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The Wood White - Photo  R. Grund






Australian Admiral - Photo R. Fisher

There are many threatened and rare

Lepidoptera needing protection in South

Australia. They include many of our

blues and skippers. Their main food

plants are sedges, native grasses and

mistletoe. These are disappearing due to

clearing and loss of biodiversity from the

pressure of human impacts.


BCSA Inc. was set up in 1998 to increase awareness of the significant

disappearance of South Australian butterflies. The group works closely

      with the SA Museum and is committed to the conservation of butterflies in 

      this state. A campaign strategy for the next three years, 2005 to 2007, is

      currently in the developmental stage. An extract from the 2005 January

      Newsletter gives an outline of the planning to date, and is included in the

      "Articles" page in this website. 



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The BCSA logo which appears in the heading of each page of this website is an original drawing of the Wood White butterfly by Charles McCubbin. It was depicted on the Australia Post 1983 Australian Butterfly 60cent postage stamp. We obtained copyright clearance from Charles McCubbin on 21st May, 1999. This logo is also used as background for this page and for the Membership page. For an example  of this and of other Australian butterflies on Australia Post stamps please see the "Articles" page.




The SA Museum has devoted a part of its website to this question and is a must for a visit. The aim is to stimulate interest in butterflies and to spread information about their habitat needs and other requirements for their survival. It provides information sheets  and activity sheets which can form the basis for projects for children in, or indeed out of, school, all designed to raise the awarenes of habitat and the part it plays in species survival. The site can be accessed by clicking on 

SA Museum Butterflies

"Butterfly Watch" has been added to this website and is now online. This project seeks information from the general public on: What nectar plants the adult butterflies are feeding on? and Where are the butterflies?  It is hoped "Butterfly Watch" will raise awareness of butterflies and information gathered will be collated and used by a group of Flinders University students who are currently working on several associated programs.  For a direct link click here.




About 6 years ago Jackie Miers, the East District's eTeacher for the South Australian Education Department, developed 3 major learning resources [Learning Quests] for students on butterflies. These are published on her website and were upgraded about 2 years ago. Each of the learning resources consist of 10 activities that students can do related to the particular topic. There are 30 topics altogether with links to web resources, including websites, video footage, images, interactives, etc. While not specifically concerned with conservation they are well worth dropping in for a visit. The three "quests" links are:

Butterfly appearance

Butterfly body parts

Butterfly life cycle

                                               OR click here for "Teachers Resources"