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"Chas Adlard should be a thousand years old - he's been there, done that.
His stories always reflect the love he feels for Australia and its people."

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"Summer Anniversary"
- "for 365 pain-filled days he had been alone..."
- prizewinner in "The Advertiser" state-wide short story competition

- "...for this was Australia and Kip Carrington had arrived..."
- finalist in the WriteSpot Spring 2001 short story competition

"Dark Light"
- the dog was a Labrador of perfect colour - well 'Almost'.

"Walkabout Country"
- set in the "top end" of Australia.

"Humbug Scrub"
- in memory of Robert Morgan.

"Good, golly - gosh"
- "Gone fishin'!"

- "Woman in the bar, lads."

NEW! "Dirty, Filthy, Lovely investment"
- an easy to understand guide to property investment

"Becoming a blockie"
- tips from experience on rural development and building on country blocks. 

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"The Born Again Australian" is a yarn about life in Australia - funny, sad, up, down, heart-warming and tragic.

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"Silica" - a rotting body is found in a dugout in Coober Pedy, South Australia. Although the miner's possessions and valuable opal have been stolen, his sudden death is treated as an accident until an anoymous letter questions the Coroner's verdict.
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by John Evan Adlard 1973
(then aged 85),
transcribed by Chas Adlard.

My father John Evan Adlard donated his WW1 diary to the Australian War Memorial. It is a detailed account of this ghastly war and the original also contains some of his drawings.

I wish to dedicate this short story  to my father, John Evan Adlard, who fought gallantly for his country during World War One. As a source of research I depended greatly upon his diaries that are now the property of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Although the story is largely a work of fiction I have unashamedly shadowed his footsteps during this hideous conflict.

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