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Updated October 4, 2009   


  • A Review 

  • of Philip Yancey's book entitled
"What's So Amazing About Grace?"
by Andrew Dangerfield and Jonathan Burke
64 pages

This publication contains reviews by two brethren of the very popular Evangelical book, What's so amazing about Grace? 
One of Paul's most famous verses contain these words, "we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God" (Rom. 8:2). We all love the theme of the grace of God and thank Him Who "forgiveth all our iniquities".

Yet even in this exalted and lovely theme there must be the balance of Scripture. The grace of God is not unconditional. The LORD God "merciful and gracious" will "by no means clear the guilty" (Exod. 34:6, 7).

It was Luther who said that salvation was "by faith alone". He was wrong. The Bible says "...that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only" (James 2:24).
Let us not be deceived by the specious theology of Yancey.
Cornelia's Story
    216 pages, with illustrations
Cornelia's Story, an interesting and unique book, was released some months ago. This note should give CSSS agents and ecclesial librarians a better idea of the purpose of the book and its target readership. The concept originated seven years ago from a youth leader. It was perceived that Christadelphian youth of the 1990's thought that life was much harder for them now than it has ever been --because of all the "new" temptations--and that therefore the Scriptures were hardly relevant for modern youth. To set the record straight a series of articles was commissioned and originally appeared in The Caribbean Pioneer. It is obvious from the copious bibliographical support that the author is a specialist in the field of first century history. 

Cornelia's Story is told to us by a "typical" young believer in the sixties AD. Life in the first century - for the true believer - was little different than it is today. The basic issues that should separate us from the world were there in the first century. There were night clubs, theme parks, "gardens of delight", easy virtue, partying, drinking, drugs, peer pressure, materialism, and more--all temptations which the faithful had to overcome. Of course there is much more to the book than these details and you really need to read the book to appreciate its benefit. The story closes with the riveting description of the Battle for Jerusalem and what it meant to be a conscientious objector to military service then! The target reader is primarily teenagers and those in their early twenties. But its historical detail makes it helpful for all adults who wish to gain a better background to the New Testament period.

out of print
  • The Dragon 
    • and the Lamb
    W. G. Holton and G. Pearce
    74 pages. Several charts and illustrations.
    First printed 34 years ago. Now in its 4 printing.
This booklet is an excellent summary of Christ's last message to his saints.
It is written in a style which even those newly baptized can understand. it also contains exhortation to encourage the reader. For those reason, it is the first book that one should read on the subject.


xploring the Bible

by David Evans

third edition, revised to make it much easier for people
which have English as a second language.

Available from CSSS in spiral bound or 3ring binder editions

  • 26 lessons,  245 pages
  • New lessons added on Discipleship in Christ today
  • Brief review of the Bible's Message in 50 points
  • Commmandments of Christ
  • Several maps and charts to assist reader
  • Professionally printed and bound in Australia
  • Review by Michael Owen
  • Offers What the Bible Teaches as a follow on. 
 (This is Harry Tennant's excellent Christadelphians book retitled and  printed so as to offer it at a much cheaper price)

Also available is the 3 ring binder edition
  • Ezekiel 1-39 

  • by John Allfree 
    472 pages, hard cover

    This exciting exposition is the first complete treatise in book form on this part of Ezekiel's prophecy for over 65 years. It is comprehensive and well-documented. The author's research has been meticulous, from the writings of earlier brethren, ancient historians, Assyrian inscriptions, and recent Russian historians. Contains quite a few illustrations.

The hope expressed in this section of God’s word -- the destruction of oppressive and apostate nations, their replacement by the Kingdom of the Prince of Peace, together with the final restoration of Israel - is our hope. This thorough study is an excellent guide to this challenging part of scripture. 

See Review.

  • Family Life in the Lord

  • edited by Don and Ellen Styles
    This book addresses one of today's greatest problems. it is one of our best sellers becasue it contains a wealth of wise counsel from many pens, past and present. It is not just for those with families. We all belong to families or have done so. 
    There are three sections
    1. the family
    2. husbands and wives
    3. parents and children.
    No family should be without a copy, and it should be consulted to prevent things going wrong and when they have. Highly suitable as gifts to those younger in the Truth.

How Sure Are the Foundations?
An Appeal to Roman Catholics
by Colin Badger
164 pages including a full resource section and Bibliography
This excellent book is written to challenge the point of  view that Catholics often have - that their Church traditions and so called revelations are more important than God's living word. 
A very effective book to base your discussions on, or even to give to your Catholic friends.
Chapter titles are:
  1. Questioning For Truth
  2. Reasoning from the Scriptures
  3. Can the claims be confirmed?
  4. Living words are the Living Guide
  5. The Church's One Foundation
  6. An Invitation
  7. A revealing lecture
  8. Turning Point
  9. Following where truth leads
  10. Epilogue

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The Christadelphian Brotherhood has always been cheered by the fulfilment of the Word of Prophecy in our own days. From our earliest magazines to the present editions there has always been a “Signs of the Times” section, of great interest and proving very helpful to faith.
    It is not true that every detail of the prophetic picture has always been received with unanimous agreement. There has been valuable discussion upon many aspects and details, quite often with a useful outcome. Yet the general lines of interpretation have been consistent with those of our early brethren. It has been a matter of increasing interest to find many other bodies adopting our views on Israel, Russia, Europe, etc. in the last 40-50 years, obviously impressed by the consistent and compelling evidence put forward and frequently advertised in the press.
    One acknowledges sadly that in just the last twenty five years and especially since the collapse of Russian Communism in 1990-91, there has been some response to other ideas.
    These new views should be properly considered Biblically, not lightly, but with sincere intention to examine their worth or otherwise. When at large meetings of Christadelphians we have some anxiously praying for Israel’s survival from Arabs and Palestinians, and others publicly preaching the victory of the Arabs over Israel, it is clear that we need to do some hard thinking. Are matters that have bound us together with much common interest and joy now to be issues of division within our ecclesias?
    We need to weigh the issues carefully. This little book, essentially the work of bro. Don Styles in a series of articles in The Christadelphian Tidings magazine, seeks to do just that and we pray that its Biblical reasoning may be helpful to many.

The Education of Job

The depth of the drama portrayed in the life of Job impresses the reader and student with the importance that God places upon the book of Job. Is there anyone that has ever been so highly reputed of man and God, "perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil" and yet suffered such a total loss of fortune, the slaying of servants, destruction of his livestock and camels, the death of all his seven sons and three daughters? These facts alone emphasise that this quite unique book was intended by God to present powerful lessons to all of His servants as they meet the misfortunes and blessings that are inescapable experiences of mortal life. Here, in Job, there is wisdom for us all.

The distinctive virtue of this lengthy treatise on the book of Job is that it covers all the chapters and provides sound and useful comment on all the verses of the speeches.
We commend the work as a valuable commentary upon a key book in the Word of God.


  • His Life and Times

    by John Ullman 
    272 pages, hard cover with gold leaf lettering
    extensive index to scripture references
    five colour photographs, 12 maps
    deluxe margins

    First published in 1984, this book is the easiest exposition in the Brotherhoodto read on the subject.  Reprinted in July 2000.
    The Lamentationsof Jeremiah
    by George Booker and Troy Haltom

    How doth the city sit solitary...
    Jerusalem hath greviously sinned;
    Therefore she is removed...
    The LORD hath purposed to destroy
    the wall of the daughter of Zion...
    her gates are sunk into the ground...
    The law is no more...
    Mine eye runneth down with rivers of water
    For the destruction of the 
    daughter of my people...
    Till the LORD look down,
    and behold from heaven...

    Looking into the detail of Judah's tragedy helps us to appreciate the loss experienced by a faithless people caught unawares. We shall be in the same position and worse if we neglect so great salvation presently offered.


    Letters to Young Christadelphians

    52 pages of timely wisdom from a beloved brother who, though dead, still speaks to today's youth on matters of eternal significance. 

    1. The first letter deals with the faith held by Christadelphians - First Principles

    2. The second deals with personal faith

    3. The third written in 1939 under the looming darkness of WW2. Todays youth live in a world of terrorism which will be completely eclipsed by WW3

    Reset in easy to read font with new cover as shown, designed and created by Bro David Bailey of Wellington

    The Life of
    Robert Roberts
    90 pages
    Many pictures and illustrations of his life and publications.
    Who May Abide 
    The Day 
    Of His Coming?

    Proverbs volume 1
    chapters 1 - 9 
    by Aleck Crawford
    Includes an extensive introduction covering:
    • Wisdom of the Hebrews
    • The Proverbs of Israel found in other parts of the Bible
    • Wisdom of the Bene Kedem
    • Structure of the book
    • Authorship
    • Origin of proverbs
    • Poetical structures of a proverb and their meanings
    Exposition in readible paragraph style, text properly structured to assist understanding. Ten digressions help to elucidate the text and draw together themes, several illustrations and maps
      Third printing, fully bound, hard cover  View back cover
    Proverbs volume 2
      chapters 10-22:16
      by Aleck Crawford
      Second in a series of three which took over 17 years to complete.
      400 pages, indepth exposition. 
      Second printing June 2000

      Digressions on The wisdom of discipline, Our thoughts, HESED, Depression, Pride, The poor, and a cameo of the righteous. 
      Several illustrations, full subject index


    Proverbs volume 3
    chapters 22:17 - 31:31
    by Aleck Crawford

    This volume has a complete subject index for all three volumes, 17 illustrations 2 appendicies 

    • Nephesh in the Proberbs
    • Hezekiah in the Proverbs & historical applications
    and 2 very relevant digressions
    • Rebellious children
    • The truly liberated woman
    For a review of Proverbs volume 3 chapters 22:17-31:31 see The Testimony, January 2000 or review. Second printing 2003.

    For a discription of the cover  click on back cover

    Psalms 1-41
    A compilation written by 22 authors to a common paragraph style format, 
    520 pages, 23 illustrations, subject index, with endpapers illustrating musical instruments of the times. 
    An intrduction to the whole Psalter and a commentary on Book 1
    Psalms 42-72 (Book 2)
    This is the second volume in a series of expositions on the Psalms. Each article seeks to reach out and encourage us all by capturing the emotion and power of this group of songs. The text of each psalm is set out in structured poetry so that the parallelism can easily be seen, which greatly assists our understanding. Following this the psalm is divided into its parts so that the reader can see their main themes and the basic flow of thought. We then attempted to define the historical background so that the exposition that follows is specific and relevant. Where Messianic connections are clear, these links have been detailed for us to gain a precious insight into the mind of Christ. 

    about our cover

    Psalms 73-106 (Books 3 and 4)
    A feature of this group is the eleven ascribed to Asaph. The sons of Korah featured in our Volume 2, but it is interesting that in this Volume 3 there are 3 more "of the sons of Korah", numbers 84, 85 & 87. A lesser percentage are from other writers and several are anonymous.

    This variety contains some of the much loved Psalms. For 3,000 years these spiritual songs have meant so much to those who have been privledged to know them. They cater for almost every occasion in mortal life: both tragic and happy, personal and national, present and in the glorious future Kingdom of God to be ruled from Jerusalem by the Lord Jesus Christ.

    May this variety of 488 pages from different expositors assist us greatly to love our Heavenly Father who inspired the writers of them all, and thereby prepare us, in His grace, to be granted a place in that glorious Kingdom soon to be a reality.

    Hallelu Yah the God of lovingkindness Who is from everlasting to everlasting (106:48).

    Revelation - Which Interpretation?

    by Graham Pearce

    Brief review
    Rome            and Jerusalem
    by Graham Pearce

    Back Cover

    out of print

    1 Timothy
    Godliness with Contentment
    by Troy Haltom and George Booker

    The second edition of this excellent exposition, but with a better font and a full wrap around color cover. Highly recommended for study days or Bible camps.

    Children's Books
    Books in supply from other publishers