Indexes to CHRISTADELPHIAN Magazines,
Books, Videos, CDs and Pamphlets
(now in Excel
& Internet friendly*)

Now that the Christadelphian magazine is available on CD you may think this index redundant. But it includes 2001-2005 and indexing for 8 other important magazines plus over 1000 books, pamphlets, and videos not available on CD.

Now released, with thousands of additions and over 2,600 pages, the 2006 edition of this powerful and popular tool which helps you to locate in the Truth's literature, material written on a given subject or verse.

Here is what some brothers and sisters are saying about the indexes:

"Having just installed our indices from the disk prepared by bro. Aleck Crawford, we cannot recommend buying this disk enough. We have used bro. Aleck's hardcopy indices for many years, and have found them to be among the most useful, practical, reference works ever devised. It has been a mammoth task. The price is a bargain."
    A Christadelphian Bookseller, UK
"The next thing to my Bible,  and Concordance comes your Index.  I use them a lot as  I am fortunate in having a full set of magazines..."
    Editor of a Christadelphian Magazine

The Magazine index is a very important tool for the Christadelphian student who has access to any of the nine magazines covered. Our periodicals are of little use without an index as to what they contain. For example you might say where did I read about "Mariolatry-Old Babylon with a new emphasis"? You think it was in the Testimony, but after two hours of searching you have not found it. Using your computer and a simple host application, say Excel, Word 97+ or Access, a search on Mariolatry will give you the answer in seconds: not in a magazine but in the book Rome and Jerusalem, page 32. This is a complete product which covers from the beginning of the magazines to the end of 2005 or when they ceased publication.

The Book index is even more popular than the Magazine index perhaps because people find they have access to more books than magazines. In addition to the subject index and Bible quote index, it has an up to date list of publishers and suppliers where you can obtain the book or pamphlet you are after. It contains a list of over 1,000 books and pamphlets by title. A great aid for librarians, speakers, writers, and even Sunday School scholars.

May these indexes save you many hours of frustrating searches through your magazines or books and may that time be used in preparing better material to the praise of our heavenly Father. The time is short...

Examples of Book and Magazine subject indexes in Excel or a data base

Sample instructions on how to put this data into a Data base

* Now Internet friendly in the sense that I now provide email addresses/Web URL where known. Be aware that the Net changes every day. Also if you have a data base I provide the facility to display email/or URL for a publisher. There are a number of online publications now and this index allows you to locate them using my previous searce criteria of keyword or Book-chapter-verse in index format. This maximizes the potential hits over search engine facilities which are still pretty basic.

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Name of item: Magazine Index and Index to Christadelphian Books,  Pamphlets, DVDs &Videos

Source and price: CSSS agents world wide where price will vary according to local currency and agent's costs.

Aleck Crawford (compiler)

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Now comes in   Excel , MSWord, text  and database format.  If you don't have Excel on your PC you can download a free reader from Microsoft. Instructions are on the Read_me on the CD.   Computer requirements: PC's or Macintosh - with 10 megabytes of hard disk available for unload,  CD reader,

Excel reader plus a Word Processor such as Word 6,7,8, 2000 thru 2007,  X (or a Data Base which can import fixed length records). Access or FoxPro DB by Microsoft for PC’s running Windows 95, 98, 2000me,  XP is recommended. Lotus provides a shell if you have a compatible database format. eg Foxpro will work under Lotus 2000. WriteNow 3.0 is recommended for old Macs because it is super fast.

Description: These indexes are essentially the same as the hard copy indexes which have been available from the compiler/CSSS since the mid 70's, but both are much more usable and on CD in Excel and Word format and up to date.

The Magazine Index contains The Bible Student, The Christadelphian, Contending for the Faith Quarterly, Herald of the Kingdom, Lampstand, Logos, The Testimony, The Bible Magazine and The New Bible Student magazines from start to when they ceased publication or to end of 2005.

It has a subject section in keyword order and a Bible section in Bible book order and both list the source material by volume and page number.

The Book Index is a little more complex with the addition of publishers, suppliers, and a coded list of books in alphabetical order by title.

Basic unload and database load details are supplied as a READ_ME text file.

Updates as reissues yearly in March DV for the cost of CD + postage + exchange to those who request it (about $A10.00).

If the agent cannot supply, please send or email details of your exact requirements to the compiler.

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