Metallugical consultants, failure analysis & corrosion investigations

From the heart of England to the centre of Australia we offer you unbiased metallurgical investigation and consultative services with rapid follow-up where required within 24 hours of your call. All work done by a fully qualified Metallurgist with over 35 years worldwide experience in all facets of metallurgical and materials examinations.

Standard services include:

 A totally independent and confidential service for component failures, insurance claims, accidents and fire investigations.

 Metal and materials failures and engineering investigations to establish likely cause and most cost effective solution using metallurgical expertise gained since the 1960s.

 Experienced expert witness and technical adviser for court and/or pre court discussions with legal professionals.

 Establishing the causes of corrosion/cracking type failures and coating failures as applied to metals and materials using practical experience developed since the 1970s.

 Design and guidance of research and development projects in materials and components including their protection for extended or desired limited service life.

 Referral service and contract control/assistance for major projects and material/component evaluations.

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