A Warning about the book

"The Holy Spirit" by E. Wille

This web page is a warning to all those who love the truth and believe in the true gospel.

Edgar Wille wrote a book in 1975 entitled The Holy Spirit - An exploratory survey of Scripture Teaching. This book is filled with false doctrine on the Holy Spirit and also is a redefinition of the gospel. This book, when first published by the author, was a source of problems in the brotherhood, and shortly thereafter Edgar left the truth with one of his last known jobs being in an Anglican Church in Prague. 27 years later he has paid to have this book reprinted. This book is now being actively promoted free of charge within the Christadelphian brotherhood, by an unamended brother N. Trevor Brierly. His agent in Australia is Stephen Cook of formerly of Baringa who makes claims to having some of the gifts of the Spirit.

When Edgar first published his book it was given a critical review by Bro. Fred Pearce in the Christadelphian magazine in January 1976, page 13-16. Also Bro Graham Pearce wrote two booklets to refute this new teaching:

These two booklets have been republished by The Bible Magazine as a 72 page book with the title

The True Gospel Defended & Explained

with the subtitle "The Hope of Israel & The New Covenant".

The Book on the Holy Spirit by Bro Graham Pearce deals with some issues presented by Edgar Wille. The book by Aleck Crawford entitled The Spirit - a general exposition on new testament usage (1976) deals at length with the false claims made by Edgar Wille about the Holy Spirit. Other brethren wrote additional material against the views of Edgar. Of special note is the book Spirit in the New Testament by brethren Edward Whittaker & Reg Carr published by The Testimony Magazine.

Critical review by Fred Pearce against E. Wille's book

The True Gospel defended and Explained

The Spirit - A general exposition on NT Usage

The Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit Gifts - G. Pearce

Additional helpful material on The Spirit

Let all faithful brethren be warned against this insidious influence.

Let us "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude v4).
April 14, 2006

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