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Chris Harding Simulations is a small DTP concern based in Adelaide, South Australia. We published our first game in March 2006 and since then we have released twelve more games.

New Releases

The Second Battle of Corinth – Designer Markus Stumptner

The Second Battle of Corinth: October 3–4, 1862 was fought in Corinth, Mississippi between the Union’s Army of the Mississippi under the command of Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans and the Confederate Army of West Tennessee under Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn. The basic combat unit is the infantry divisions. Daylight game turns represent 3.5 hours, the night turn represents 8 hours. Each hex on the map is approximately half a mile across.

The game comes in a ziplock bag, with

One Cover Sheet

One 12 page rule book

One 11 x 16 inch map

One counter sheet, mounted but not die cut

One Play Aid Card

Game Tracks Sheet (one half Union, one half Confederate)

three small ziplock bags

Price is $32.50 US including postage.

1st Alamein - Designer Chris Harding

Map scale: 2.5 miles per hex, Unit scale: Battalions/Regiments/Brigades Time scale: half a day per turn

1st El Alamein is an operational level simulation of the World War II battle between Axis and Allied forces around El Alamein in Egypt, conducted during the period of the 1st to the 4th of July 1942. Axis Field Marshal (FM) Erwin Rommel launched his attack against the Allied forces of the British 8th Army.

Price is $27.50 US including postage.

Please note that for buyers outside Australia I only accept PayPal.

Each game of 1st El Alamein consists of the following:

• One Rule Book (12 pages)

• One Map (two Sections)

• One and a Half Counter Sheets

• Two Support Point Charts

• Two Support Points Committed Charts

• Two Play Aid Cards

• Three zip lock counter bags

Games in Stock

Battle for Kivorograd (WWII East Front, 1944) Designer Jim - Zoldak

Price is $32.50 US including international Air Mail postage to anywhere in the world

The Road to St Die (WWII West Front, 1944) Designer – Chris Harding

Price is $30 US including international Air Mail postage to anywhere in the world.

Games in Development

None at this time.

Out of Print


Mersa Matruh (WWII North Africa, 1942) Designer - Chris Harding

Alam Halfa (WWII North Africa, 1942) Designer - Chris Harding

Murray River (Colonial Australia, 1834) Designer - Chris Harding

Winter Storm (WWII East Front, 1942) Designer - Jim Zoldak

Fighting Steam! (ACW Naval 1862) Designer - Jim Zoldak


Salamanca (Napoleonic Spain, 1812) Designer - Markus Stumptner.


Battle for Korsun (WWII East Front, 1944) Designer - Jim Zoldak

Battle for Gettysburg (ACW, 1863) Designer – Jim Zoldak


Bay of Bengal (WWII Indian Ocean, 1942) Designer - Markus Stumptner.


Free games


Neuve Chappelle (WWI West Front, 1915) Designer - John Harding


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