Bill & Peg's Christmas Down Under
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Bill Chartres 1988-2008

Most often asked questions include:

Q.    How many lights are there?
A.    We really do not know, but estimate that we reached our aim of over 100,000 lights in 2007.

Q.    For how long have you been doing your display?
A.    We started with a few Party Lights on the front of the house when we moved
        to Lobethal in 1983, and we began to expand the display about 3 years later. Our final display was in 2008

Q.    How long does it take to set up the display?
A.    Usually about 8 or more weeks.

Q.    Do you put up the display by yourselves?
A.    We do most of the display ourselves, but have help with some of the heavier items.

Q.    Do you receive sponsorship help with the cost?
A.    No. The "Lights of Lobethal Committee" receives Sponsorship, and money for
         help with the infrastructure, and organisational expenses, but individual homes do
         not receive any help.

Q.    What about the electricity, doesn't ETSA give the homes a rebate off their power

A.    No. Again the sponsorship from the power utilities goes to the "Lights of Lobethal


Q.    Your display must add a lot to your electricity bill.
A.    Not really, it is impossible to estimate just how much it costs to run our display, but
        our winter bill is higher, so we assume that it is cheaper to run the display than it is
        to heat our home. For more information on running costs CLICK HERE

Bill Chartres 1998 - 2008