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The health of the microflora of the Gastro Intestinal [GI] tract, begins with oral hygiene of your teeth, gums and overall mouth. A healthy oral microflora influences the health of the GI tract, which effects the body as a whole.

The amazing Dom's ToothSaving Paste was borne through the efforts of observing methods and ingredients used by different ancient human cultures of the past and present. With the power invested in me, I married these long standing traditions into the one product, and Dom's ToothSaving Paste was born.

Neem oil, an ingredient of Dom's ToothSaving Paste has been in use for the hygiene and condition of the gums by the folks of India for thousands of years. In India, all parts of the Need tree has wide use, either practically or ceremonially and is seen as a sacred tree by the folks of India. Sea salt is probably the first ever natural occurring compound used for cleaning teeth. Ash is the other natural compound and charcoal, a component of ash, has been used to clean teeth by many ancient cultures including the Australian Aborigines. Australian Aborigines are said to be the oldest known natives of the world. They date back to at least 60,000 years that we can estimate by fossils in fact. Indigenous Aboriginees have used charcoal to keep teeth clean probably for longer than any known human culture. It is believed that the first ever interest in chemistry, which was quite likely by shear accident, was the use of ash. It is said to be the first ever natural compound in the human endeavour in to chemistry. The evolution of chemistry probably has its origin to the use of wood ash as a natural cleaning agent.

Here, you'll find a recipe for the natural and most effective toothpaste, Dom's ToothSaving Paste. The 100% natural toothpaste eliminates tooth sensitivity due to poor condition of tooth enamel. It is an effective preventative of tooth sensitivity, tooth enamel erosion and tooth decay. This toothpaste will eliminate gum bleeding if used on a regular basis. The toothpaste can remove most tooth stains, such as those caused by smoking cigarettes. It strengthens tooth enamel and hardens gums, and may heal, yes heal existing tooth decay [such as the case was with me]. Dom's ToothSaving Paste should leave a fine undetectable protective film on the surface of teeth. This acts both as a protective barrier AND continually re-mineralise tooth enamel for some hours after brushing and flossing the teeth.

Dom's ToothSaving Paste is a must-have and a must-use, especially for folks who enjoy culture food-products such as kefir, yogurt, buttermilk, kefirkraut, sauerkraut, kombucha, vinegar, kim-chi, pickles and most other culture-vegetables. This includes beer, wine, apple cider, carbonated beverages such as cola. Acidic foods such as most raw fruits, including lemon, grapefruit, strawberry, berries, orange, pineapple, grape, apple, and the list goes on.

Long term ingestion of culture food-products including a raw food diet, erodes tooth enamel. These foods contain high amounts of organic acids which soften and erode tooth enamel as soon and the acid comes in contact with the teeth. This then incurs tooth sensitivity, and a high probability of tooth decay.

Dom's' ToothSaving Paste plays an important preventative or corrective role in a diet consisting of culture food-products or a raw food diet.

There are suggestions that are against toothpastes that leave a protective film over the teeth. Such statements suggest that the film will prevent re-mineralisation of tooth enamel by the action of calcium found in saliva. Although this is most likely true for some toothpaste products on the market that contain glycerin. On the other hand, this is not the case with Dom's ToothSaving Paste. The reason being that my ToothSaving Paste consists of good, natural occurring minerals in a well balanced ratio. These very minerals are formulated in a similar method implemented in the preparation of Homeopathic medication. My method of a rendition of the basic principle of Homeopathy renders the product to work on the physical plane. On brushing the teeth, those minerals on contact on tooth enamel, immediately mineralise the enamel, as apposed to the action of organic acids, which soften tooth enamel.

So the action of Dom's ToothSaving Paste is to mineralise and provide a protective film on the teeth in one action, and re-mineralising continues as the very fine film consists of minerals and neem oil as an amalgamation of the two. How one can tell if this is true, is by simply observing how Dom's ToothSaving Paste eliminates tooth sensitivity, and in many cases with first use. It does not do this by masking pain, it simply does it by the shear action of continual re-mineralising tooth enamel over a period after brushing the teeth.

In 1996, a study found that women who gave birth before the 37th week gestation tended to have advanced periodontal disease. The same was true of women who had babies weighing less than 2.5 kilograms (about 5.5 pounds). Women with severe periodontal disease were found to have seven times the risk of giving birth prematurely, or having a baby with a low birth weight, compared to women who had healthy teeth and gums.

This research calculated that advanced periodontal disease could be linked to about 18% of premature births in the United States alone. Other research has found a direct link with tooth plague and the condition of arteries. Individuals with tooth plaque also were found to have plaque on the arterial walls.

After not visiting a dentist for some 4 years, on a recent visit to a Dental Hygienist, as she was working away at removing deeply seated calculi at the base of my teeth, she was quite surprised to see no visible sign of calculi buildup in between the teeth, and on the surface of the exposed teeth. She also said, Dom, I can't get your gums to bleed! This was through the trauma inflicted on my gums with the cleaning apparatus she was using. In fact, I recall her being quite impressed to find that my gums would not bleed. I asked, Why, Doc?.. do you want my gums to bleed? She replied, No!... it's been some time since I've come across a patient with gums that don't bleed during this treatment, and it's a good thing to see. You must be taking good care of your teeth. I told her about my tooth paste that I prepare and use. She was quite impressed to learn about my tooth paste, to the point that she actually asked for a sample to check out.

The recipe for the tooth paste is quite simple to follow. So let's get our teeth into it!?... shall we?....

NOTE if you would like to procure the ready-made product, which includes extra [secret] ingredients, please ">email me for cost-to-supply details with your country location. I prepare the ToothSaving Paste fresh, and with highest quality ingredients, all Bio-dynamic or Organically produced. The recipe explained here is in fact the prototype of my current recipe. I use a rendition of homeopathy for the formulation of the ToothSaving Paste that I make available for sale.


The essential components for the ToothSaving Paste are, SPENT Wood-Ash, Neem seed oil, Kefir, unrefined sea salt and essential oils. The wood ash is collected from burning dry wood, burnt in a clean fireplace, until a fluffy gray ash is left as a residue after burning. The freshly collected ash MUST FIRST BE RENDERED SPENT before it can be used in the recipe explained below. This is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. because fresh wood ash is caustic, especially to delicate mucus membrane and gums. This is achieved by leaching out the alkali found in wood ash [potash], using hot water to dissolve and remove the alkali. Before we move on though, important facts must be stipulated as points of precaution. Please read the following section carefully.