themselves [after the test they were going to perform]. Including the fact that I also knew what test was going to be performed on Angelica, before they mentioned any details to us, of that particular test.

This test involves observing calcium and phosphate levels in the urine. Vitamin D resistant Children have abnormal phosphates in the urine. The reason I had prior knowledge regarding this particular test including its place in sequence of treatment, was partly due to my active interest in medicine but mostly in the natural method for inducing healing. I had a reasonably good resource at hand in the form of medical textbooks, which I decided to study regarding the topic of Congenital Rickets. Taking an active interest in our daughter's welfare, was a priority for me. I would not feel comfortable with myself, if I chose not to take an active interest in her well being; this is in my nature and am comfortable in being. This was exactly what I explained to Angelica's medical team of Drs at the time. I tried to explain my theory/ideas/insights, but at the beginning of these events unfolding, none of the Drs seemed to show an active interest in what I expressed.

Due to common sense and good observation, Angelica's stools clearly revealed evidence of undigested fats. AND the fact that she gained so little weight over a 4 month period. With this evidence, one should conclude that there was a digestion problem in which does not share any correlation with Rickets. On one occasion I explained to the Drs, I could use the oil found in Angelica's stools as salad Dressing; it's that clean, clear and undigested. Each stool was covered with a lining of oil. After I actually took in a sample of Angelica's stools to be tested, a lipid digestion test was performed, revealing Angelica was digesting about 20% fats [lipids], 80% undigested fats were found in her stools, which is abnormal and once again, did not correlate with Rickets. The Drs began to scratch their heads on discovering this, but they persevered with vitamin D therapy nonetheless. Mind you, they didn't commence administering mega doses or massive doses of vitamin D, as the case would have been if Angel was found to be a Vitamin D Resistant Rickets child. The amount of vitamin D required to treat Vitamin D Resistant Rickets, would be toxic over time administered to a non Vitamin D resistant child.

What I Decided I Had to Do

Angelica was 2 to 2 1/2 months old by then, and she had only gained about 56 gm [2 ounces] of weight during all that time. I child her age should be gaining at least his much weigh each day! I felt I had to do something, otherwise we were definitely going to lose her! The Drs began to show signs of confusion and frustration. They tried to disguise this, but it seeped through their pores of persona, through body language and via a pseudo-confident-front that they tried to hide behind [The bigger the front; the bigger the back. The harder they come, the harder they fall].

However, I knew with no doubt in my mind that Angelica was not digesting food due to an enzyme deficiency, and it was not a case of Rickets. So, I decided to prepare and feed Angelica a pre-digested food.

In came my Culture Food-Making Background

For some years prior to that point unfolding in our lives, I was actively teaching myself the preparation of many different cultured food-products from various human-cultures of this planet. Such culture food-products also produce enzymes through the process of fermentation. Prior to these events unfolding, I had introduced many culture food-products to Adelaide and in fact to Australia, which began distribution through a Vegetarian restaurant I was running at the time, called Clearlight Cafe. Later on I began culture food-production on a small scale, for local healthfood and specialty outlets.

Such culture-foods that myself then later my now Ex-Wife Linda including my family produced, were Tempeh including tempeh chips with toasted whole sesame seed, and bar-be-que tempeh, Kefir, Kefir Cheese, Kefir Sourdough baked goods such as Bio-dynamic Wholemeal Wheat, Rye and 100% Bio-dynamic Brown Rice Bread. Sourdough Wholemeal and Brown Rice Bread with added Tempeh for a high quality protein food with naturally occurring vitamin B12. Fermented Brown Rice Yogurt [Tapeh]. Other spectacularly delicious and nutritious foods include Sourdough Pizzas with Tempeh topping, Savoury Sourdough Pastries such as Tempeh-Filled Pies and Pasties [An Australian icon but commercially prepared with unnatural refined ingredients with mostly red meat filling]. A rendition of another Italian icon Sfogliatelli, a shell-layered sourdough pastry with a malted sweet Tofu and bio-dynamic Semolina filling [a wholesome vegetarian version of the traditional product]. Sprouted Bio-dynamic Wheat Sourdough Lasagna and Tagliatelle with added Tempeh as Dry Pasta, Kefir Sourdough Tarralli [another Italian icon, but again, prepared with wholesome ingredients]. Salt Less Sauerkraut [Kefirkraut] including a cultured version of sprouted bio-dynamic wheat bread known as Essence bread that we prepared in a few variety of flavours.

I was the first person or company in Australia to produce for the marketplace be it on a small scale, the probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus organism. This was in the form of Acidophilus Soy Milk production beginning in 1982. All other yogurt-type products on the market were prepared with the common organisms of the time e.g., Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Lb. balgaricus, Streptococcus salivaris and Strep. thermohpilus. I also produced Tempeh Fermented-Tofu ice-cream.

What I am trying to explain here is, I had a good degree of understanding regarding catalysts [enzymes], which organisms produce through the simple process of fermentation. This understanding came essential during that particular point in our lives.

The first thing that came to mind, which I envisaged right there and then, was to add the fresh juice of [unripe] green papaya added to raw Goat's milk, and then ferment the mixture with kefir grains [the most wonderful and amazing life-enhancing natural probiotic mother-culture], to prepare an easy-to-digested food. Green papaya contains papain and chymopapain, two proteolytic enzymes [break down protein into amino acids or peptides]. The kefir-culture with the added enzyme-rich papaya juice would render the raw Goat's milk into a partially digested probiotic food. The green papaya would hyDrolyze a portion of milk-protein into amino acids-- predigested.

I felt that Angelica was too young to begin her on solids, otherwise Amazakè [a cultured rice product of Japan], would have been another choice. I began to purchase green papaya at a local food market, at the Adelaide Central Market. Green Papaya contains papain and chymopapainenzymes; however, ripe Papaya contain so little enzyme, if any, that the ripe fruit is unsuitable for what I was going to concoct.

I shall never forget the first time I offered this rendered form of kefir to Angelica. She could not get enough of it. She craved for this food like I never saw her crave food before. Her beautiful tinny head shook from side to side quickly, as she tried desperately to aim a spoonful of the food in her cute, little mouth. In fact, this was the first time Angelica showed signs of this instinctive reflex action, known as rooting reflex. After an inner sigh of relief, I knew then and without a doubt in my mind, that Angelica needed enzymes in her diet, because of some form of enzyme deficiency. I recall thinking, what should I do?... what's causing this problem in our little Angelica?

Meeting the Dr and his Good Wife at the Adelaide Central Market

This was NO Coincidence; this was FATE

One evening, just after Linda and I purchased a green papaya at the Adelaide Central Market, by a chance in a million, we ran into one of Angelica's specialist and his wife, who were also shopping at the market. We stopped and talked at the bottom of the elevators situated smack dead centre of the market square. While I was holding a large green papaya under one arm, I began to explain something along these lines, "This is one of the ingredients I mentioned at the hospital I'm using to prepare Angelica's food, with this green papaya and kefir grains and goat's milk". I had already mentioned this to the Dr and his team on more than one occasion in the past, during our routine visits at the hospital with Angelica. Then, out of the blue, the Dr's wife with enthusiasm explained, "How interesting Dominic, I'm currently researching enzymes for my work...."

I recall observing her husband's eyes! [Don't forget, this was one of the head Drs on Angelica's case]. His eyes appeared as an awakening from a dream-state. I recall saying to his wife [who I believe was not a Medical Practitioner], how it was strange meeting like this, and the chance that we were both involved in enzymes was quote remote. I could tell she knew where I was coming from. I felt that finally, someone was listening and that something positive would hopefully eventuate from our short meeting and discussions. And of course, not misplacing a woman's touch.

It was no more than a couple of days later, when we received a telephone call from that Dr. He asked if we could bring Angelica in to the Adelaide Children’s Hospital, to perform a special test. We did just that and the test that should have been performed months earlier, was finally carried out on that afternoon.

Pancreatic Stimulation Test

Angelica was tested for pancreatic enzyme activity. She was sedated and a special apparatus was used to stimulate her pancreas. To explain simply, this procedure mimics the presence of food in this particular area of the digestive tract. If the pancreas was working correctly producing pancreatic enzymes or juices, this procedure would stimulate it to do so. Any pancreatic juices are collected, and a sample is tested for pancreatic-enzyme activity


This finally concluded that what I had been saying for some months was correct and the Drs should have taken action on this when I first suggested it.

Letting Pride Stand in the Way of Pro-admission and Growth

Some time later that afternoon, Angelica's Dr asked Linda and I to come into his office for some good news. I recall him sitting at his desk with a pad opened in front of him, holding a pen in one hand. We both sat down as he began to explain something along the following line--

"We finally have breakthrough! We carried out the pancreatic stimulation test and the results have provided us [the Drs] a chance to correctly diagnose Angelica. We believe that she doesn't actually suffer from Rickets, but from an extremely rare genetic disorder, a syndrome, Shwachman-Diamond syndrome. We [the Drs] have finally discovered the problem and we had no other avenue left to pursue if this test provided negative results etc. etc. etc."

Not once did WE hear, "Well Dominic... you WERE CORRECT. You were on the correct path, MONTHS PRIOR, and before a team of specialists in this particular field [and the incorrect field at that]. Not only was your diagnosis pretty-well spot on, but the treatment you chose was also correct. You, fate, and us did a fantastic job getting us on the correct pathway... and we all deserve a pat on the back..."

Well, there you go, doc... I said it for you, and I feel better for it, too. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity. However, it would have been ideal if this came out of your mouth all those years ago, rather than from me. But learn that I have forgiven you, and your team. Never forgotten, but forgiven.

The treatment for Angelica was simply to administer pancreatic enzymes, which Angelica had to take with each and every meal, and for the rest of her life. Each capsule consisted of hundreds of tiny grey enteric coated beads, so that the pancreatic-enzymes contained within each bead, were protected to be released where the enzymes were needed, around the pancreas area of the digestive tract. In fact, those very enzymes are also prescribed to sufferers of Cystic Fibrosis [CF]. This makes me ask weather if CF is ever misdiagnosed for SDS and vice versa.

I asked the Dr if he knew what the cause of this syndrome was. He explained that Angelica inherited 2 inactive, or damaged genes [one from each parent], responsible for pancreatic enzyme function and possibly other bio-functions. In Angelica's case, the gene which controlled pancreatic enzyme production, including other bio-functions were impaired as a result of Angelica inheriting both inactive genes, one from each parent. The parents may carry a defective or inactive gene, but show no symptoms of organ malfunction. Such parents are referred to as carriers. But when the offspring of both carrier parents inherits both inactive genes [one from each parent], then the child's bio function[s] are impaired or non functional, depending on the function of that particular gene. There are a multitude of syndromes and other diseases that occur under the same circumstances, where both parents are carriers and the offspring inherits both inactive genes. The chance of such parents bearing a child with the specific condition is one in four. The chance of two parents whom are unknown carriers is about one in a million. If one parent is a carrier, then there is about a chance of one in three hundred that he or she may meet a partner with the same carrier gene.

Well, to the good Dr [no names need mentioning here]... and our meeting at the Adelaide central market with his wife, where I clearly stated to all who were there at the time what I had been doing for Angelica, for at least one month prior to that particular meeting. One may try to cover that up, but this is proof through witnesses and I would not feel comfortable having to live with your conscience at that particular time in your life. Let it be known though that I sincerely hope that you have amended your ways. Anyone who takes credit for another person's insight or efforts, is psychologically challenged. This is a mental illness in its own right. Compulsive disorders are not very nice to live with both for the challenged and for those who have to live around them.

As my father once explained, You can try hiding faeces under a carpet, but the smell will give its location away.

Mind you in Angelica's case, the quantity of enzymes available to me through natural means, was insufficient to generate an optimal result for Angelica. In her particular case, this gave a mere improvement, for Angelica was classified as an advanced case of SDS. What enzymes her pancreas was not producing, had to be fully supplemented with each meal.But as a layperson I had no other choice but to pursue what my inner self was clearly guiding me to do, to save our little Angel to the best of my ability, and with what ever means that were available to me.With OR without the co-operation of her Drs.

Innocence of an Angel absorbing each new mystery

Still More to Come

If you think that this was all over, and... what more could an innocent child go through?... well, there was more to come. Something that gave more purpose to little Angel's life that I could have ever imagined.

From that point on, everything appeared to go so well. Angelica, while taken her pancreatic enzymes with ALL her meals, began to gain weight at a steady rate. In a matter of a few months, she began to thrive. I began to prepare Amazakè for her, which we used to wean her onto solid food. Amazakè became her favourite food and she would scoff it down like nobody's business. If I couldn't prepare if for her, we resorted to a commercial brand of Organic Amazakè, imported to Australia from Japan. However, this was pasteurised so contained no active enzymes.

Although it was suggested that she would be behind in regards to other Children her age, because of the setback at the start of her life, the syndrome itself carriws its many draw backs. In her case, her chest and lungs were abnormally small. This would effect her reserves if ever needed e.g., in the case of a lung infection. It was suggested that her auto-immune system would be compromised. She also had a slightly short stature [short limbs] compared to what is classified as being within normal range. She was behind in some mental aspects e.g., it was suggested that her actual mental capacity would be impaired, due to her brain not receiving an adequate amount of glucose in the early part of her life, I'd say. Although, Angelica was quite a happy child and her spirit shone through, lighting up the way for her, and all who were involved in her short life. Her delightful spirit made up for any loss there may have been in other areas of her being.

Revealing a Dream an A wakening that Revealed a Truth

When Angelica was approximately 14-1/2 months, I recall waking up right after experiencing a vivid dream. In this dream, I saw Angelica with dark rings under both her eyes. She was pale and appeared weak. As I held her in my extended arms in my dream, I heard a voice radiating from within me, but which was not my voice. It was loud but tolerable, clear, sturdy and with conviction and surety. While I was holding Angelica, I was trying to work out what was wrong with her in my dream. It was then that this voice explained, "You need vitamin A, the sun, and the father". This voiced message was meant for Angelica-- this was absolutely clear to me.

It was about 7:30 AM when I woke up from this dream. I woke up Angelica's mother Linda, and explained to here about the vivid dream I just had. Within minutes we got dressed and headed out to my parent's house, for my mother was baby-sitting Angelica at the time. Linda had experienced the power of my dreams over the years, and she shared her support. Also, her Aboriginal intuition impelled her support. When we arrived at my parent's, no one was home. I knew and felt that something was not right. Linda felt the conviction, and she kept sharing her support along with her patience. I suggested to Linda we should wait for my mother to return from wherever she was. We waited for about three hours, when my mother finally returned home. She explained that Angelica woke up with a temperature and a chest infection, so my younger sister and my mother decided to take Angelica to hospital after dropping by our home, to let us know. But we were not home when they called in, and neither did we have a telephone so that they could call to inform us. What must have happened was that as Linda and I were heading to my parent's abode, mum and my sister were heading to our home with Angelica. So, we missed each other along the way. They then took Angelica to the hospital from there, for they were concerned for Angel's well being.

My mother explained that the Drs at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital, diagnosed Angelica and said that she had contracted Bronchitis. For the best chance to knockout the infection before phenomena set in, the Drs recommended that Angelica should be hospitalised and administered antibiotics. They explained that the Drs predicted Angelica would remain in hospital for a minimum of four days. It was there and then, I heard the very same voice from my dream just hours before. However, this time, the voice clearly explained, "Within 48 hours Angelica will be so weak, that she won't have enough energy to breath for herself". This was during broad daylight at about 11:30 AM. As God, my then wife Linda and my mother as witnesses... I do not exaggerate or tell a lie. I shared this intuition or message if you wish, with all of us there on that warm sunny day.

If this was not Divine intervention, then I do not know what is.

Torn Between Orthodox, polytricks and an unfamiliar simple Vitamin Therapy

I felt as though I was torn between two worlds and a feeling of helplessness. What should I do? I thought to myself. I interpreted the Dream, which since then has proved to be true and accurate, or effective for use of a better term. Let me explain. I interpreted the meaning of You need vitamin A [for that was clear] You need the Sun [which gives vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sun rays] and You need the father [which to me meant that I needed to give Angelica mega doses of vitamin A with lesser amount of vitamin D, and a prayer of thanks and guidance from My Father in Heaven, and in His Son's Name Jesus.

Since then, this particular vitamin therapy has been extremely effective in the prevention of, and the control or correction of symptoms associated with the flu virus, common cold, respiratory and lung infections including pneumonia etc. The vitamin A and D therapy has the potential to reduce fever within hours post administration of these two vitamins. Since around that time, I have been able to knockout the common cold, flu virus, soar throat, bronchitis, etc. in just a few hours, if acting accordingly [taking large doses of vitamins A and D on the onset of symptoms, but not specifically. The vitamin A and D therapy works quite effectively for chronic conditions, too]. In fact, I have not had many colds eventuate past a sniffle ever since using this vitamin therapy, beginning in 1986. I used to contract at least one cold, bronchitis and or flu each year back then, just as most folks do. Even though I could consider being healthier than most individuals, due to much personal work and effort of making certain to eat a natural, wholesome balanced ova-lacto-vegetarian diet on my part with plenty of exercise, yoga and mediation from the age of 17.

My Father's case as an example. In 2002 my father was hospitalised with pneumonia. His condition began to rapidly deteriorate. My father was not responding to broad spectrum antibiotic therapy, and neither could the Drs evaluate any specific strain of organism responsible for his lung infection, so that an effective antibiotic could be administered. In other words, a culture sensitivity test failed because the Drs could not culture any organisms from sputum samples provided by my father. What normally occurs and is preferable, a sputum sample is taken from the patient. The sample is cultured in the hospital laboratory. Once the organism[s] is cultured and identified by species strain type, the culture is challenged with different antibiotics to evaluate which antibiotic is the most effective to kill the cultured organims. Then, that particular antibiotic is administered to the patient. If there is a negative result such as in my father's case, a broad spectrum antibiotic is administered, which is normally immediately given to the patient while tests explained above are in progress.

However, as soon as I began to administer 50,000 IU of vitamin A with 2,000 IU of vitamin D as a single dose in the form of fortified Cod Liver oil and vitamin A, my father's body temperature [fever] declined from 41°C to about 38°C within three hours. His condition stabilized, and remained stable as long as the massive vitamin dosage was administered every 4 hours. To prove that it was the actual vitamin therapy helping my father's condition, on day 3, my mother forgot to bring my father the Cod Liver oil during her hospital visit, for he had run out of the 2 vitamins. On that day, my father's body temperature went up to 40°C and he suffered dearly as his condition progressively deteriorated once again, due to relapse. However, on recommencing the vitamin therapy on the following day, dad's body temperature once again stabilized within 2 hours post administering the 2 vitamins in large doses. He fully recovered within 2 days short of 2 weeks.

These results are documented in my father's medical case notes. I explained this treatment to a Dr on my father's case. This Dr took some interest in what I explained, how I was giving my father massive doses of vitamins A and D. That Dr's response was, "This is very interesting. However, the reason your father's body temperature Drops down at those intervals, is due to paracetamol that we are administering". However, the administration of paracetamol in his case notes did not coincide with the vitamins being administered, and neither did they correlate with the reduction of his body temperature, according to charts in his case notes compared to my notes. In fact, paracetamol was administered on day 3, when he did not take the 2 vitamins. How come his body temperature soared that day?! Paracetamol had no effect on day 3. However, on recommencing the vitamin therapy on day 4, and as stated, his body temperature once again stabilized within hours post administering those 2 vitamins, given in mega doses in the form of Cod Liver oil and synthetic vitamin A. This is overwhelming proof that it was the vitamin therapy responsible for his fever to subside, and not any Drug that he was given at the hospital. And this is something that I have seen many times over the years.

With certainty, my father's condition would not have progressed to a bronchial infection and then pneumonia if he took 30 to 50 ml of natural CLO as soon as he noticed any symptoms.

Treating animals with a variety of common conditions including most infections, this vitamin therapy has worked wonders for the animal.

However, how was I to know this at the time when my daughter was in need, all those years ago? I recall thinking, What if I try this treatment that is in my head and my little girl dies in my care? What then?? I could just imagine the media and news papers having a field day... Father kills only daughter with vitamin therapy.... blah blah blah. Such businesses as the media, including the police force and medical institutions alike, make a profit from peoples' misfortune, and I wasn't about to become a victim for their monetary gain, so I thought at the time [to my daughter's misfortune, I was later to regretfully realize and with certainty].

I had to make a quick decision. I thought that I could work WITH the Drs at the children's hospital, but this time I was hoping they would listen. However, past experience with Drs of that hospital, put restrictions, which prevented me from working with the Drs the way that I would have preferred, and for our daughter sake. I suggested to one Dr on Angelica's case, I would like to try a simple vitamin therapy, using massive doses of vitamin A and vitamin D in the form of Cod liver oil for Angelica. However, all I got from this Dr was, We are providing Angelica a daily allowance of all essential nutrients, including vitamins A and D. This was while Angelica was not yet on life support. I recall explaining to the Dr, Doc, I mean administering MEGA DOSES, and not just the Recommended Daily Allowance [RDA] of these two vitamins. I received no cooperation from that Dr whatsoever. He did not give me the time of day, not even for a moment, which under the circumstances was to be expected.

With the curriculum that Drs are taught by, who could expect any more, or any less?! Also, the prior team of Drs who were [miss] treating Angelica for Rickets one year prior [and which she did not have, remember], were off her case, due to Rickets being a different field altogether to SDS. This also had its drawbacks. The left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing... in that...

.... if the prior team of Drs were being honest with themselves, and had mentioned that my personal efforts and insight was the main triggering factor for the Drs to finally reach the correct diagnosis regarding SDS in our Angelica one year prior, then this other Dr and his team in that different field and department may have well taken me a little more seriously. After all, I was on the ball regarding enzyme deficiency due to SDS, while the Drs were still considering Rickets, and treating her for it. All this, and before one of the best medical teams working at the Adelaide Children’s Hospitals. In any case, I could not understand what the problem was with treating Angel for a short duration with mega doses of vitamins A and D, under the supervision of one of the best medical teams in the business? Especially because the Drs for the first four months of Angelica's life, were treating her [for a condition she never had], and funnily enough, with reasonably high doses of vitamin D?!

The Dr probably thought, What could this layperson know about these things, compared to what I/we Drs have been extensively trained to know?.... Although, it may well be, that this was partly the reason why I was so in tune with Angelica's condition and her well-being. My mind was not pumped left-sided [intellectually], but instead my intellect blended with my intuition, working together with good power of observation to achieve a correct mental reflex. The power of observation that I clearly demonstrated on more than one occasion should have been recognised and more importantly, disclosed. Because of my prior and ongoing personal training, I feel that I have accumulated certain knowledge through years of active inner-searching, through prayer, extensive fasting, and with proactive interests in other but similar areas or interest... such areas that are not taught or explored in any great depth by Western academic institutions.

Praise and Bless You Divine Creator of Life, in the name of Your Son Jesus our Savior. Your Word, Truth, Light, Love and Healing is Boundless, Deathless, Limitless and Omni Majestic. Fill us from the depth of our being with Your Light. Let it be Your Pathway that guide us so that we may better see and understand Your Love, Truths and Word. Your Light Shine In each and every one of Your Creations. Magnify our Faith in You like sun rays passing through a magnifying glass and burn in the heart, mind, body and soul Your Purifying Glory

It is not what we currently do, but what we become that truly matters in your Eyes Oh Divine Creator Of Life, Whom Is I Am Love in Action. In Your Light I Yearn to Move and be Kept, Be It Your Will Witnessed In The Name Of Your Glorious Gift To us, Your Son Jesus.

It was approximately 48 hours later, Angelica became so depleted and weak, that she had to be put on life support. That dream, or awakening revelation I experienced, was manifesting itself accurately and to the hour. I felt like dying myself. I felt helpless. I had no inner trust or faith because of lack of proof that the vitamin therapy would work, but more frustrating was the fact that the Dr was not willind to give this a chance. I could not reach this team of Drs, which gave me lack of confidence, I guess. I pleaded once again with the Dr in charge, but his reply was the same again, that he couldn't see how a vitamin therapy could help Angelica. And this is so unfortunate, for not only am I certain that Angelica would have been saved and be alive today, but the many Children and adults suffering needlessly simply because of the little understanding that the use of vitamins A and D in large doses, can bring a rapid cure for many common infections. I mean to say to you, dear reader, just how serious are you taking this revelation! I bet not very serious, even after I have been a self appointed guinea pig for taking massive doses of vitamins A and D to sucessfully treat many different types of viral infections including influenza for over 30 years, and the accumulated information, [after all the hard work has been done], is clearly explained here, and on a dedicated web page, which explains how to use vitamins A and D. So how can one expect a Dr or his team all those years ago, to take this any more serious!? We are only human, measured by how well we can see, take in and act upon. Not every one can see the same thing in the same way, or at the exact same time. Acceptance to something new without proper authority, is not so simple in hospital institutions. I guess too that I lacked the charisma of persuasion in an institution that has a harder soul than the concrete foundation it is built and rests on.

In a turn of events, Angelica began to respond to antibiotic therapy. After about one more week passed by in hospital, she was removed from life support as things improved for her. We all noticed that she was probably going to be O.K. Days later, she was eating and smiling and doing what she would do as a well child.

It would be only days later, early on the morning of October 11, 1986 at about 3:00 AM, Linda and I were woken by a telephone call. A Nurse from the Adelaide Children’s Hospital explained Angelica had suffered a major heart attach. This all happened only a few hours after both my parents left Angelica's bedside to go home and get some sleep. Linda and I both got to the hospital in a flash. When we saw Angelica laying there, her pupils fixed and non responsive to light-- a sign of no brain activity. Her beautiful tiny chest was so bruised with trauma, supposedly from the resuscitation performed on her earlier. She had a dim look in her partially opened beautiful big dark eyes, as if the life had already left her tiny innocent body. Life support was only keeping her badly bruised body alive.

Both her wrists and ankles were covered with old and new bruises too. You see, when the medics ran out of space on her writs, they left their mark on both her two ankles. During her 6 weeks of hospitalisation, the medics pricked Angelica on the wrist with a needle to take a few drops of blood every half hour, to test for blood oxygen and glucose levels. When one wrist was too bruised due to all the physical trauma, the medics began on her other wrist. And when both wrists were too traumatized, they began on her ankle, and then on the other ankle. Angelica was a mess! When Angelica needed all the rest she could get, the medics traumatized her with this traumatic and invasive treatment instead, doing so every bloody half hour.

Today, this method is seen as barbaric in fact by the very medics who used to use this method for testing blood oxygen and glucose levels on their patients. Nevertheless, to this day, blood is still taken with an invasive prick through the skin with a needle to measure blood glucose. I saw this as being barbaric way back then. So, it is clear that what is a common medical procedure at any point in time, shall be seen barbaric 10 years later. Medical procedures appear to be advancing while moving backward all at the same time!

Our whole family were at Angelica's bed side by early morning when she was declared brain dead. Angelica's little body held on for a few more hours longer, but it felt like years. She passed away later that morning.

The Last Sound

When Angelica was born, her mother Linda had a natural child birth at the Blackwood Hospital in the Adelaide Hills here in South Australia. I was there by her side to support the birth of our first child. I caught Angelica as she was thrown into my arms with Linda's last push and final scream of life-giving birth to an Angel, while Linda instinctively took up a final standing squat position so that gravity would assist the birth. The first sound Angelica heard right after this, was the blowing of a gentle stream of warm air coming out from my lips, and into Angelica's right ear. This was followed by a prayer of giving thanks and asking for guidance gently spoken into her ear; in essence this is a way of the Sufi. It is meant to awaken a soul to a spiritual path. To increase awareness and alertness, seek the truth, to listen, and to ask questions.

And the last thing I performed for Angelica just before her heartbeat drummed for the very last time, was to gently blow a stream of warm air from my lips again, and into her left ear. I sealed this with a short prayer followed with a kiss to her soft, warm silky-cheek. The first welcoming sound Angelica heard when coming into this world, would also be among ...

... the Last Sound

With words, I could only express to Angelica ...

Angelica passed on at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital on October 11, 1986. Angelica was 16 months and 9 days old. Today, this hospital is known as the Adelaide Women's and Children’s Hospital. To this day, this hospital still follows the protocol Everything for the child, and not Tho must not harm, it seems.

In real experience, this particular hospital does indeed have its many limitations and downfalls and is not in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath, which in a nut shell stresses, I shall do my best as a physician, not to harm and to do everything for the patient. I wish to see this oath extended in regards to Children, and that is not to omit the parents or the caretaker of the sick child. Thou must not harm the family unit in most cases, for a child does not come into this world without two parents. Like many modern day hospitals, this particular hospital falls short when it comes to caring for a child and its family, as A unit! It has much to desire, and especially falls quite short in regards to caring for the needs of the father of a family unit in most cases! They stand by outdated morals.

Angelica, Dom, Linda

Angelica, myself and now ex-wife Linda shortly after Angelica began correct treatment for SDS, with pancreatic enzyme supplementation. I had just competed a 4 week grape-only regime when the photo was taken [summer 1986].

The Moral of the Story Could be

Drs could be taught how to put healing into action more effectively, if they were taught the art of using both hemispheres of the brain conjointly?
Maybe?... but I haven't yet taken any Drs' brains apart to analyse the workings therein! [rubbing my eager hands <skullcap-ular please Nurse grin]
Drs COULD put their pride aside and give LAYPERSONS a thorough listening to?
This COULD be? but in most cases it's a definitive!
It doesn't matter who gets the diagnosis and treatment correct first, healing is not a race
What! You'll most likely lose if it weren't seen as a race, but with a sense of guidance, compassion, calmness and control in the process is essential

Lay-persons with good intuition, should put it to good use and become qualified Drs before prescribing
I think of this often. However, I don't intend becoming a "legal dope pusher" for any multinational Drug company. Although I hope to cause enough shakeup, in order to awaken the dream-state, which the current Western medical curriculum places on its students!

I'm not sure what the moral of the story is?... but I am reasonably certain that science and folklore need not clash
When they do, it is usually because the wrong answers are obtained because the wrong questions were asked, the wrong materials examined, the wrong people involved. As data showing the efficacy of herbal preparation and of natural methods accumulates in some areas of the world, other areas continue to ignore basic sources of information; data gathering in such a vacuum disappointments the mind and obstructs progress.
Good science rules, but without good intuition and wisdom, scientists may be out of work. Omin Amen

Hang on, there's something quite important to this story, which may not be so obvious

The importance of vitamins A and D especially in the form of Cod Liver Oil, and the roll of these two vitamins have in the prevention and treatment of disease, especially in the case of common infections such as respiratory, throat caused by viral infection in both man and beast alike. This is of great practical importance, one that will no doubt come to light in due time, with the effort of those who see and shine the light over and onto the shadows of ignorance, and suppressive forces alike. Dosage Dosage and Dosage in conjunction with Duration are the key in all things, this is especially so with these two vitamins. With the use of vitamins A and D taken together in their natural form especially, and with special consideration to vitamin A given in the greater dose, it is paramount to understand that there is an important threshold in relation to dosage and the effect of these two vitamins have agains pathogens. If an insufficient dose is administered, then the beneficial effect will not be realized. In other words, these two vitamins when administered in an dequate large dose, incur the body to go into Correct Kill Mode with better aggression. Whether it is because the compounds themselves or the effect of the compounds on the body, inactivate organisms and virus particles, or whether they boost the immune system or both, is yet not clear to me. But just because one does not understand how a motor vehicle works does not mean that they can not Drive the vehicle!

In all cases that I have experience with, the first initial dose is crucial. The amount administered initially, has to be sufficiently high enough for the proceeding doses to be effective. I have seen on many occasions over the years, and with myself especially, the use of vitamins A and D in their natural form, is the superior option over antibiotics. In fact, antibiotics are ineffective against viral infection, where on the other hand the said vitamins are extremely effective against many types of viral infections. I've cured a microbial disease in one rabbit e.g., where there is no known cure by the orthodox Vet establishment even with the use of antibiotics. I've treated serious infection in birds, cats and dogs with these two vitamins administered in large dose. This, by the way, goes against the past/current scientific understanding regarding the role of vitamin A [at least] and it's effect on the immune system. Although the role of vitamin A on the immune system is documented as being important and essential, it is also believed that taking larger doses than the RDA will not increase the body's ability to fight infection. With the work that I have performed however, suggests clearly that this is incorrect, and needs to be revisited/revised. If trials administering adequate and correct doses of vitamins A and D against a control group were performed, the results should be similar to what I have found over the past years since 1986. I am not one to make such claims lightly, and without any evidence to back these claims.

I have been a self appointed lab-rat for taking megga doses of vitamins A and D over the past now 30 odd years. I discovered that the vitamins given in adequate doses can prevent or control common infections such as strep throat, respiratory and viral flu infection. I have seen within my self how my body can now fight such infections, where I hardly ever suffer such infections as I used to during my younger days. I have found that since I began using Cod Liver oil since 1986, during the past 8 years I have had to use less and less of these two vitamins in megga doses, to fight common infections. My immune system has with little doubt benefited, and improved-- it has been primed to work better, be it that it has taken some years for this to come into effect, to current state. I was Hepatitis C active since the late 1980s, and in early 2005, tests showed that not only is my liver in good condition-- no evident scaring, alanine transaminase [ALT] 15 of liver function [liver enzyme levels], which is very good. I no longer have the Hepatitis C virus particle in my blood. Only the antibodies of Genotype 1 Hepatitis C could be found. Yes, my body has cured itself from this nasty virus infection [spontaneous viral clearance]. I put this down partially to massive doses of Cod Liver Oil, eating kefir grains and kefir, and herbs being positive factors. And to add, I became an alcoholic for some years, post the death of my Angelica and son Gabriel, where I almost gave up on life. I lost a marriage because of it. People whom have lived like I did, have died with liver failure, and with less effort of body abuse. I am a survivor, but I am a gifted one, thank God!

Our current daughter Shedea [with my now wife SanDra], who is 3 years 8 months old as I type, has benefited greatly with regular intake of Cod Liver oil. We believe that her reasonable calm nature, and very sharp mind and high intelligence for her age, is greatly due to Cod Liver oil,and of course, the mental stimulation that we as her parents provide her [not omitting genetics]. I have found that Children who are given 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon Cod Liver oil regularly as required going by contracting infection [but not given daily as a supplement] from as young as one week old, as was the case with Shedea when she had the sniffles, the child has increased resistance to infection. Shedea was ill only on one occasion, where she suffered from an upper respiratory infection, when she was 6 months old. She came in contact with a friend's little boy who had a sever case of flu, with high fever and upper respiratory infection. Shedea's body temperature went up to 38C on the third day after making contact with the boy, and she had a distinctive cough. One teaspoon of Cod Liver oil given with two capsules of vitamin a [4,000 IU vitamin A per capsule], 2 hours later her body temperature went down to 37C. She was dosed 2 times daily with that dose, given with a small amount of kefir over three days. When ever she has shown signs of a runny nose, which she has had after taking swimming classes at a local indoor heated swimming pool [due to coming in contact with other Children with colds and what not in the water], one single dose of 1 teaspoon of Cod Liver oil, which she accepts from the spoon, has cleared runny nose within a few hours and without reoccurrence. A runny nose has never eventuated further than a sniffle for a few hours.

Parents should be aware how a runny nose can easily progress to a respiratory infection, cold or flu, for such infections mostly begin in the nasal passage. It is also common for coughs and sniffles to go on for days and weeks on end, months in same cases. All these however, are not only preventable with vitamins A and D given in adequate dosages, they are treatable with these two vitamins quite effectively, safely, and without adverse side effects [if used correctly]. This is in the case when any bug has taken hold of the host. Bug resistance such as the case with antibiotics, is avoided, which is of great importance, given the fact that many strains of infectious agents are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics each day. This is in part due to over prescription of antibiotics. However, the mechanism behind the vitamin A and D therapy, infectious organisms do not gain immunity to the treatment. I have proven this by the fact that if treatment is ceased prematurely and there is relapse to infection, then, if the very same treatment is recommenced, infection/fever is effectively reduced again within hours. Where as if antibiotics were used for a similar condition and under similar circumstances, the type of antibiotic would have to be changed for a different variety, on recommencing the anti microbial treatment. This is because the infectious agent would have gained some resistance/immunity to the previous variety of antibiotic, making the previous antibiotic ineffective.

As an end note to this, I have found that this vitamin therapy can compliment or be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy as a booster, if you wish, where less amount of antibiotic could be just as effective as possibly twice the amount without the vitamin therapy. This could be of practical importance in extreme cases of specific infections.

Alternatives, a Misnomer

There should be a healthy balance between orthodox and non-orthodox misnamed "alternative" disciplines. Misnamed, because in comparison, the latter has been with us since Adam and Eve, or since the dawn of people-kind. On the other hand, mainstream orthodox is only in its adolescence, and the understanding of the body's ability to heal seems just as immature. Not unlike adolescence though, they think they know it all, their way is the only way... they'll be inclined to use bully tact-tricks if it ever came to that. But in the end, when they need or want $omething, the urge to come around back home [once again], becomes inevitable!

This may also be said for misleading natural therapists, I'm certain.

We could all gain by partaking in a symbiotic-conscious work-person ship,which is meaningless without embracing proactive, honest and open communication with a sincere interest and understanding of each other's ability.

Politicians lie with politics, and let Drs lay hands on the sick to comfort and to open the channel for healing to come forth to light.

Healing is not something we own. It's a personal gift experience able and shared as a release of ever changing energy, and which knows no full stop

A Personal Thought to Doctors

If any remarks shared here offended you, then you need to look deep into yourself, for this is YOUR challenge. If these e-words cause some embarrassment, then try to imagine how I felt in regards to the above real-life events. I may have scares left through grieving. These I share here openly. I've shared my frustration here also. Although, I also wish to share hope, and learn one of the greatest things for me, and that is self forgiveness. We need to be strong in our support during this age of mental-evolution, so we must also be open minded enough, to the many mysteries and energies and knowledge that are created by a Creator of Life ... and not of death! Where have you been and where do you intend going? Undoubtedly the answer lies their within, awaiting to be revealed or acknowledged. I HOPE AND PRAY YOU FIND YOURS, DURING THIS EARTHLY EXISTANCE.

A good Doctor S. S. once wrote in an email to me expressing, "It is so sad how big business [Drug companies, governments] actually invests in people's diseases and not their health". You certainly know who you are, and I take this opportunity to Thank You Sir, for being open enough, and to acknowledge this fact, and for letting me share it here.

Angelica-Nardoo Bonson-Anfiteatro is an Indigenous Aboriginal child, now Dreaming the Dream of God's Will

I, Angelica's father, am a white Italian-Australian however, her mother Linda was of Aboriginal decent. If an individual has any trace of Aboriginal ancestry, that individual is an Indigenous Aboriginal. This ensures that Aboriginal lineage is carried on through to future generations. There are many shades of Aboriginal skin colour, just as there is a vast diversity among the skin colour of white folk worldwide.

Algelica and her Mother

In her proud mother's loving arms, about 2 months after Angelica was born. Angelica was a very small new born, weighing in at 1.2kg at birth.

May the dance of yours and Angels' Dreaming, comfort you and yours, good mother.





BrolgaThis Aboriginal artwork was painted by Bruce Wangura [a traditional Aboriginal artist and my nephew by Aboriginal tribal law, be it that Bruce is much older than I]. Bruce painted this lovely art for me as a gift. It represents Angelica and Gabriel's totem or their Dreaming; the Brolga bird standing among Nardu, an edible water-loving fern with lilly-like flowers. These are both natives found in Northern Australia . Thank you, Bruce!





Happy smile is blissThe tree in the background is a painting of an Australian native, known as the Mortan Bay Fig. This was painted by my brother in-law Andrew Penno, just months before this photo was taken. This very scene from which the tree was painted is a park situated about 50 metres east from where Angelica's bed was at the time of her passing, at the Adelaide children’s Hospital [now known as Adelaide Mother's and Children’s Hospital], only a few months later.

This is Angelica's Native Tree. I feel that this tree belongs to all Children who are born or pass on at that hospital including the parents. I revisited that Mortan Bay fig tree the day that our current daughter Shedea-Nardu [with my current wife Sandra] was born on November 2004. I took time to reflect and meditate under its strong, sturdy limbs and roots. It helped me to go through a door, an experience that brought tears of letting go, but cherish the many memories, and to learn lessons from those past experiences.



The hands and foot prints in the background of this page are of Angelica's brother who died through unknown cause during his 35th and a half weeks of gestation. His name is Gabriel Bonson-Anfiteatro. His mother Linda, was induced on January 20, 1989. I am fortunate to know that I have Angelica and Gabriel waiting at the other side of life after this earthly existence, and that they are watching over us... be it the Will of The Divine Creator of Life through his Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus. Their very lives has taught me not to be afraid of passing through this earthly experience.

Love Yours Truly

Love your Children NOW, for like a wisp of wind they could be gone.
Loving our loved ones is one thing that we have perfect control over, but only if WE CHOOSE and ACT ON.

Love is only an emotion, selfish if kept at that level. Love MUST be ACTED up on by ACTION for Love to truly exist and be realized.
Take not your child's health nor ANY sickness for granted.
I thank the Lord for sending me His Gifts of inspiration and pray a prayer for all who endure grief, which
never appears to subside, but as a most mysterious flame, shines light back on life itself in an evolving fashion.


This is written and published with the intent of sharing knowledge through explaining a true-life story. What I share here is the truth as best as I recall. I am not trying to attack any individual in any particular field. Although I am trying to point out that there is room for desperately needed change to take place, in order to bring about improvement in the current-day medical establishment. I do not apologize if what is shared here may offend [see end paragraph]. There are indeed many good Drs out there, encouraging healing, who are wise enough to know that they do not do the actual healing... but the patient's own body heals itself. Drs who are wise enough to know what to put in place in order to encourage healing, with minimal to no side effects, and only after a correct diagnosis is established.

I wish for others to possibly avoid the trauma caused by living with this syndrome [and other diss-eases], be it the sufferer, their family and associated folks... even the CARING Drs themselves. I hope and pray that a cure is revealed, God speed!

People like myself are often miss-understood for being unqualified in orthodox medical know-how, so we are quite often not listened to. After all, it takes a special kind of person to SEE what is actually in front of them, through prejudice and other blockages that many people, including myself, may wear. Although the qualifications I have gained thus far, and the means in which I have taken to achieve these are not well recognized or understood by any or most orthodox medical institutions or practitioners. However, my qualifications can not be disputed for I have proven time and time again, not to just one medical practitioner, but to many whom in the past I've surprised, inspired, shocked and possibly offended due to exposure of success through self-medication. Just as I too have been inspired by a few good [and bad] Drs in my time.

Many years ago, one could have said that I was one track minded leaning towards non-orthodox only methods. On the other hand, through growing up in the experience side of the world and life, I've concluded within myself, that a balance maintained between the two disciplines is essential. On certain occasions in the past, my body did not responded or, did not respond sufficiently to orthodox prescriptions for specific conditions, so I chose non-orthodox measures in order to self-medicate, and to encourage successful and complete healing. There are so many success stories in my case, which have been documented in black and white and not just by one medical practitioner. These facts have never been looked at in any great depth what so ever... the results just lay there, in ink form scribbled on paper, filed away in some dark cabinets in dark rooms of blindness.

If an active and reliable network were put in place, with proper communication, then I feel that one may conclude that there is indeed room and a very need for so mislabeled alternative treatments to be implemented within, or, as part of today's medical institutions. More research definitely needs to be carried out in these areas so that the technical minded may observe and learn what the intuition has already got in place or ialready aware of.

This is also about the negative energy of ignorance that has the potential to inflict itself to infect us as people, doing so at any chance that it gets and in a compromised individual it finds. We simply do not have what it takes to deal with such negative energies. We need to become aware, acknowledge and forward the negative onto the Brightest Light of Love, the Divine Creator, whom also instructs how we should NOT be inflicted with another disease of the mind, and that is the "taking offence of others' actions". The Promise Word is that the Holy Spirit is the Name of the Lord Jesus, the anointed Son of the Divine Father of Creation, Whom is more than equipped, He is also willing to deal with the negative energies, as we should move along doing His work well lubricated and fuelled with His Love and Light Only and without a full stop




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Jesus said, "Let the Children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to me; for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these".

With that unknown delight the mother smiled
When this frail treasure in her arms she press'd
Her prayer was Heard - she clasped a living child
But how the gift transcends the poor request
asked with many a vow'
Mother - behold the child an angel now
Now in her father's house she finds a place
Or if to earth she take a transient flight
Tis to fulfil the purpose of his glory and grace
To guide thy footsteps to the world of light
A ministering spirit sent to thee
That where she is, there thou may'st also be

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The hands and foot prints as background artwork of this web page, were take from my late Aboriginal son, Gabriel Bonson-Anfiteatro shortly after his still birth on January 20, 1989. It is regarded disrespectful an actual Indigenous Australian Aboriginal law in fact, to reproduce this artwork without consent. So please respect this by not copying these hands and foot prints for use in public in any way whatsoever, without prior permission being granted.

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