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 Vitamin A and D and Cod Liver Oil 


The Prevention, Correction or the Control of Common Diseases in Both Man and Animals

All information shared here should provide the reader with sufficient confidence knowing that most common ailments, including the more recent Swine Flu, can be corrected by the self-help interested individual.

In Brief

The protocol explained here involves the ingestion of 2 essential vitamins, Vitamins A and D preferably in the form found in Cod Liver Oil [CLO]. Both vitamins are taken together, in a greater dose than the Recommended Daily Allowance [RDA]or Dietary Reference Intake [DRI]. This is to boost immune function. Dose should be taken over a short a period as possible, as required, and which is determined by the illness itself and response after 1 to 3 hours that the vitamins have been taken. Vitamins taken in very large doses is referred to as megga dose, or massive doses.

Personal experience shows the ability of taking a megga dose of vitamin A and D and the reduction of viral load, in this case Hepatitis C virus particles found in the blood, due to Hepatitis C viral infection. This may also be so with the HIV AIDS causing virus. AIDS sufferers may find benefit with the practical implication of the information shared here. There is good possibility of the practical use of taking massive doses of the 2 vitamins during episodes where common inflictions such as the cold or flu can be quite devastating due to insufficient immune function in AIDS. This may also be the case for children and youngsters with the rare genetic disorder, Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, or Shwachman Syndrome, where immune function is impaired with possible inadequate lung reserves due to an abnormal small chest with small lung capacity being part of the syndrome in advanced cases of the genetic disorder. In such cases, mild chest infection can result in rapid decline in the child's health, with high risk of pneumonia quickly setting in.

The following common ailments can be prevented, corrected or controlled with the intake of vitamins A and D, taken in massive doses over a short period as possible, and as required--

Hay fever [Best included with large doses of vitamin E with massive doses of vitamins A and D].
Sinus problems [Beginnings of a runny nose, an early symptom, which if not treated immediately may eventuate to fully blown common cold, bronchial infection, Pneumonia or flu etc.]
Inner and middle ear
Common Cold and Influenza, including Swine Flu
Swollen lymph glands around the lower jaw and throat area [due to infection].
Throat infection or Strep Throat [usually correlates with the above]
Bronchial or chest infection
Whooping cough

Fever [due to the majority of conditions above]

Including a large dose of vitamin E with vitamins A and D, amplifies the beneficial effect. Including vitamin C in large doses also assists. Vitamin C can reduce the risk of vitamin A and D hypervitaminosis [toxicity caused by excessive intake of vitamin A and D].

Megga Dosing with Vitamin A Taken with a Lesser Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamins A and D are the key factors regarding the effect of this vitamin therapy protocol, with greater focus on a much larger dose of vitamin A than vitamin D. However, toxicity due to excessive intake of vitamins A and D taken over a prolonged period of time [hypervitaminosis], must be considered as an important precaution. The following information must be implemented with due care, and the protocol suggesting massive doses of vitamins A and D, should be carried over the shortest period as possible.

To reduce the risk of vitamin A and D hypervitaminosis, include vitamin E and vitamin C in large doses taken together with massive doses of vitamins A and with a lesser large dose of vitamin D. Vitamins A and D are preferably taken in that found in Cod Liver Oil [CLO]. Vitamins C and E reduce the risk of toxicity, and these vitamins also amplify the effect of vitamins A and D in regards to the protocol discussed here.

Any form of vitamin A and vitamin D should provide result. However and as above, if fish products are acceptable and available, the form of vitamin A and D found in CLO is natural and superior, providing a more pronounced beneficial effect and requiring lesser vitamin intake. Also, with fish oils, there are factors other than vitamins A and D found in such fish-organ oil that are beneficial to health. Omega-3, which may assist or prevent arthritis and high blood cholesterol, and maintain arteries in a healthy condition . There is now good evidence that with regular intake of a small quantity of CLO is linked with better brain function and higher intelligence, especially so if regular periodic supplementation begins at a young age. More recent research concludes fish oils such as CLO can prevent the onset of mental disease such as bipolar and depression from occurring later in life. I have found that the intake of CLO starting at a young age, can prevent allergies and possibly other immune dysfunction based illnesses from occurring later in life.

For the purpose of supplementation [and to enhance immune function], the intake of massive doses of CLO for short periods followed by longer periods of abstinence, can be of good benefit.

Beta carotene, a precursor of vitamin A is not a suitable substitute for vitamin A [retinol] as a therapeutic agent discussed here.

Vitamin D naturally occurs in animal products, and Cod and Halibut fish livers are one of the best sources. The manufacturing process for a suitably high quality grade fish liver oil, is paramount. Of importance is a reputable brand of fish liver oil should only be considered. Not all oils are oils, and high levels of heavy metals such as mercury have been reported in CLO, which must be avoided. So I suggest to do some research on brand of CLO, which can guarantee lowest levels of heavy metals as possible. There is a synthetic form of vitamin D available in pill or capsule form prepared by irradiating purified cholesterol or lanolin with Ultra Violet [UV] light to produce vitamin D. The other natural source for vitamin D is exposing the skin to natural sunlight. This may not be well recommended these days I guess, due to the form of, and the excessive amount of UV radiation passing through the damaged Ozone layer, which can cause skin cancer [melanoma] with overexposure. However, during appropriate times of day, exposing the skin to direct sunlight might be safe to do, such as early morning before 10:00 AM and after 4:00 PM in the afternoon during summer, and for no more than 15 minutes at any time each day. The amount of convertible sun source of vitamin D may be sufficient as part factor of the vitamin therapy, if exposure is prolonged and safe for the skin, and where massive doses of just vitamin A is to be implemented.

CLO contains both vitamins A and D present in the one product, and the 2 vitamins work best taken together as an effective vitamin therapy. Although I've had good success, be it less effective, with just vitamin A [synthetic retinol acetate]. This suggests that vitamin A has greater importance than vitamin D used therapeutically as suggested here. However, vitamin D does play an important role here.

Implementation and Dosage

Dosage for an Adult

Fortified CLO usually found in Gelatine Capsule or Pill Form

The amount of vitamin A for an adult, is between 10,000 IU and up to and no greater than 65,000 IU taken 3 times daily [or 200,000 IU daily] being maximum, preferably taken with food, milk kefir being the better choice. It is wise to include vitamin E supplement and a vitamin C rich food source, such as rose hip, acerola cherry or vitamin C supplement containing bioflavonoide complex. I find including the white pith of 1/2 lemon included with 2,000 mg vitamin C and 500 IU of vitamin E mixed with kefir taken with the massive doses of vitamins A and D, works well for adults. Kefir is also useful to wash down the capsules or liquid CLO, taken directly after each meal. Kefir markedly reduces the typical repeating of CLO. If there is lack of appetite, then take the recommended dose 15 minutes before each meal of the day. Or simply take the recommended doses together with just kefir.

Each dose is best given no less than 3 hours and no longer than 4 hours apart during the course of the day. There is a limit in regards to amount of, and duration of vitamins A and D that must be observed in order to prevent hypervitaminosis. This period is best limited to 1 week in most cases where chronic infection exists [severe throat infection, cough or chest infection including bronchitis, ear or sinus infection, common cold and flu].

For chronic conditions, I've had success with daily doses of a total of 250,000 IU of vitamin A for the first day, administered as 60,000 IU vitamin A taken 4 times, where smaller [insufficient] dose, say a total of 80,000 IU vitamin A, was ineffective or response was noticeable, but insufficient.

It is paramount to observe that the first 2 or 3 initial doses MUST be SUFFICEINT enough in the amount taken, for the therapy [and the following doses] to have proper effect. Otherwise, it is a complete waste of time even considering this vitamin therapy to treat the conditions explained above.

Proceeding doses are reduced per amount of vitamin taken, according to response. That is to say that if the first to third high dose gives a good response on day 1, then the following dose on day 2 can be reduced by as much a 40% less per each dose compared to the dose given on the previous day. This is especially true if treatment commences as soon as possible on the onset of symptoms, such as waking up with a soar throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, or experiencing a slight cough or a tickle at the back of the throat etc. Adults should have enough experience or awareness to understand the first symptoms due to common inflictions such as common cold or flu, where pathogens are taking hold in the body. This is the best time to immediately commence taking massive dose of vitamins A and D with large doses of vitamin C and E, so that the course of treatment is only for 1 to 2 days at most, instead of e.g., 1 week due to commencing the protocol when infective agents have been successful to reproduce in high enough numbers in the body to give more severe symptoms, possibly including fever.

If we find that within 3 hours of taking the first dose of 50,000 IU of synthetic vitamin A [or 15,000 IU of vitamin A in the form of pure CLO] e.g., for an existing bronchial infection with fever of let's say 39°C which reduces to say 37.5°C within that 3 hour period, then the following doses and the final dose of the day should be the same [50,000 IU synthetic vitamin A or 15,000 IU vitamin A in the form of natural CLO], taken 3 to 4 hours apart on day 1. On day 2, if body temperature is lower than the highest temperature on day 1, then try 30,000 IU of synthetic vitamin A, or 10,000 IU of vitamin A in the form of natural CLO taken 3 times 3 to 4 hours apart taken with kefir, vitamin E, and other foods rich in vitamin C or include a vitamin C supplement, if necessary.

However, if fever remains high e.g., 39°C or above [which is only possible if the previous last dose before retiring was insufficient, but most unlikely unless there is a severe chronic infection] on waking up on day 2, then the first dose for day 2 should be no less than 50,000 IU synthetic vitamin A, but never greater than 65,000 IU. This can be given 3 times on day 2. With this dose, one should find with little to no exception, that even chronic pneumonia with a fever of 41°C will reduce to about 38°C within 4 hours at most, after dosing.

One should note that body temperature will begin to rise again in case of high fever, after 4 hours of taking the previous dose. So it is important to re-dose on schedule. From there, day 3 dose may begin with 50,000 IU vitamin A in the morning, with 40,000 IU for the second and third and final dose of the day.

Do you see a pattern? The first dose is critical, and so is each first dose of each day. These should be sufficient enough, and usually the highest dose of fortified CLO [CLO with added synthetic vitamins A and D] for the day.

Monitoring body temperature is the best way to determine dose required where fever is involved. One can try to take 30,000 IU vitamin A, and if body temperature remains stable after 3 to 4 hours post dosage, then 30,000 IU vitamin A is sufficient for the following 2 doses for that day. If fever increases within 4 hours, then the dose has to be increased to 40,000 or 50,000 IU vitamin A, as an example.

The above is in regard to chronic infection, for a pre-existing condition. If the patient began with 20,000 to 40,000 IU vitamin A and about 200 to 400 IU vitamins D taken as fortified Cod Liver Oil in capsule or liquid form [or with 30 to 50 ml of natural CLO] on the onset of symptoms, then, the patient could be reasonably certain that the condition would not have escalated to a fully blown cold, flu, bronchitis or pneumonia in the first place.

Pure Natural CLO

Pure, good quality natural CLO has always worked better than synthetic fortified brands. Vitamins A and D found in natural CLO can be take in lesser amount to achieve the same result as one would achieve with fortified CLO. This is because fortified CLO usually includes synthetic vitamin A and D to ensure each capsule [or liquid brands] gives a set known amount of both vitamins A and D per capsule of per volume of liquid. I find that for adults, on the onset of any infliction mentioned above, usually 3 to 5 Tbs [30 to 50 ml] is sufficient to arrest the condition within 3 hours. Following 2 doses on the first day can be the same as the first initial dose. On day 2 and onwards, one may find 20 to 30 ml of pure CLO is adequate taken 2 to 3 x each day, take with kefir, vitamin E and vitamin C as explained above. Again, response to dose is determined by vitamin type, and quantity taken, and duration of the protocol is determined by response. In most cases, if the dose above is taken within a few hours of the first sign of symptoms, 2 to 3 doses for 1 day is usually more than adequate, without further doses required. However, it the vitamin treatment is commenced when the initial symptoms are ignored and the condition has escalated and active for longer than 1 day, the the above dose will have to be taken 3 times daily for some days, depending on response.

Length of Treatment for an Adult

In the majority of chronic cases of infection such as pneumonia, this treatment may be implemented for a duration of up to 14 days maximum for an adult. With over 30 years experience with this specific vitamin therapy, the longest duration I have implemented it for, has been 14 days. This was to treat a sever case of pneumonia, my father being the case.

Dosage for Children

Shedea and Bimbi

Natural CLO contains vitamins A and D, and vitamin A is found in greater quantity than vitamin D. If vitamin A is used from a separate source on its own other than CLO, a small amount of CLO is best given along with the synthetic, or sole source of natural or synthetic vitamin A supplement. I suggest incorporating about 150 IU of vitamin D taken 3 times daily along with 4,000 IU of a sole source of vitamin A. This is a recommended dose for the first 3 doses given to toddlers, aged between 1 month to 2 years who show early symptoms of runny nose and cough. If fever is involved, then if the above dose does not reduce body temperature by 1°C within 3 hours, the following dose should be increased to 8,000 IU vitamin A.

On the other hand, as little as half teaspoon of natural CLO can be given to a child who can take this amount orally by spoon. I find that this amount of natural CLO which contains about 1,000 IU vitamin A and 100 IU vitamin D, gives the same effect as a synthetic vitamin A supplement of 4,000 IU. This amount can be safely given daily over 3 days to toddlers as young as 1 week, in fact, where the child has contracted infection such as chest infection, whooping cough, cold or flu.

During winter months where there is little contact with direct sunlight on the skin, an amount of 1/2 to 1 tsp CLO taken over a few days where there is no infliction can be beneficial either as a preventative measure [e.g., soon after a child has come in contact with a contagious child or adult with a cold or flu]. CLO can be sucked up in a syringe without the needle attached, and gently given orally to a child. Or it can me mixed with expressed breast milk or kefir fed with a baby bottle. For fuzzy taste buds the required amount of CLO can be poured over cooked fish such as tuna or salmon to disguise the fish flavour of CLO, because CLO and fish have a similar flavour.

For throat infection, fever due to respiratory infection or whooping cough or flu, it is advisable to use synthetic or natural vitamin A supplement of 4,000 IU per capsule or per liquid dose, given together with a small dose of CLO [to give less as possible vitamin D]. 1/2 tsp CLO given together with 4,000 IU vitamin A as a single dose. 1 capsule of vitamin A [4,000 IU] with 1/2 teaspoon of natural CLO for toddlers aged between 1 week to six months, administered 2 and no more than 3 times daily in sever cases, given with milk, other solid food, or with kefir where possible, the latter being a better choice. If fever is involved and it does not reduce by at least 1°C within 3 hours after the first initial dose, dose immediately with 2 to 3 capsules of vitamin A, or 8,000 IU to 12,000 IU vitamin A together with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of natural CLO. I have used this dose on many toddlers with severe chest and throat infection including whooping cough without any toxicity but with good results. In my experience, this high dose has never had to be given for longer than 4 days, where 50% of the amount of vitamin A per each dose given 2 to 3 time daily has been adequate to control fever.

In case of fever, ensure that the toddler is cooled down and do NOT wrap the child in heavy clothing or blankets. This is because toddlers with fever are prone to seizures, which can be quite dangerous-- it can even cause brain damage and death. The mechanism to control body temperature has not developed sufficiently in toddlers. It is essential to cool the toddler by wetting the skin with a wet flannel. Or switch on a electric fan to allow a gentle breeze over the toddler's body, while wetting the hands and feet including the head of the child with a clean damp flannel.

I have found giving toddlers with fever aged six months to 2 years, 2 to 4 capsules respectively containing 4,000 IU vitamin A per capsule, can reduce fever of 39°C down to 37°C within 3 hours, and body temperature is maintained at the latter figure by administering the same dose at 5 hour intervals, with no more than 3 daily doses required, and for no longer than 4 days being common. Do not recommence dosing the same child with vitamins A and D at those levels within the following 3 months if length of first treatment of the first episode was endured between 5 to 7 days [such as the case with pneumonia or whooping cough or chronic bronchial infection with very high fever]. This is because the prior treatment would accumulate both vitamins A and D in the body, which takes at least 3 months to reduce to low enough levels in the body [if abstaining from supplementing with CLO or other forms of vitamins A and D daily or regularly]. If recommencing a second treatment too soon, due to the child contracting a second infection, this may cause rapid hypervitaminosis or toxicity due to too much vitamin A and or D over a short period. However, I have personally had to do this on many occasions for children, and with good success and without hypervitaminosis.

This is because I take into consideration the previous treatment, when it occurred and how long it was implemented, so that the following episode goes ahead successfully with this consideration in mind. I also include vitamin E with rose hip tea given together with CLO, to help reduce the risk of hypervitaminosis or toxicity.

What to Look Out For regarding Excessive intake of Vitamins A and D Over Time

Observe for loss of appetite, cracked lips, or any sign of rough skin as first signs of too much vitamin A and D intake. If any of these symptoms show, then cease therapy immediately. However, mild loss of appetite may occur early on, which may have to be endured for this usually occurs with large intake of CLO or vitamins A and D quite early on in the treatment. There is usually loss of appetite due to the infliction. One has to weigh up the odds, risk mild loss of appetite, which is reversible, or have the child get quite sick, or, in case of secondary infection, commence the child on antibiotics, which is commonly prescribed in such circumstances. To help reduce risk of toxicity and for a more quicker reversal to mild toxicity, include vitamin C for children aged 2 years and over [100 mg vitamin C per dose every 4 hours with plenty of fluids]. For children under 2 years, use rose hip tea given 2 to 3 times daily.

Again, it is wise to include rose hip tea or vitamin C supplement with a bioflavonoide complex given with both vitamins A and D or CLO during the vitamin therapy. This should help to reduce the risk of toxicity due to the latter 2 vitamins. In most cases, one should find that the vitamin A and D therapy will be just as affective while giving lesser amounts of vitamin A and D, where a form of vitamin E supplement and vitamin C rich food or supplement is included in the vitamin therapy.

FASTING after a Course of CLO or Megga Dosing with Vitamins A and D

I often perform a short fast if I have had to take large doses of vitamin A and or CLO to treat a stubborn cold or flu that I did not treat early enough with the vitamin therapy, so the infectious agents gained unwanted ground in my body. This has also been the case with the more robust infective agents, where even with commencing vitamin therapy on the onset of first symptoms, the nature of the infectious agent was so virile that a longer than expected course of the vitamin therapy had to be endured, and taking a very large amount of vitamin A with natural CLO in order to keep symptoms as comfortable as possible as an indication that my body was effectively fighting off the infectious agent.

A short fast post vitamin therapy is to eliminate accumulated amounts of vitamins A and D, or to flush out these vitamins of compounds produced and retained in the body due to taking these 2 vitamins in large doses. I may do a 1-day water only fast, followed by a 3-day grape or apple only diet, where I eat nothing for the first day but drink lots of water and herbal tea, and eat only grapes or apples for the 3 days following, drinking plenty of fresh water. In some cases I have fore taken in a 7 day cooked brown rice regime, eating nothing but well cooked bio-dynamic of organic certified brown rice. A small meal of cooked brown rice can be eaten every 2 to 3 hours, between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Either of these diets provide very little to no amount of carotene or vitamins A or D, so there is a good flushing action of accumulated vitamins A and D reserved in the liver and kidney with fasting on fresh fruit or the brown rice only diet.


Large doses of vitamin D is toxic with oral intake given over prolonged periods, especially for young children. Never administer more than 6,000 IU of vitamin D daily for adults or 1,000 - 1,500 IU for children, and for no longer than 5 days duration. Make certain to leave a gap of no less than 3 months if a follow up therapy is necessary due to a second infection. If ever commencing a new treatment within less than 3 months after previous treatment, then closely consider the prior treatment i.e. how much vitamins D and A were given and how long for, because of the possible risk of rapid hypervitaminosis. Initial symptoms of hypervitaminosis is usually rough skin, or skin sensitivity to certain things such as dog saliva, some detergents or chemicals such as chlorine [swimming pool and tap water with high levels of chlorine]. If any of these occur where they never occurred before, then immediately cease treatment. [See bellow for more information]

I have given toddlers 1 teaspoon of natural CLO fed by spoon when showing signs of runny nose [usually first sign of contracting a cold of flu etc.]. This has been with toddlers at 1 and 2 weeks old. Response has always been good with symptoms alleviated within 2 to 3 hours after administering the first dose. Treatment involves administering 1 teaspoon of CLO twice daily over a 2 day period. It may be a good idea to keep dosing for a day longer after symptoms appear to have cleared up. This is to prevent relapse.

With children, extra care must be taken not to give the child excessive amounts of vitamin D over prolong periods, for as with adults, it is said to be toxic taken in excessive taken OVER TIME but this is more so for young children and more so with any synthetic form of vitamins A and D, I find. As a safety precaution, I usually recommend giving children megga doses in vitamin A mostly, and include only a small amount of vitamin D to make the therapy effective. This can be achieved by giving 1 capsule of natural or synthetic vitamin A containing 4,000 IU of vitamin A and the rest of the dose is made with a small amount of natural CLO as above. A small dose of vitamin D can be seen as 1/2 to 1 tsp natural CLO.

When Shedea our daughter was 6 months, she contracted an upper chest infection which brought on fever of 38.5°C. I gave her 1 teaspoon of natural CLO, with 3 capsules of vitamin A [each capsule contained 4,000 IU vitamin A, and 400 IU vitamins D]. Her body temperature reduced to normal within 3 hours, but the treatment was continued as per above dose 3 times daily, for the following 2 days. We then followed on with 2 times daily on the third day, because of good response.

Treating Animals

Keif; jack rascal cross terror! The vitamin A and D treatment has seen many cases of success stories with a variety of different animal species. The treatment appears to work by influencing the immune system so that the animal has a stronger fighting edge, to overcome most common infections, quick and safe. In the cases that I have experience, it's common to observe a positive response in the animal in a matter of hours post administering the initial dose [if given in a large enough quantity].

Vitamin A and D treatment may have practical implication for the treatment of infected wounds, or for the prevention of infection being the better option where possible. It is also of value for treating an animal with high body temperature due to infection. Also as a preventative measure, post trauma or post surgery and for a speedy recovery. In most if not all cases, animals respond quicker than humans, such as with bacterial infection [please read this update].

The best response I've seen was with my sister's cat, which had infection set in due to a dog bite to the jugular vein on the cat's neck. When I was called for help, both eyes of the cat were scanning from side-to-side in their sockets. This is a indication of high fever. I had to lance the wound first, for the skin around the neck of the cat was filled with old blood, very swollen and restrictive for the cat. But the cat let me lance the wound with ease, she was pretty out of it. I then administered 4 capsules of fortified CLO [4,000 IU vit A and 400 IU vit D per cap]. Within 15 minutes the cat got up, and went to her food bowl to eat. Her eyes went back to normal and she recovered from fever. This was quite a remarkable recovery. The vitamin dose of fortified CLO was continued over 3 days, given twice daily.

I doubt there's an antibiotic that would give an animal in the above situation, a response like that? In fact, my sister took her cat to her Vet 3 days prior, and the vet prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic, which was not helping the cat at all, it seemed. But then again, just as most Vets are unlikely to use or understand my vitamin therapy, so have little to no experience, I have little experience with antibiotics, even though I have used them in the past for specific conditions and in combination with the vitamin therapy explained here [I'm not silly you know, everything has it's place, and fanaticism can have its own place and not share mine, anymore. Thank you. Fanaticism comes in many shapes and form and knows no distinction between class, creed of gender among those who are missing out, hey, Doc?].


For small birds try between 2,000 IU to 3,000 IU of vitamin A and 200 IU to 300 IU vitamin D as fortified CLO given 2 to 3 times daily, depending on severity of the condition and response after 2 to 3 hours of dosing. Duration of treatment depends on response, which can be determined by making observation of body temperature and general observation of the bird [not very alert, fluffed up feathers, head tucked away under a wing indicate that the bird is not well and not happy].

Administering to a bird, puncture the end of a supplement capsule of CLO with a fine needle and squeeze the capsule of CLO directly into the bird's beak [Place capsule to one side of beak while holding the beak open with other hand]. The bird should be able to easily swallow the few drops of fortified CLO squeezed into its beak. I find administering 2 times daily is enough for a bird to respond if it appears ruffled under the feathers or quieter than usual [when you know your pet]. You don't need to use this for more than 3 days duration usually, however, never go longer than 5 days for vitamin A and more so, less with vitamin D, for it can be toxic after this period.

Cats, small Dogs and other small carnivorous animals Try 2 capsules of fortified CLO, each capsule containing 4,000 IU of vitamin A. Or 2 Tbs pure natural CLO. Administer 2 to 3 times daily, the latter is in case of fever or high body temperature. Give with a small amount of food, such as kefir and fresh meat. Include 50 mg vitamin C supplement where possible. The animal should respond within 4 hours of giving the first dose.

Larger dogs 20kg up to 40kg need about 3 to 8 capsules 2 to 3 times daily. Or about 3 Tbs [30 ml] CLO. Give with a small amount of food, such as kefir and fresh meat. 100 to 500 mg vitamin C supplement is good to give along with the CLO and food. 100 IU vitamin E may be included.

I have used this treatment with a variety of herbivore/carnivore/omnivores with good success. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, birds, chickens, ducks and kangaroos. I've also used CLO for pet fish, by mixing a little CLO with their food.

If the animal does not respond within 5 hours with the dosage [megga dose] of vitamin A and D, then the condition is likely to be quite serious, and in this case it is advisable to immediately consult a Vet. I find that the vitamins can be administered with antibiotics, to give each other a boost, so to speak.

Shedea and Bobo's well being are completely 
	in my handsFrom birds showing sign of being withdrawn and ruffled under the feathers to cats bitten by another cat or other animal or with a cold and respiratory infection or infected wounds, and dogs with similar problems just to mention a few-- with such common ailments the animal should respond within 2 to 5 hours, if an initial adequate dose is administered. With stubborn infections, I have used and with great success, a simple poultice prepared with 1 Tbs fresh milk kefir-grains chopped to a slimy consistency, mixed with 1 tsp flax seed [linseed] meal and a little water to form a thick paste placed directly onto the wound. A fresh leaf such as cabbage or spinach is put over the poultice, and this is held in place with surgical bandage applied not too tight. The animal may have to wear a head funnel to prevent it from removing the poultice. Renew the poultice every day or ever other day, for about 5 days. In the meantime, administer the vitamin therapy. I've seen wounds on cats heal within 1 week without any scaring or any indication of the pre-existing wound or trauma 2 weeks later.

UPDATE Saturn the Rainbow Lorikeet and Bugzy the Rabbit

On 4/06/2000 I rescued a Rainbow Lorikeet [a native Australian parrot] right after it was struck by another moving vehicle driving right in front of us. I quickly stopped our car, ran to the bird on the road and took off my hat to put over the bird to capture her and stop her from biting me. She [we called her Saturn] had a badly wounded right wing which needed sutures. The bone of her right wing was exposed through a tear in the skin, but fortunately no bones were fractured. After I sutured her wing with 4 nylon sutures, which she let me do with ease, I kept Saturn quiet and fed her honey with a little soy kefir-whey drained from kefir prepared with soy milk, which included bee pollen to try and recover her health. However, 1 week later her wound become infected, which is uncommon for me, for I have always dosed a convalescing animal including birds with CLO for a few days. In fact, when ever I get an animal or one comes to me for help [which is a common occurrence], I am known to give the animal CLO as soon as I can. This has always been successful in preventing infection, while recovery is markedly accelerated in case of injury. However, on this one occasion I did not treat the bird with CLO initially.

I decided to megga dose Saturn with fortified CLO, administering one, 4,000 IU vitamin A with 400 IU vitamin D strength CLO capsule, given 2 times daily. On day 3 inflammation had reduced by 80%. Her wound which was a swollen weeping blue colour, became dry and healthy pink. She had a full recovery on 19/06/2000. New feathers grew back on and around the traumatized tissue. Where the skin was torn, the wound healed without any evidence of scaring. She was able to fly, walk and jump and play over the 2 months under our care. A male Lorikeet was found chatting to her through a large cage that Saturn was kept in, every afternoon over a few days. So we decided to release Saturn.

It was wonderful to see her release, as she flew into a tree nearby where the male Lorikeet was watching [but acting as if he had no interest in her-- sure thing, mate!]. They sat on a branch together for a while, then, the male took flight and headed toward the sunset, and Saturn followed. They flew away together with loud calls to each other right into the sunset. This moved me to the point of inspiring a music composition, the music track titled Release of which is part of my CD album Music for-life

BugzyOn another occasion, and a more recently, a rabbit, that I named Bugzy [left] came hopping into our front garden while I was fixing a friend's car. This poor rabbit had obviouse signs of trauma, his right ear had old wounds that appeared to be inflicted by a cat bite. Its right ear could not stand up. Bugzy had a milky discharge wheeping from his left eye and nostril. A visit to my Vet friend, and a blood sample taken showed a serious [orthodox incurable] bacterial infection. I immediately commence giving Bugzy 5 capsules of fortified CLO [20,000 IU vitamin A 2,000 IU vitamin D], 3 times daily for the first day, then 4 capsules 3 times daily for 5 more days. I including dry food and fresh root vegetables and dandelion greens, including dry milk kefir-grains, with 50mg vitamin C supplement with each fortified CLO dose. On day 3, Bugzy's nasal passages was so congested he could no longer breath through his nostrils as per normal for rabbits, he began breathing through his mouth. This indicated that his condition was moving out from his system via his nose being the end point of exit, so to speak. I've seen this happen before with animals.

I decided to do salt water washes to clear both his nostrils of dried nasal discharge and to reduce bacterial load and make it easier for him to breath. This was done with a large syringe filled with warm saline water. The tip of the syringe was placed to one nostril, then the plunger was pushed to force the solution through the nostril and out through its mouth and out through the other nostril. Then the other nostril was treated the same way. He did not like me doing this, or course. He was wrapped in a towel so that he could be controlled. Then a topical poultice right onto his upper nose area was applied. The poultice was prepared with 1 tsp fresh milk kefir-grains, and 1 Tbs linseed meal and 1/4 tsp dry ginger root powder mixed together with a little water to form a thick paste. This was wrapped in a little cotton gauze and held in place onto the nose with a stocking fashioned into a firm fitting face mask. While continuing with daily doses of CLO, on the third day following, his nose had cleared up. There was no sign of the previous condition. No more milky discharge from his eye or nose. A revisit to my Vet left the Vet not so surprised, for she's seen the positive effect on my treating animals by natural means before. She did say in the beginning that if the rabbit can be healed, I could do it.

  Lucky Jack the Australian native Marsupial Brushtail Possum taking Cod Liver Oil

Bushtail possumOn December 12, 2008, we rescued a native marsupial, a Brushtail Possum, trying to cross a main road nearby our home. The poor chap seemed blind with trauma to his nose and hinde quarters. He was either struck by a car, or was a victim in a fight with another animal. He was one lucky possum for the road was reasonably busy with traffic, and with a juggling act I tried stopping traffic while trying to capture the possum. All went reasonably well, and with him in our care, and as you can see, he picked up reasonably quick with daily doses of Cod Liver Oil. A wound at the bottom of his tail which was the more severe lesion, healed without any infection setting in. However, Lucky Jack had Mange, which can be seen as blotchy fur. That was an easy fix with neem oil and olive oil, which I brushed all over his fur to his skin, to suffocate the mange causing lice.

We decided to call a local possum career Doug, who was quick to come over and pick Lucky Jack up, and we all hope he and the possum have a few more Merry Christmases at least. Thanks Doug, and God Bless you, and yours and your caring work!

Well, it was not I, but all the animals that I have cared for, including the above animals' bodies that did the healing. By natural means, I was able to simply set up the correct pathways for healing to proceed at a more advanced or efficient level.

Unlike the orthodox medical model, I have better faith in the body's ability to heal itself, especially now that I know what to do to induce a better response! On the other hand, orthodox is literally claiming, "Look body! You simply can not fight off this infection, so we'll poison off the infectious agent with an antibiotic, after weighing up the risk of the drug not poisoning you to a noticeable or obvious level in the process".

However, the effect of antibiotics on the body, although they indeed do have a place in killing infectious agents in an organism, I believe, do not help the body learn how to fight a specific infection, but may in fact hinder this process.

End Notes

Megga dosing with vitamins A and D, these vitamins become unique compounds to the body, I feel, but only where a high enough or critical dose is taken. They appear to play a different roll other than what they normally do when taken as a Recommended Daily Allowance [RDA]. This therapy is a vitamin therapy and a unique treatment. It should be a safe therapy to follow, if implemented accordingly, and over short durations as explained here.

There is the belief explained in medical text books stating that megga dosing with vitamin A in particular, does not increase immune function. I quote one such reference. Note the text in parenthesis is my addendum--

"Functions [of vitamin A]. Although the existence of vitamin A has been known for over 65 years, its functions have not been fully explained [Yet medical science goes ahead to conclude or state the *following]....

Epithelial tissues. Vitamin A is required for healthy epithelium whether covering the body externally of lining the mucous membranes. It effects the synthesis of constituents of mucous such as the mucoproteins and the mucopolysaccharides. The mucous secretions maintain the integrity of the epithelium, especially the membranes that line the eyes, the mouth, and the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and the genitourinary tracts. These membranes maintained in their optimum condition offer resistance to bacterial invasion; to that extent vitamin A gives protection against infection. *The designation anti-infective is unfortunate insofar as it often leads people, mistakenly, to believe that large intakes of vitamin A will confer additional protective benefits." Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition. 15th Ed. 1977. Corinne H. Robinson, M.S., D.Sc.(Hon.), R.D. Marilyn R. Lawler, M.S., R.D. pp 151

This is where declaration such as the last sentence above, clearly requires revision, if this school of thought has not yet been revised. It may well be the form of vitamin A used in the past, that had/has medical science think in this manner? With over 30 years of experience in the use of this particular vitamin therapy, megga dosing with vitamins A and D in the form of Cod Liver Oil especially [the better choice as a source for these 2 vitamins] not only helps arrest certain bacterial infections, this also includes certain VIRAL infection. However, there is an important threshold in regards to dosage regarding the amount of vitamin A for the effect in the manner described here to occur. I have ample experience to prove this to be correct. I have tried unsuccessfully thus far, to disprove this therapy either intentionally or unintentionally [as explained in a treatment of my father with pneumonia as an example].

This very threshold may have been what researches in the past [and present?] must have overlooked, for medical science to see the way in which vitamin A at least works, or does not work in the case quoted above. It is important to state again that if the amount of these 2 vitamins but more importantly vitamin A is not administered in a great enough quantity, then response will be insufficient if at all. It is a waist of time even considering this treatment in this case. One will instead induce hypervitaminosis A and or D before any reasonable response occurs in this case, if too less an amount of vitamin A is administered over a long period. The first initial doses MUST be sufficient enough, in order for the proceeding doses to be effective. Proceeding doses can be given in lesser amount, if response is sufficient with the previous dose, and in most cases it is. Treatment should continue for at least 1 day longer after first symptoms appear or appear to have cleared up.

This treatment gives best results if it commences as soon as first symptoms show e.g., first sign of runny nose, an itchy sensation at the back of the throat, loss of energy or a feeling of weakness or general run down feeling, the beginning of a soar throat or swollen lymph glands around the upper throat and neck area in humans and possibly animals. Or repeated coughing or sneezing. These 2 vitamins can serve as a preventative measure when an individual is exposed for longer than say 10 minutes to other persons with an active infection to common cold, flu or bronchitis etc.

In my case, the first sign I experience when my body is in the initial stage of fighting off a common cold or flu etc., is very slight gastric reflux or indigestion. This is to say that I do not normally suffer from gastric reflux or indigestion, but when I do experience a slight burning in the upper stomach area, I am 333.33% certain that my body is telling me that I am in the initial stage of fighting an infection that will eventuate to a common cold or flu etc. if I do nothing about it immediately or within 8 or so hours.

This is when I know I need to commence taking about 4 Tbs of natural CLO. I usually go to our refrigerator where we always keep a bottle of natural CLO at hand, and take an amount required. I then have a nice cup of kefir with ground rose hip and a capsule of 1,000 IU natural vitamin E. In all cases so far, gastric reflux is alleviated within minutes, and if I follow on with at least 1 more large dose of the above within 3 to 4 hours post the first dose, I will be fine. However, I know from many years of experience that if I do not take megga doses of CLO on the onset of slight gastric reflux, I can be certain that within 1 to 2 days, I have a fully blown cold, flu or respiratory infection, which will be more stubborn to correct with the vitamin therapy than if I were to prevent its progression altogether by taking the CLO when I first experienced slight gastric reflux.

Interestingly, and which I must share here with the reader. My body never used to give this reaction, which I see as a signaling before I began to experiment with CLO to treat conditions explained here, which I commenced in 1986. However, after using large doses of CLO to self medicate for such common inflictions [I am a self appointed guinea pig for this therapy] over some 2 years, it appears that some type of transmutation [changes] in regards to how my body begins to fight infection has occurred. In my case, there seems to be an initial upsetting in the way in which my body processes digestive juices, the amount of, or, how the gastric juices are retained in the stomach. It may be possible that the stomach microflora may be altered, or, the challenge begins there, by an initial alteration of the microbiota in upper area of the stomach or lower oesophagus? which possibly alters localized organ function, such as the stomach and asophagus?

What ever the case may be, I can not help feeling ever so thankful that my body can and does indeed signal when to commence taking large doses of CLO to prevent further deterioration due to insufficient immune response to infectious agents-- and CLO certainly increases the latter. Immune insufficiency is corrected and a stronger immune response to meet the infectious agent[s] with a much lesser challenge, quite early on, is very much enjoyed. This means that I do not have to take large doses of CLO over prolonged periods, for I can correct the situation not long after my immune system is being challenged by infectious agents and the signal is observed as mild reflux.

Children should be given CLO from an early age as possible, given as a supplement on a regular basis, especially during winter months, with about a 2 - 3 month break during summer, or during the year. This should insure that the immune system works at its best latter in life, quite possibly with less likely hood of allergies, too. An immune system primer or conditioner may better describe what I want to explain. I have found this to be the case with myself. I have been using large doses of CLO for over 30 years, ever since the therapy came to me in a vivid dream, which was meant for my late daughter Angelica. There have been countless occasions where I have liberally indulged in 1/4 cup of natural CLO, followed with a glass of kefir, preferably enjoyed with a vitamin C rich fruit or herb such as rose hip. It is clear to me now, that with prolonged use of taking CLO in large doses taken at reasonably regular intervals over 30 years, my immune system has greatly benefited. This has become very clear during the past 8 years especially. During this time I have also learned that I no longer have the Hepatitis C virus, I've had a spontaneouse cure of this nasty virus infection.

The frequency to use large doses of CLO has become lesser and lesser in order to prevent or to treat common ailments such as the common cold, and throat infection etc. These common inflictions are becoming rarer for me now. I only wished that I knew about this therapy during my youth, for I know for certain now, that I could have saved my late daughter's life in 1986. The reason being that a younger body will gain better benefit than an older organism, for it will cary on to improve immune function later in life. Beginning at a later age, takes longer to gain the long term effect, that a child would gain or benefit from.

In fact, one particular research comes to mind [Thoreux K, and Schmucker DL. 2001] where kefir enhanced the intestinal immunity in young but not old rats[1]. This may certainly have a correlation with vitamin A [and D] therapy in regards to how younger body's react or are stimulated or become primed compared to commencing at an older age.

But more importantly, I can now pass this on to my relatively new family member, our daughter Shedea. And of course, on to you, the fortunate reader whom may come to use this knowledge, quite possibly to save a single life in your time, and quiet possibly yours or a family member!

Shedeahas been taking natural CLO from when she was only a few weeks old, therapeutically and as a supplement. We ensured giving her 1 teaspoon of natural CLO right off the spoon daily for a week, followed with a long break [an initiation for the immune system is how I like to explain this]. We as her parents, have continued to do this, and she has only ever suffered from an upper respiratory infection when she was 6 months, which lasted for 5 day. However, symptoms were mild and tolerable for her. She slept well. She has had the discomfort of a few mild runny noses up to this point [she is now 11 years old as a type this]. However, at her current age now, dosing her with 15 ml to 20 ml or 2 to 4 tablespoons of natural CLO, most problems such as blocked nose and coughs clear up within 2 hours after the first dose of Cod Liver Oil.

Since Shedea has begun playgroup in recent time, she is constantly exposed to kids whose parents take them to the same playgroup, and those kids have colds and runny noses and the like, things that mother's probably more so than fathers see too often in their child. It's unfortunate that mothers are not aware of this therapy, for not only will this help their child, it will also reduce the risk of other children contracting the same infliction, for on commencing the vitamin therapy, the child is markedly less contagious to other kids around them! And their own child can go along their day, with much less discomfort-- good for the child, their parents, and others around them.

Most scenarios show that a child or parent contracts a cold of flu. As they get better, another family member contract the same condition, which in turn re-infects the originator of the infection. Families may suffer needlessly for weeks and months on end. Not so if this vitamin therapy is implemented. At worst scenario, symptoms are made bearable, and the condition lasts for a much shorter time.

Shedea enjoys CLO right off the spoon, she very much enjoys the flavour! This must come as a surprise for the reader, for most adults dislike CLO let alone kids! This has all to do with conditioning beginning at a young age. On the occasion where Shedea may not want to take CLO neat off the spoon, and her mother or I feel she needs it, she enjoys a few gelatin capsules of non-fortified natural CLO supplement. She calls these lollies, and we are careful to keep them out of her reach, for she is likely to ingest as many as she can get her cute little hands on. This must be avoided at all cost . When she was younger, we may have given her 1 gelatine capsule that contained 1mg of natural CLO daily when she needed it, in such cases where she refused the liquid form of CLO by spoon [which has been rare, so far].

Shedea is healthy, this is clear to us as her parents and all those who meet her [well, those folks who can SEE, i.e.]. She is extremely alert, bright and very intelligent, quite calm, and enjoys making conversation and asking questions. We read notes left by her caretaker at her child care centre. So far, as we read through all of Shedea's activities written down for that day, there has yet been a day where the caretaker has not written, "Talked lots". When she is in a room full of kids her age, it is clear that Shedea is a lot brighter and switched on than others her age and even most kids older than her. She's had good vocabulary for her age since she was less than a year old. She in fact was practicing to say hungry as early as 3 weeks of age. I was using a technique that I developed for my first daughter Angelica in 1985, to try and teach a toddler how to talk, with sessions beginning at day 1. I have this on video footage. I mean, take a look at this short video of Shedea when she was 2 months old to the day, and you tell me what you think [make sure that your speakers are on so you can listen to the sound].

Play the movie over a few times to catch her practicing saying hungry right at the beginning of the movie. She says hungry, hungry quite clearly. Then watch her reaction when I ask her if she is saying HUNGRY! She is replying me with something to the effect of, COME ON DAD! YOU KNOW I WAS SAYING HUNGRY!

Like most kids her age, Shedea is extremely curious. She picks up on almost everything we show her first time, right off the mark usually. This goes for new words, including most tasks and activities. She is a very talented artist and has been from a very early age, since she taught herself how to hold a pencil correctly between the fingers. CLO has had a LOT to do with this outcome for Shedea, there is no doubt about it. Of course, apart from interactive chemical stimulus such as what CLO provides, we also need to consider physical and mental stimuli including genetics.

Stimulating Shedea began in the womb. I regularly used to locate Shedea's tiny head in the womb. I would then give three quick, short, sharp, high pitched kisses onto Sandra's skin. Without missing a beat each time, on given these three consecutive kisses directly over her head in the womb, the first kiss would always make Shedea jolt in the womb. This is a strong reflex action, similar to being it on the knee to test for reflex. The second kiss would make Shedea only slightly jolt or kick. The third and final kiss, Shedea completely ignored. There was never a noticeable reflex on the third and last kiss.

When Shedea was born. I performed the same ritual for Shedea which I also practiced at the birth of my late daughter Angelica [in 1985]. This involves blowing a steady stream of warm air from my lips directly into the baby's right ear. This is performed directly after birth, and is followed with a pray. It is a way of the Sufi. During this ritual with Shedea, she was crying out loud as would any healthy new born. Both her arms were spanned wide, crying with mouth wide open. The crying process expands the newborn's lungs to initiate baby's first ever deep breathing of air after leaving the embryonic sack. Then, I felt impelled [guided] to kiss Shedea on her head just like I had been doing on Sandra's belly and throughout the pregnancy. Then, a stimulus and response occurred right before my eyes. With the first kiss, which I made certain was loud, short, sharp and high pitched, Shedea gave a mild reflex by changing her cry, but she continued crying. Then, I quickly followed with a second kiss, but this time much softer and quiet She responded! Her crying became softer and in direct response to my softer kiss. The third and last kiss was ever so gentle and quite. At that very moment, Shedea stopped crying altogether and looked directly into my eyes. She began to observe what produced that sound and where it came from, that very sound she was accustomed to in the womb. She found the source and her curiosity was satisfied while she calmly kept observing me wide, open eyes.

Sandra had to have a Caesarian [C section] to give birth to Shedea. The neonatal hospital room was filled with some 12 or so drs and nurses, going about their duty finalizing Sandra after the C section. I was about 2 walking steps away from Sandra to perform the ritual explained above, which was meant to be just the previously planned, first ritual of blowing warm air into Shedea's right ear followed with a prayer. As explained, this spontaneously became two separate but connected rituals by involving the three kisses [The 3 kisses of awakening]. As soon as Shedea's loud crying in parallel volume of those three kisses, and then all of a sudden she stopped crying and began observing, the whole medical team immediately stopped what they were doing. They all turned their heads towards Shedea and me.

A baby who pretty well suddenly stops crying like that shortly after birth, would ring alarm bells for the medics, and rightly so. However, when the team of medics were satisfied with what they saw [baby in dads arms nice a calm walking over to a washing area], most of the team smiled and followed on with their duties. This new experience was quite powerful. I immediately realized then, that I had been guided throughout Sandra's ever first pregnancy. That initial spark of awareness of Shedea's observation of her new surroundings and environment, I'm certain has carried on in her to this day. I am also reasonably certain this shall influence her power of observation and judgment right through into her future years.

Back to the original topic, the vitamin protocol as a therapy.

And with all this, the good news here is, in case my wife, our daughter, myself or any of our pets ever were to fall ill to common inflictions, we know exactly what to do, and without resorting to conventional drugs. Infectious agents become resistant to antibiotics, while orthodox medicine except for interferon therapy for Hepatitis C, does not have a protocol as such that is effective against common viral infection such as the flu. The probability of unwanted side effects of antibiotic therapy have to be considered here also. Not to mention less financial burden for us. This is not to say that we are against the use of conventional drugs. In the case that these have to be prescribed for any given condition where the vitamin protocol is insufficient or of little or no use, Sandra and I would seriously consider the orthodox treatment that our family Dr or whomever medical practitioner may suggest to us. We are not foolish to take just one side of the fence, so to speak. In most cases with past experience and as stated at the beginning, the vitamin protocol can be administered along with most conventional drugs including antibiotics. So much so in fact, that what I have found, a good or an appropriate response occurs with lesser amount of vitamin complex needed to get things in motion and remain like that until treatment is finalized because health is restored.

To end here with, this information should be considered of great practical importance. This is especially for parents who have decided against immunization for their offspring[s] with common vaccination, as Sandra and I decided. Let CLO be the natural form of vaccination. However, please use wisely and with due care! Do be aware that there is a tendency to use this as a therapy too often, over a prolonged period, especially when schooling kids regularly contract colds and flu. Overuse of vitamins A and D must be avoided. However, you now have the knowledge to save lives, as I have done on more than one instance since 1986.


1. Thoreux K, and Schmucker D.L. [2001]. Kefir milk enhances intestinal immunity in young but not old rats. Journal of Nutrition 131: 807-812.

Vitamins D and A Deficiency and Common Accepted Toxicity Symptoms with other Information


Vitamin D and vitamin A are explained to be the most toxic of the fat-soluble vitamins. However, toxicity of these 2 vitamins has been investigated, it is the synthetic form of both vitamins that is possibly of greater toxicity per the same dose. Vitamin D is well known as a steroid-hormone, an imprecise term in fact, referring to one or more members of a group of steroid molecules. It is not a true vitamin, and adequate exposure to sunlight on the skin, do not require dietary supplement. Vitamin D3 [cholecalciferol], is generated in the skin of animals when sunlight is absorbed by a precursor molecule 7-dehydrocholesterol.

There is the bio-active form of vitamin D, calcitriol [D3 also known as calitrol]. Another is the plant form, ergosterol [D2]. Vitamins D, as either D2 or D3 must be metabolised within the body to the hormonally-active form [1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol]-- a 2 step process within the liver and within the kidney.

From 7-dehydrocholesterol to cholecalciferol Vit D3 in skin absorbing sunlight >>> 25-hydroxy D3 in liver >>> 1,25-dihydroxy D3 in kidney-- the active form.

Bio-active vitamin D is known for its crucial role in regulating body levels of calcium and phosphorus, internalisation of bone and to increase bone mass or bone density. Vitamin D plays a roll with vitamin A.

Classical evidence of vitamin D deficiency is rickets, seen in children resulting in bone deformation, inadequate calcification of the distal ends of bones, including bowed long bones. In adults, deficiency leads to osteoporosis and osteomalacia. Both rickets and osteomalacia reflect impaired internalisation of newly synthesized bone matrix, usually as a result of a combination of inadequate exposure to sunlight and decreased dietary intake of vitamin D. Due to the synthetic pathway of the 2-step process of synthesis of bio-active vitamin D explained above, genetic defect in the vitamin D receptor due to heredity, Vitamin D Resistance rickets is the result. Massive doses of orally administered vitamin D is the treatment that is used to correct the condition. Severe liver and kidney disease can interfere with generation of the bio-active form of vitamin D. Insufficient exposure to sunlight leads to deficiency where dietary intake is inadequate. This is especially true, and ironically common among women in sunny regions, but culturally, women are dictated to ware heavy veiling when outside in public. The elderly that remain indoors and have poor diets have often sub clinical deficiency.

Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity are nausea, vomiting, pain in the joints, and loss of appetite. There may be constipation alternating with diarrhoea, or a tingling sensation in the mouth. The toxic dose of vitamin D depends on its frequency, and it varies from individual to individual. In infants, it is suggested that a single dose of 15 mg or greater may be toxic, but it is suggested that daily doses of 1.0 mg over a prolonged period may be toxic. In adults, a daily dose of 1.0-2.0 mg of vitamin D is toxic when consumed for a prolonged period. Just how long this period is, is assessable, by observing all sources of the vitamin in the diet. However, there is no evidence of vitamin D toxicity through sun exposure on the skin. It is suggested that a single dose of about 50 mg or greater is toxic for adults. The immediate effect of an overdose of vitamin D is abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. Toxic doses of vitamin D taken over a prolonged period of time result in irreversible deposits of calcium crystals in the soft tissues of the body that may damage the heart, lungs, and kidneys. However, how this evidence has been assessed, may be questionable in regards to accuracy, for there may be other factors to consider, other than assuming these symptoms and the outcome solely based on a single component, that is suggested to be simply too much intake of vitamin D. The form of vitamin D may also need to be considered.

I have ingested as much as 12,000 IU vitamin D daily in the from of Cod Liver Oil for periods of up to 10 days, 3 times yearly over a 30 year period without evidence of organ calcification as suggested above.


Vitamin A toxicity can occur with long-term consumption of 20 mg of retinol or more per day. The symptoms of vitamin A overdosing include accumulation of water in the brain [hydrocephalus], vomiting, tiredness, constipation, bone pain, and severe headaches. The skin may acquire a rough and dry appearance, with hair loss and brittle nails. It is explained that vitamin A toxicity is a special issue during pregnancy, where pregnant mothers taking 10 mg vitamin A or more on a daily basis may have an infant with birth defects. Birth defects include abnormalities of the face, nervous system, heart, and thymus gland. It is stated that it is possible to take in toxic levels of vitamin A by eating large quantities of certain foods. For example, about 30 grams of beef liver, 500 grams of eggs, or 2,500 grams of mackerel would supply 10 mg of retinol. The livers of polar bears and other arctic animals may contain especially high levels of vitamin A, and possibly other compounds that may be considered pro-toxic inducer of both vitamins A and D.

I have yet to experience toxicity of both vitamins as described above. Amounts that I have taken over the past 30 years would be considered considerably high, over the top in fact. Yes, I, the self appointed lab-rat am still here to share the story. Hepatitis C has come and gone. Ulcerative colitis came and went. Prostatitis came and said bye-bye, with no relapse of all the above over the past 17 years for the latter condition, at least. This is quite uncommon, so I understand.

I have ingested as much as 180,000 IU vitamin A daily in the from of a mixture of Cod Liver Oil and synthetic vitamin A for periods of up to 10 days, 3 times yearly over 30 years without such symptoms. However, on a few occasions my lips did show signs of skin cracking, which indicated to cease intake of both vitamins A and D. This was while treating a stubborn chest infection which was treated successfully, but then contracted a second chest infection 1 month later, so the accumulation of both vitamins in the former instance, had to be considered on recommencing the vitamin therapy within a short period after.

It may be possible that I have practiced carefully enough by taking precaution in the amount of, and duration of the massive dose vitamin protocol, watching carefully for initial symptoms of toxicity, and not omitting my overall diet and exercise. Or, science may have it wrong due to insufficient scientific methods or processing of data, or inappropriate subjects due to a compromised diet and or lifestyle? I am not an overeater, and as stated above, I do perform regular fasting, which I feel are key factors in regards to minimizing toxicity. LIFESTYLE has much to do with this including all things.

Mostly Reversible Clinical Conditions due to Vitamin A and D Deficiency

Nyctalopia [Night Blindness] Cause, quite possibly vitamin A deficiency. Eye sight does not adjust well, or quick enough when coming out of a brightly lit environment moving into a dark environment. Progressive stages of this condition can lead to complete blindness. CLO or carotene rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables [the richest source of carotene is fresh Dandelion leaf] and yellow coloured root vegetables and fruits can reverse night blindness due to vitamin A deficiency in 2 weeks. If night blindness is not corrected in 2 weeks of adequate vitamin A or carotene intake, then the condition is not a vitamin A deficiency and should be further investigated with medical attention.

Epithelial Tissue Changes. Vitamin A deficiency has the effect of changing epithelial tissue throughout the body, which increase the susceptibility to infection of the eyes, nasal passage and sinus, middle ear, lungs and the Gastro Intestinal [GI] tract. Vitamin A deficiency also results from faulty absorption in such cases as sprue, celiac disease and possibly Irritable Bowl Disease [IBD] where mal-absorption is involved.

Follicular Hyperkeratosis. Changes to the skin due to severe vitamin A deficiency. Dry rough, scaly skin and goose-pimple like skin beginning along the upper forearms, thighs, spreading along the shoulders, back, abdomen and buttocks. Note that vitamin A toxicity [hypervitaminosis] also gives these symptoms commonly in the early stages.

Tetany. Characterized by low serum calcium [7.5mg/100ml or less], muscle twitching, cramps and convulsions. Results from insufficient calcium or vitamin D absorption, or a disturbance of the parathyroid gland.

Dental Health and Dental Caries. In calcium deficiency due to insufficient vitamin D, including children with rickets there may be delayed dentition [late teething] and malformation of the teeth. Premature teeth forming in the jaw are more prone to decay or dental caries.

Rickets, see above

Initial Symptoms of Toxicity of Vitamins A and D Taken Together

Weigh Up the Odds For and Against

Initial signs of vitamins A and D toxicity given together to a child, show as loss of appetite, followed by rough or sensitive skin. The skin around the outer thighs, upper forearms, and possibly around the abdominal area may have the appearance of raised hair follicles, or dry, rough goose-pimple like skin. This may be difficult to notice initially and it may occur anywhere on the body. The skin may initially become sensitive to dog saliva, in that the above symptoms may only show when the skin has been licked by a dog, knowing that the child has no prior allergy or sensitivity to dog saliva. These symptoms are reversible by ceasing the administration of both vitamins A and D.

One has to weigh up the odds. Does one take the risk of inducing these light symptoms which do not appear to discomfort the child or cause permanent effects? Or risk bad side effect of antibiotics including the high risk of inducing dysbacteriosis and candidiais, scaring of the lungs due to pneumonia etc., all of which are either difficult or impossible to reverse, but have a long term effect, affecting the system as a whole?

Also, the vitamin therapy will have a beneficial long term effect if used properly, by first supporting and later strengthening the immune system and improving other bodily and mental functions OVER TIME. Remember that it is not what is happening now that matters, but what we evolve into being that truly matters. This includes our body and how we treat it now to effect it function now, and into the future. However, fanaticism can blind one to see the truth, so please walk with care, with clear judgment as possible, and with good knowledge by your side to avoid acting in haste or inappropriately.


Material published on this web page is for the purpose of sharing knowledge and or personal experience. The author can not be held responsible for the fashion in which any information is implemented by any individual, including any outcome due to the implementation of the information disclosed here.

It is advisable to practice with caution when one decides to self-medicate due to a medical condition. Although it is our birthright to self-medicate, but in the interest of health, it is advisable to seek assistance or supervision of a caring practitioner trained in medicine or medical therapy.

Used under the supervision of a medic, this vitamin therapy should be safe, and quite possibly more so than conventional antibiotic therapies used for the treatment of specific infectious agents. The information disclosed here is mostly about taking vitamins A, D, E and C over a short course, administered similarly to antibiotic therapy. It is advisable for the duration of treatment not to exceed 7 to 14 days maximum, and to take a break from an extensive period of therapy for at least 3 months, where no Cod Liver Oil or any form of vitamin A and D supplement is taken.

The implications of this therapy, is to assist both young and old, who especially are not responding to conventional antibiotic therapy, and to hasten recovery from specific conditions explained above. This treatment in system, if used correctly, is simple, safe and can compliment conventional antibiotic therapy as a complementary or boosting effect.

This treatment should improve immune function or infection fighting capacity. I have come to accept this for the many years of personal experience suggests this to be so. I have over 30 years of personal practical experience with this particular vitamin therapy. I have learned that children especially, can greatly benefit if Cod Liver Oil from an early age is provided as a supplement [and as a treatment in case of infection], and on a regular basis, with sufficient breaks in between supplementation or, if used therapeutically. For the young this should incur improved immune function later on in life.

We owe thanks to God for guiding me to this reality and to my late daughter Angelica for this gift for a healthier life

Bimbi the Guinea pig and Blaky the rabbit.

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